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shiori_trancy posted on Oct 09, 2011 at 12:17PM
Name : ?(if you have alias write it !)
Age :
Day of Birth :

Ethnic group:
Blood type :
Height :


Pet :

Personality :

Family : (about your mother, your father etc.)


Written Appearance:

Hair :

Eyes color:

Weight :

Health condition: (about you health condition)

Scar / tattoo :

Style of dress:


Personality (details) :


Dislikes :
Fear of :

Likes (food) :

Dislikes (food) :

Memories things: (something that have a good/bad memory for you)
Mental condition :

Style of manner:

Positive traits:

Negative traits:

Job / occupation:

Favorite music:

Talents : (about your talent)


Story : ( tell me about your story *how you meet your partner, your first day at shibusen etc)

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over a year ago shiori_trancy said…
and now.

Name : Shiori Arimizu
No alias
Gender: female.
Ras: -
Age : 14 Years old.
Day of Birth : 24 May,
Zodiac: Gemini.

Ethnic group: Japan
Blood type : AB
Height : 5’3

Hobby: fight, bullying her friends, playing with water, swimming, make a
paper craft, drawing, jumping and bouncing, etc.

Birthplace: Mizu village, 145 km north from Japan.
Hometown: Mizu village.
Pet : water dragon.

Personality : Shiori is a little moody, her mood can change very extreme, besides that Shiori is a cute little girl and always wants to impressed everyone (esspesialy Shinigami-sama). Shiori seems have a multiple-personality and only Krisan who know all her personality.

Family : Shiori was born 800 years before, Shiori has one younger sister (Yuri) and one brother (Omyoji) , her family with all the Mizu’s members die to protect her and because of that she is never forgive herself to what happen in the past.


Written Appearance:

Hair : black straight long hair, she make it into ponytail.

Eyes color: blue, but if she is angry they turn to red.

Weight : 102 lbs.

Health condition: Shiori has a serious problem about her condition, her soul along with her body is injured because of the Arachne’s curse. Without of medicine from naingus-sensei she can’t live more than 3 month.

Scar / tattoo : has a scar on her right-shoulder.

Style of dress: wear a long-hand -white shirt with blue skirt and a black blazer. And a shinigami pin on her neck.


Personality (details) :

Likes: Blood ( she is really happy when she is cover with her opponents blood), fight, water, kill people, and blade.

Dislikes : dark forest, forest at the night, dark.
Fear of : forest at the night .
Likes (food) : Takoyaki, yakiudon, and all kind of pasta

Dislikes (food) : eggplant.

Memories things: broch from her brother (Omyoji).

Mental condition : Shiori’s mental condition is same as her health condition, Shiori need someone like Krisan to stop her when she is in insane mode. Negative mind make her hard to believe someone, but Krisan, and Maka make her know how beautiful is friendship.

Manner : Shiori is a young lady ( she called Mizuhime in her village), so she has a good manner, but when she is in insane mode, she is like a wild girl than a hime.

Positive traits: Shiori is fun to be friend with, kind, funny, never let her friend get injured (if that mean she must die) ,caring, childish.

Negative traits:negative-minded, Krisan call her simple-minded-girl, hard to believe someone, bro-com (not so).

Job / occupation : student at Shibusen and member of the Defense Squad
Favorite music: Shiori not really like listening to music, for her, scream is a beautiful song.

Talents : Shiori is the successor of the Mizu clan, the girl who was born in a red full moon, she is given the power to control all kinds of water, but because of her health and mental condition,she can’t free to use her own ability.

story : I’ll be write it later :p
over a year ago SymmaGirl2 said…
Name : Zatsu Kaori
_________________________________________­_ ___
Gender: Female
Ras: Caucasian
Age : 13
Day of Birth : Decenmber 5
Zodiac: Look it up.

Ethnic group: Not sayin'
Blood type : AB
Height : 5 feet

Hobby: Well, I love singing and playing violin. I also like practicing with Kiku and writing. I also like gardening, but I have a brown thumb.

Birthplace: I'm not answering this.
Hometown: Death City, where else?
Pet : I don't have one. Unless you count Kid.

Personality : I'm what you could call eccentric. I get mad easily, and I hate boring things. I wish I was around when Asura attacked... It would've been more fun to handle that than go skiing... Whatever. I also despise Black*Star. What's wrong with that air headed narcissist?!

Family : My brother is Kid and my dad is Lord Death. Nuff said.

_________________________________________­_ ___ _

Written Appearance:

Hair : I have long black hair. Always straight. I got white stripes on one side of my hair, like Kid. Damn him and family resemblance...

Eyes color: The typical gold Shinigami eyes. That's just how we look, us death spirits/gods.

Weight : 69 pounds. Call me anorexic.

Health conditions: I have OCD. I guess it runs in the family. Oh, and there's a rumor that I'm anorexic. Don't believe it. It's a lie, I'm just overly skinny. My metabolism is an Olympic runner, and I really hate that... I look like a skeleton with skin.

Scar / tattoo : I don't have any. What, you expected a skull or something? No way.

Style of dress: Look at Kid's clothes. I dress like that, but in female form. Kind of like Crona's dress, but different. It's hard to explain.

_________________________________________­_ ___

Personality (details) :

Likes: Symmetry, the number zero(screw eight!), Kiku, flowers, and singing.

Dislikes : Asymmetrical things, frogs, snakes, mice
Fear of : Water. I almost drowned when I was little, and I've been scared of water ever since.

