Everyone was afraid there was a monster in their closet when they were younger. But if there really WAS one? Forget haunted houses, Victoria was about to deal with something totally different. There was a house on the edge of Death City, where a family lived. The father suddenly disappeared, and the family thinks its the work of this monster. Something unnatural. Since it was a smaller mission, Lord Death sent only Danny, Victoria, Tsubaki, and Black Star. It was a weird team up, and Victoria was sure it was just to see how well she could handle a mission with someone who.. could mess it all up, meaning Black Star. At least, this is what she thought. "I'll be in charge of this mission! I'm a great leader, I'm sure everyone looks up to me!" Black Star brags. "Hah, no way! I'LL be in charge! You'll just louse the whole thing up when you're trying to show off." Victoria complains."Louse?" The team walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A woman in her mid-30's opens the door. She looked absolutely shaken and pissed off at the same time. "Were you the people sent to help?" She asks timidly. "Yep, Don't worry, I'll handle this! When I'm done here, you won't even know there was a monster to begin with." Black Star declares. "What he MEANS is, we're here to help whatever way you need." Danny corrects. The woman led them inside. "So, what is the problem, ma'am?" Asks Tsubaki. "Please, call me Carol. And we just need help finding my husband. The monster is already taken care of." Carol replies. "AW, man! This sucks! We come here to fight some monster, and we can't see any action after all? Come on, Tsubaki, we're-"
Victoria slapped a hand over his mouth. "Don't worry, we'll help you with WHATEVER you need. That's the WHOLE reason we were sent here after all." She shoots Black Star a look.
"Wonderful. My house is open for you to search. Except for the room at the top of the stairs, you're free to explore." Carol explains. "Why can't we go there?" Asks Victoria. "Come on, let's go." Danny stresses, not wanting to upset Carol anymore than she was. They searched downstairs diligently, and finding nothing, decided to head upstairs. "What do you think she's hiding in there?" Black Star thought aloud, staring at the forbidden door with a puzzled look.
"Whatever it is, it's none of our business." Danny warns. "Listen." Tsubaki whispers. They were all quiet, picking up what she heard. Soft crying. From behind the closed door. "Maybe it's a mourning family member." Victoria suggests. "Heellpp..." They pleaded. "I don't think so." Danny reached for the doorknob, and Carol was suddenly blocking their way. "WHAT are you DOING?" She growls harshly. "I told you this room was off limits!"
"Who are you hiding in there?!" Victoria demands. "None of your business, that's who!" She hisses. "Come on, lady. We all heard them crying." Black Star admits. "You are NOT to enter this room, you are not to go NEAR it, not one more time!" With this, Carol storms off. But the team still frowned at the door. They all knew what they were all thinking. That there was a child, TRAPPED behind that door. they went to the next room. Where on a bed, sat a girl, about 10 or 11 years old. She looked up at them. "You're the people my mom called, aren't you?" She wonders. "You're here to look for my dad." She continues. The girl shook her head. "You wont find him." She said in a matter of fact way. After their work, the team went home. Victoria told Danny they needed to free the trapped child in the forbidden room. He agreed. Victoria called Black Star and told him the same, who told Tsubaki. It was set. The next day, they'd free the trapped child. They waited all day, till finally Carol left the house to run an errand. They'd have to be quick. They entered the room. It was empty. "Do you think she moved them?" Tsubaki asked. Suddenly, they heard it again. Soft crying. Coming from inside the closet. Danny opened it. Inside sat a little boy, about 4 years old. "Hey, buddy." Danny greets him. "You okay?" The boy nodded. "What are you doing locked in here?" Danny asked. "My mommy put me in here. I tried to get out, but I couldn't." The boy snubbed. "I know what will make you feel better!" Black Star jumps up, and with a marker, signs his autograph on the boy's face. "Everyone wants MY autograph!" He laughs. The boy started to sob louder than ever. "Black Star, sit down! You're making it worse!!" Victoria demands pushing him away from the boy. "You're not the boss of me." He scoffs. "SIT DOWN!!" Black Star sat. "What's your name?" Tsubaki asks the boy. "T-Tommy." He answers. "You're free now, you can leave." Danny assures. Tommy shook his head. "The monster won't let me leave. It's in here, and it won't let me leave. It told me." Tommy sniffed. "Where?! I'll take care of it!" Black Star promises, jumping up. "Black Star!" Victoria shouts. He sat again, Tsubaki giving him reassuring words. "You won't be able to see him." Tommy states. "How can we help?" Asks Danny. "I want to talk to my sister. Her name is Anna. Can you find her?" Tommy asks. "Sure." The team got up, leaving the boy alone by mistake. They tried to find the girl from yesterday, but couldn't. Suddenly, there was a loud screaming, followed by growls. The team burst back into the room, where Tommy sat on the floor, crying. "What happened?" Asked Danny. "It got her! It got my sister!!! She came in, and when I left the closet, the monster grabbed at me but caught Anna instead!!!" He shrieked, pointing to the closet. The team looked, and saw a pair of pink sneakers, alone in the closet. "I told you." The boy was suddenly no longer crying. He smiled up at the team. "I told you there was a monster." He smiled heinously, and the entire team got a gut feeling. "There was a monster, and you just let him out."