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Article by kiritazu8 posted over a year ago
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i'm falling down into my shadow iki o hisomete
matte iri deadly night
don't scary kimi ga nozomeba
donna seksi mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
see you in your dreams yah baby
kawai yume datoshitemo
fairy blue kimi no tameni hoshiokudaki
black paper moon
shinjite kureta nara
when your'e lost here i am forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no you ni

those are the lyrics to the soul eater 2 theme song! is you would like me to write the lyrics to any other song all you have to do is give me props on something then i will happily write the lyrics to any song you would like as long as it isn't 30 minutes long or anything like that!
Fan fiction by Charlios posted over a year ago
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Hello, I'm Lucifer Leon. You must have heard of Angela Leon, my little sister, but of course I don't think she really remembers me since I was forced to leave he behind. I heard that she was found by a samurai with a soft spot for kids. I'm a witch just like my little sister, My animal theme are bats. Just like my sister I have pink eyes, but my hair is a darker brown then her's, this is my story of how I was finally reunited with my little sister.

Lucifer's point of view
I walked around Death city, checking out a few shops, when I was really heading for the DWMA, that was were my sister was. Angela was staying at the DWMA with her guardien, Mifune, after the battle against Asura and Arachne. Personally I hate Arachne, I never truly loved other witches, if you ask me they were all B*****s, anyway..... I just wanted to see Angela again, I don't think she even remembers me! But of she did, would she still want me as her sister after I left her behind? It's not like I had a choice, it was that or watching her head being choped off by Medusa. It's also for Angela's protection that I lost an eye, ripped out by the one and only snake witch. Anyway, as I reached the...
Review by rosewinton3055 posted over a year ago
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I did not create this article. All credits goes to my friend :)

Soul Eater is an impressive anime. It's one of those where you will no doubt enjoy watching

After watching some of the first episode you'll think Soul Eater will have your typical Shonen story. Basically, human weapons and their student technicians reside in Shibusen and have to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul, the reward being that the technician's weapon will transform into a Death Scythe.

It seems pretty formulaic, nothing you haven't seen before. The way the first few episodes pan out will make this seem like the main goal, but soon after you'll realise there is actually a deeper story developing. This story isn't something complex or too clever, but events that happen during the story makes Soul Eater watchable and interesting, the action is ever present, it always keeps humour in mind, but can be serious and emotional when it needs to be. Eventually you will forget what the main characters were initially trying to acheive because the story drags it in such a different direction. The problem is that the story isn't anything...