40 years after the kishin was reborn

on the outskirts of Akioma village

It was a warm day, and _____ and I were in Aki River playing.
I was having a good time, but I couldn't help but wonder, " Do I have to be somewhere else right now?"
But that thought left my mind entirely when Dajaku, the village "bully" came up.
" Hey, stupid! your house is on fire!" He said with a smirk.
" Yeah right, Dajaku," I said with a frown.
" Like you would ever tell the truth ".
He stomped angrily.
" Fine! " He yelled "Don't believe me! But when you go back home, don't come crying to me! ".
He stomped off, with the most rotten look I had ever seen.
I acted confident, but on the inside, I wondered: " Is he telling the truth? ".
It wasn't ten minutes till my friend, Niju, ran up.
" ______! Your house is on fire! " She said with fear in her eyes.
" Come on, you too? You can't be serious? " I said sadly, but was coming to think it was true.
" No! I'm not joking! Please come now! " she said crying.
Those tears were all it took to tell me it was real, because nothing, nothing, can make Niju cry, except this.
_____ and I jumped out of the river, and ran, ran so fast I could hardly tell where I was going.
We ran over the hills, over creeks, and over the bridge.
Finally, we reached the village, but there was not a soul in it.
" Why is it empty? " I asked myself.
But there was to time for me to answer, because just then, we reached my hill.
The hill where my house once stood proud and tall, but now, is its place was ash and rubble.
The villagers surrounded this, and some of them were on the ground, some crying, some both.
" Mom! Dad! " I cried as I ran up the hill.
The villagers heard this, and looked at my friends and I.
They parted a path down the middle, and I saw there, at the end of the path,I saw the dead body of my mother.
" Mom! " I cried as I ran over and kneeled by her.
" We couldn't find you father's body, " said one of the villagers.
" We think hes to deep in the rubble ".
I was crying to hard hard to answer, So I only nodded, slightly.
______ kneeled down next to me, and did her best to comfort me.
It was two hours, five hours, eight hours.
And one by one, hour by hour, the villagers left. It was only me, and mt friend who failed to comfort me.
Finally, I stopped crying, but I never left that spot.
We stayed there, for three days.
Each day, one of the villagers came up with bread and water.
But on the fourth day, when the villager brought the food, there was nobody to give it to.
Because on the fourth day, we didn't leave, we were taken.
That night, A man with a mask came up, gagged us both, stuffed us in a sack, and that was it.
When we were taken out of the sack, we were in a dark, damp, laboratory.
they took us out, stripped us, and threw us in a damp cell, with blood stained, old rags for clothes to put on.
The next day, they took cattle prods and put a sign on our foreheads, and threw us in with the rest of the " Test Subjects ".
from then on I was no longer called by my name.
I was called by " Subject 4 ".

.......to be continued