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Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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It was my first day of school at the Chaos Emerald school for boys. I knew this was going to be akward especially beacuse i was gay. I've just gotten out of a relationship with a guy named Shadow.
As soon as i got to school, i made a couple of friends. Some were straight, some weren't, but the ones that werent had boyfriends. I needed a guy to be with. When i got to my first class, i felt someone staring at me.
I stopped doing my work to see who was staring at me. That's was when i saw him. He had lime green fur, an awesome black jacket, and red shades. He saw that i saw him staring at me,so he turned back to his work. I swear before he did, he winked at me.
I knew that he couldn't of liked me, he looks straight. When the bell rang, i walked to my next class. Just then, i felt someone grab my arm. Before i could see who it was, i was dragged into an out of bounds class.
When we were in the room, i heard the door lock, and a spraying sound that would come from a can. I turned around to see that guy from my class. He had a spray can in his hand.
Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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sonic opened the door and saw: PICTURES EVERYWHERE!

sonic: 0_0' ummm, why is there pictures of me,..... and a bed?

scourge: aaawww, you ruined my little suprise. i wanted to show you this room, then fuck you in it.

sonic:.... we still gonna do it?

scourge: oh fuck yes!!!

sonic: oh baby.

scourge pushes sonic down and fucks him to shit, till they fall asleep in an awkward position: sonics hand on scourges dick, while scourges mouth is over sonics mouth. both of their hands on eachothers dicks!!!

in the morning:

scourge: {mumbling in dream} mmmmmm, thats nice..... oh no, sonic not there!

sonic:zzzzzzzz {yawn} hmm?

scourge: oh s-sonic, stop it you naughty boy. meow.

sonic: umm, scourge?

scourge: huh- 0_0 umm, d- did you here that?

sonic: yes,..... lets never speak of this ever again.

scourge: agreed.

Fan fiction by scourgelover25 posted over a year ago
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where ever the hell we left off:

sonic turned back, and looked at scourge.

sonic:..... i-im sorry, i- couldnt control myself.
scourge: actually, you did real good, you sorta shocked me at first, but you were really good.

sonic blushes and walks over to scourge and gives him a hug. then.....sonic starts to....cry.

scourge: its okay, you know how much i love you babe, and nothing will ever make me stop loving you, ever. so.... never stop, and, wanna fuck me when we get home?

sonics eyes shine
sonic: oh you bet a dead rosy i would.

scourge: {chuckle} i love you.

sonic: i love you to.

scourge takes sonic over to his house.

scourge: and this is my home.

sonic: wow. nice place.

scourge: thx.

sonic: why are there so many pics of me on that door?

scourge: 0_0 um...... welll uh.......

sonic walks over to the door and opens it and sees......