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Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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It was my first day of school at the Chaos Emerald school for boys. I knew this was going to be akward especially beacuse i was gay. I've just gotten out of a relationship with a guy named Shadow.
As soon as i got to school, i made a couple of friends. Some were straight, some weren't, but the ones that werent had boyfriends. I needed a guy to be with. When i got to my first class, i felt someone staring at me.
I stopped doing my work to see who was staring at me. That's was when i saw him. He had lime green fur, an awesome black jacket, and red shades. He saw that i saw him staring at me,so he turned back to his work. I swear before he did, he winked at me.
I knew that he couldn't of liked me, he looks straight. When the bell rang, i walked to my next class. Just then, i felt someone grab my arm. Before i could see who it was, i was dragged into an out of bounds class.
When we were in the room, i heard the door lock, and a spraying sound that would come from a can. I turned around to see that guy from my class. He had a spray can in his hand.
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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sonic opened the door and saw: PICTURES EVERYWHERE!

sonic: 0_0' ummm, why is there pictures of me,..... and a bed?

scourge: aaawww, you ruined my little suprise. i wanted to show you this room, then fuck you in it.

sonic:.... we still gonna do it?

scourge: oh fuck yes!!!

sonic: oh baby.

scourge pushes sonic down and fucks him to shit, till they fall asleep in an awkward position: sonics hand on scourges dick, while scourges mouth is over sonics mouth. both of their hands on eachothers dicks!!!

in the morning:

scourge: {mumbling in dream} mmmmmm, thats nice..... oh no, sonic not there!

sonic:zzzzzzzz {yawn} hmm?

scourge: oh s-sonic, stop it you naughty boy. meow.

sonic: umm, scourge?

scourge: huh- 0_0 umm, d- did you here that?

sonic: yes,..... lets never speak of this ever again.

scourge: agreed.

Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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where ever the hell we left off:

sonic turned back, and looked at scourge.

sonic:..... i-im sorry, i- couldnt control myself.
scourge: actually, you did real good, you sorta shocked me at first, but you were really good.

sonic blushes and walks over to scourge and gives him a hug. then.....sonic starts to....cry.

scourge: its okay, you know how much i love you babe, and nothing will ever make me stop loving you, ever. so.... never stop, and, wanna fuck me when we get home?

sonics eyes shine
sonic: oh you bet a dead rosy i would.

scourge: {chuckle} i love you.

sonic: i love you to.

scourge takes sonic over to his house.

scourge: and this is my home.

sonic: wow. nice place.

scourge: thx.

sonic: why are there so many pics of me on that door?

scourge: 0_0 um...... welll uh.......

sonic walks over to the door and opens it and sees......
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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thank fucking finally i had time to make the new article..... god:

scourge: babe, you alright?
sonic is shivering in a corner.


scourge:...... come on sonic, i- i just wanted you to know how i felt.

scourge sounded very sad, so sonic knew that he meant it.

sonic: well,..... you shouldnt have raped me in the first place. anyways i- im sorry, but i love someone else.

scourge looks up.

scourge: who?

sonic:......well....... its..... sonic hesitates to tell him.

sonic: grrrrr. ITS YOU. I LOVE YOU!

scourge fell back on his butt.

sonic turned dark blue.

dark sonic: so, you ready sexy?


dark sonic pulls scourges legs wide, then dark sonic licks scourges {beep} scourge was so shocked and seduced. that it was starting to get hot for him. his face then went hot, he then was sweating,..... he was also puffing out fog.
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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scourge sings like justin timberlake: not gonna sing. on saturday night live .

snl peeps: how do you sound like justin timberlake?

scourge: i just do.

sonic: why do you keep fucking me?

scourge: cause your my bitch. toooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

yo my bitch now hon.

sonic: oh god.

scourge: fuck yeah get, over here and kiss me.

sonic: im outta here. { walks away}

scourge: oh no you dont i want my kiss.

scourge tackles sonic and jams his tongue into his mouth! sonic: eeew bleh.

scourge: there, now was that so hard?

the end.
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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i have no idea what happened last time, just sit back and read the fucking article.:

sonic: i- i dont wanna be raped!

scourge: well to bad. {scourge takes off sonics gear and then his own} so you ready sexy?

sonic: no, can i go home now?

scourge: no way. its been so long since i last saw you. remember?

Flashback[that includes a funny story}

sonic: sc-scourge, no!
scourge: whats the matter baby. do not want it in there?

sonic: i dont even want it put in there. so dont put it in there!

scourge:.... im gonna do it anyways.

sonic kicks scourge then runs like hell!

{funny story time}

scourge: so let me get this straight?, i say her name 3 times and shell leave me alone?

me: eeyup.

scourge:alright. rosy,rosy,rosy. ...... huh, gah its rosy. buts just her hammer. whos afraid of a hammer?

rosy: oh you should be very afraid....VERY AFRAID.
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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sonic: i- is that?- oh holy shit it is him i gotta hide {runs away}.
???: wasnt that sonic? it was, finally now i can confess to him. sonniku wait up!
sonic: gotta - keep -run- ooh - oof. ow my leg.
???: wassup sexy. sonic: oh god no-
???:thats right its me babe, hail to the sex king of mobius and moebious. hell yeah.

sonic: get the hell away! ???: dont be like that. you got away from me last time, but now im back again baby. heheheh and your gonna be raped.

sonic: now way scourge!
scourge: so you think you can run this time?, hah your leg is broken and im way faster than you.

sonic: get away from me! scourge: hehehe{licks sonics cheek then lunges histongue forwardinto his motuh, slurp, slarsh, slosh,sexy slurp noises.

scourge broke the kiss.

sonic: i- is that it?

scourge: oh no im not done with you my pet.were just getting started!! {rapeface}