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Opinion by SophiaBrookefan posted over a year ago
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It's My Party: Sophia Bush Hosts LeSportsac 35th Anniversary Celebration in SoHo

I got the opportunity to stop by the LeSportsac 35th Anniversary party in SoHo that Teen Vogue hosted last Thursday. It was so fun to look around the boutique and see all the candy and cute little snacks (they brought us Izze sodas with colored straws and vanilla milkshakes!), but I was definitely anxious to see the host of the night's festivities: Sophia Bush!

She posed for the photographers, and then she and I got a moment to chat about her life, career, and fashion.

Teen Vogue: What are you wearing?
Sophia Bush: It's a French Connection dress, all the jewelry is by House of Lavande spelled like Lavender without the R.

TV: And your shoes?
SB: YSL. [TV: They were the YSL Tribute Double-Platform Pump!]

TV: What's the best part of coming to events like these?
SB: Well, it's always nice to support magazines and brands that you like, but the best part is seeing your fan base!
Article by SophiaJones posted over a year ago
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Article by jennifer_02 posted over a year ago
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Sophia Bush info from lots of different websites.

Sophia is a TV and movie actress who is as sweet as she is attractive. She has developed a strong fan following thanks to her role as Brooke Davis on the show One Tree Hill.

Life Story

Sophia Anna Bush was born and raised in Pasadena, California. Bush was very athletic as a young teen, in high school she earned a spot on her school's varsity volleyball team, it wasn't until she graduated from The Westridge School for Girls where she found an interest in acting. After graduating from Westridge in 2000, Bush attended the University of Southern California (USC) where she was admitted into the drama program. She majored in journalism and also minored in theater. The 2000 Tournament of Roses Parade Queen was also a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

In 2002, the 20 year old Bush scored her very first movie gig; she played the part of Sally, a seductive college freshman who harbored a huge crush on the male lead in the comedy Nation Lampoon's: Van Wilder. Less than a year later, the beautiful young actress had small roles in the TV series Nip/Tuck and Sabrina, The...