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'What a Piece of Work is Man' Promo [7x09]

Promo for 7x09, 'What a Piece of Work is Man'

Inside The Final Ride: David Labrava

David Labrava takes you behind the scenes to explain how the SOA journey has made him truly Happy.

Inside The Final Ride: Peter Weller

Go behind the scenes with Peter Weller to learn why SOA is the most challenging, yet rewarding show he’s ever directed.

Inside The Final Ride: Lay Down The Law

How do you enforce the law in a lawless town? The cast takes you inside the unenviable task of bringing peace to Charming.

Inside The Final Ride: Making The Cut

Kurt Sutter takes you inside the SOA editing room to show how episodes come to life in post-production.

Inside The Final Ride: Jax's Journey

You reap what you sow. Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam take you inside the consequences of Jax's difficult choices.

Inside The Final Ride: Stunts and Effects

Shoot outs. Fist fights. Car chases. See how the stunt and special effects coordinators bring it all to the set of SOA.

Inside The Final Ride: Prop Masters

They deliver the instruments of mayhem. Go Inside the Final Ride to meet the Sons of Anarchy prop team.

Sons Of Anarchy || Life And Death Of SAMCRO

credit; RobbankunSWE

SOA Cast|Kim Coates,Tommy Flanagan&Theo Rossi

credit; Rae Redwood