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Review by rosewinton3055 posted 1 month ago
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I did not create this article. All credits goes to my friend :)

Soul Eater is an impressive anime. It's one of those where you will no doubt enjoy watching

After watching some of the first episode you'll think Soul Eater will have your typical Shonen story. Basically, human weapons and their student technicians reside in Shibusen and have to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul, the reward being that the technician's weapon will transform into a Death Scythe.

It seems pretty formulaic, nothing you haven't seen before. The way the first few episodes pan out will make this seem like the main goal, but soon after you'll realise there is actually a deeper story developing. This story isn't something complex or too clever, but events that happen during the story makes Soul Eater watchable and interesting, the action is ever present, it always keeps humour in mind, but can be serious and emotional when it needs to be. Eventually you will forget what the main characters were initially trying to acheive because the story drags it in such a different direction. The problem is that the story isn't anything...
Fan fiction by AnimeFan66 posted 2 months ago
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The aftermath of what occurred in the freezing cold became a devastating ordeal for the DWMA. While they were able to defeat most of Arachnophobia’s troops and monsters, their goal to retrieve the mysterious suit case from Mosquito was a complete failure. Sense then everyone within the complex never felt the same- often feeling depressed and upset. Maka and the others above all were very displeased.

What became of Kasey however was that he spent a lot of his life out in the hot dessert. He traveled far and wide, seeking a new hobby and place to thrive. There were times where he ventured into small villages and fought against evil spirits who wanted a taste of souls. While the villagers were very intrigued by his capabilities and insisted for him to stay, he declined saying that he would only cause more trouble.

For a super shape shifter, learning to adapt is sometimes easy. Especially if you have DNA particles of “every” species- be it prehistoric, mythical, or those well known throughout the world. On his trips through the desert sand, Kasey often chooses to be a Dromedary camel. While nobody has ever encountered him those who do would be...
Fan fiction by digimon_lover_ posted 4 months ago
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Dear readers,
This is an fanfiction/rp for the amazing anime soul eater.
This fanfiction will be just like the anime just alittle different.
Please if you have any ideas or thoughts please share them I'd love to see and read them.I may put them in the fanfic.
Well enough of that here's alittle about the characters.
The regular characters will be in the fanfic and you can make an oc character for the fanfic/rp.I even made afew myself.
There will be couples in the fanfic.the couplesI've decided to put in are soulXmaka and tsubakiXmufune.
if you want you can make more than just 1 oc character,you can make up to 3 oc characters.
To make an oc character(s) put his or her
1-first and last name
2-their appearance(please include the eye and hair color)
3-their age
4-if their a mister or weapon(please include their mister's name or their weapons name)
5-do you want them in a relationship with anyone(if yes than with who)