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Sonic Boom Speedpaint

It was done by my friend on deviantART. Her username on dA is SpiderStarShine.

EMBRACE THE NAKED! Amy Rose vs. Sarah Bryant! VOTE!

by nutsVSguts

Amy Rose~California Gurls- Katy perry

by xSolestia

Sonic Rivals of the last Ifrit (2008)

by Roger van der Weide

SMBZ - Back to Mad

by WildGamer23

My top 15 favorite sonic songs

Tails Tribute-You're Gonna Go Far Kid

by tailsprower18

Behind the scenes of Sonic title in minutes

by Roger van der Weide

Haunted Gaming: Tails Doll

Sonic Legend of Zelda DLC, Senator Yee arrested, Wolfenstein Panzerhund edition - Hard News

by ScrewAttack!