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Behind the CUTS: Kelli Jones

Costume designer Kelli Jones talks clothes, research, working with porn stars, and the SOA family.

'Playing with Monsters' Promo [7x03]

Promo for 7x03, 'Playing with Monsters'.

Inside The Final Ride: The Point of No Return

The cast of SOA takes you inside the final moments of Season Six and prepares you for the final ride.

On the final season of SOA...

45-second preview of what's coming in SOA's final season.

'Toil and Till' Promo [7x02]

Promo for 7x02, 'Toil and Till'.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 7 Trailer - Gemma's Secret

"It all happened the way it was supposed to happen."

Sons of Anarchy - Season 7 Trailer - Action

"Jax Teller is formidable. And he's as smart as he is dangerous."

Inside The Final Ride: It Begins

All good things must come to an end. The cast and crew take you inside the first days of the final ride

Sons of Anarchy - Season 7 Trailer - Bad Place

"Does my daddy do bad things?"

Sons of Anarchy - Season 7 Trailer - Revenge

"I don't have a vision anymore."