Maka: kid I guess your tired of practicing i think you should sleep

Death the kid:yeah

then he lay down on his bed and sleep

Clock ringsssss

Kid: what?????

Maka:kid time for breakfast your favorite symetrical foods!!

Kid: whay are you here Maka?

Maka: why? is it bad to go to the house of my honey??

Kid:whatt honey?????

Maka served the food and was to about feed kid but kid run outside and find out he is wearing MAKA's dress .kid go back inside the house but Maka wasnt there anymore then he saw maka wearing his clothes!!!!!!

KId : MAKA !!! give me that clothes

Maka:come and get it!!!

soul: enough Maka give me that clothes steal kids heart from me (cries)

Kid:soul's a gay ?????????

Maka: ok then kid wear yours and i'll wear mine

kid: ok I will fist go out you change first

the door is locked by soul

Kid:soul open it

Soul continues crying

Maka was removing kids clothes from her kid is closing his eyes then.....................