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by PewDiePie

Sonic The Hedgehog Undead Episode One

by shadow759

Shadow The Hedgehog Nitpicks Redesign

by shadow759

VOTE! Who is Queen? SEGA SMACKDOWN! (episode 4)

by nutsVSguts

Sonic Boom Shadow Calls Out BRB

by shadow759

Jet's Quest to get laid

Silver x Twilight Sparkle 7 ever

Sonic & friends on drugs!

Just a hilarious video of Sonic & his friends on drugs! My favorite is Mexican Tails! XD
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Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal - PAX Trailer (3DS)

by GameXplain

OC ReMix #2958: Sonic Colors 'Find My Own Way' [Reach For The Stars] by Brandon Strader & Level 99

by OverClocked ReMix