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OC ReMix #3092: Sonic CD (JP) 'Temporal Duality' [Final Fever] by Brandon Strader

by OverClocked ReMix
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Lets get crazy with Sonic Boom! XD

Sonic Boys- Kiss You <3

Sonic vs MegaMan

That MegaMan kicks ass
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OC ReMix #3090: Sonic the Hedgehog 'Ocean View' [Labyrinth Zone] by DCT & guitarman

by OverClocked ReMix

Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime: Sally.exe

by Yuriofwind

Sonic The Hedgehog Steps To Love

by shadow759

19 Reasons We LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog

by ScrewAttack!

Sonic Lost World Glitches (Wii U) - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 38

by A+Start

OC ReMix #3081: Sonic CD (US) 'A World in Motion (Super Peel Out Edit)' [Sonic Boom] by DusK

by OverClocked ReMix