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OC ReMix #2877: Sonic the Hedgehog 'Sonicstep' [Invincible/GreenHill] by Boyinaband/None Like Joshua

by OverClocked ReMix

OC ReMix #2874: Sonic CD (US) 'Road Trip' [Stardust Speedway] by KingTiger

by OverClocked ReMix

Sonic Boom Speedpaint

It was done by my friend on deviantART. Her username on dA is SpiderStarShine.

EMBRACE THE NAKED! Amy Rose vs. Sarah Bryant! VOTE!

by nutsVSguts

Amy Rose~California Gurls- Katy perry

by xSolestia

Sonic Rivals of the last Ifrit (2008)

by Roger van der Weide

SMBZ - Back to Mad

by WildGamer23

My top 15 favorite sonic songs

Tails Tribute-You're Gonna Go Far Kid

by tailsprower18

Behind the scenes of Sonic title in minutes

by Roger van der Weide