Likes (food) : Apples, lollipops, and strawberries

Dislikes (food) : Anything with Rosemary, lamb, devil's food cake

Memories things: My violin. It's the first present my brother ever gave me, and it always gives me good luck.
Mental condition : Stable, I guess. Unless you count my OCD, I'm relatively sane. Kiku begs to differ, though.

Style of manner: I'm pretty polite. It's part of my upbringing.

Positive traits: I'm pretty nice if you get on my good side, and I'm not very arrogant. I only brag if you do.

Negative traits: I'm eccentric and I like sharp and pointy things.

Job / occupation: I'm Kiku's weapon.

Favorite music: J-Pop and J-Rock. Anything by Vocaloid, especially creepy songs.

Talents : I play violin and sing.

_________________________________________­_ ___ _

Story : Well, I met Kiku on my ski trip. I was getting beaten up by some thugs, and he saved me. So I returned the favor and became his weapon. I'm a three-foot-long jeweled black sword.
over a year ago shiori_trancy said…
waw, thats good, its interesting and how do i say, i am Kid's fiance ? hahahaha
over a year ago MonkeyGirl700 said…
name: Hana-Skylar Smith
gender: female
ras: what
age: 15
day of birth: December, 1
zodiac: Sagittarius

ethnic group: why
blood type: AB
height: same as Maka

hobbies: singing, playing guitar, playing video games, and reading

birthplace: London, England
hometown: Tokyo, Japan but i moved to death city
pet: a small white cat that i named Maria

personality: I'm usually quite and I'm not good around people. I'm like Crona because i just don't know how to deal with people. i would rather spend all of my time in a small dark room instead of being around a lot of people

family: i have a younger twin sister who is my meister and we were abandoned by are parents when we were little so we never knew them or any other family members
written appearance:

hair: i have long black hair pulled into two pigtails like Maka's hair

eye color: i have grayish bluish eyes. unless i start fighting seriously then my eyes will turn blood red

weight: 102 pounds

health condition: none

scar/tattoo: i have a small black birthmark on my chest in the shape of a black heart with angel wings

style of dress: i wear a black skirt with a beige like color shirt and a black jacket. i also wear black converse and white socks that go to my thighs.
personality details:

likes: music, reading, piano, soul, darkness, and cute animals

dislikes: witches, kishin, lightning and thunder

fear of: thunder and lightning because when i was little lightning almost struck me

likes(food): candy, sweet things, sushi

dislikes(food): broccoli, carrots, and salad

memories things: a small silver heart shaped locket that my two best friends gave to me before i left japan. it also has a picture of them inside

mental condition: stable...unless one of my friends are killed or injured then i go a little crazy

style of manner: I'm pretty polite and pretty quiet

positive traits: im a really nice person once you get to know me and I'm good at fighting kishin and witches. I'm also good at singing and playing guitar

negative traits: I don't talk much and I'll usually lie about me being okay. I can also go a little over board at attacking a kishin or witch who hurt or killed one of my friends

job/occupation: I'm going to the DWMA and I'm my younger twin sister Angel's weapon

favorite music: rock and dance, i also like piano

talents: singing and playing guitar
my younger twin sister Angel and i were abandoned when we were 5 years old and we don't remember are parents. we were raised at an orphanage and made friends with everybody there. when we were 12 years old we moved to death city and went to the DWMA. Angel made friends before me and i wasn't really interested in making new friends but i changed my mind when Maka and Soul became my friends after they saved my life.
name: Hana-Skylar Smith
<br />
<br />
gender: female
<br />
ras: wh
over a year ago mistoryangel1 said…
its a mistory ; )
over a year ago DJAce said…
Name:Raiden Okuzani __________________________________________­­__­_
Gender: Male
Age :16
Day of Birth :July 23

Ethnic group: None
Blood type : O
Height :5"4

Hobby: Killin enemies

Hometown:Death City
Pet :A teenage wolf that doesnt like adventure (Unlike its owner)

Personality :Stupidly brave but just plain stupid around Maka whom he has a crush on.He also has an annoying habit to get into fights with Kid and Black Star when he really just tries to get along with everyone.

Family :Unknown since he was abandoned at birth


Written Appearance:

Hair :Black spicky hair a like Black Stars but short

Eyes color:Blood Red pupil with a black circle in the middle

Weight :99 pounds

Health condition:Insanity when extremely angry

Scar / tattoo : None
Style of clothes :Black red or White tee with all-star converse and for battle related missions a white jacket with a skull in the center(he aint emo or goth cuz of that)


Personality (details) :Brave and likes fighting when alone even when hes already beat up and about to die.You hurt his friends(Especially Maka) Your dead.

Likes:Maka,Killing witches and music

Dislikes :witches, Blackstar's and Ragnarok's big mouths,Witches and Kishins(Did I mention Witches?
Fear of :Losing those close to him

Likes (food) :Pizza and sushi

Dislikes (food) :Vegetables and mildly spicy stuff

Memories things:Being left almost dead and found by Maka and Soul in an abandoned alley.
Mental condition :Stable.

Style of manner:Kinda polite Depends on occasion and wanting to.

Positive traits:Is a good fighter and is good manipulating people

Negative traits: Is insane while killng kishins and witches

Job / occupation:Scythe/Sword weapon

Favorite music:Almost every type

Talents :Good singer


Story : Abandoned at birth,he went what most people would call the wrong path.Unfortunately, he almost always got beat in fights so one day he was beat up and was almost dead in an old alley. Maka and Soul were walking by and found him unconcous (sorry forgot how to write it) and they helped him. Now he just goes there ocationaly just to go see Maka whom he has a crush on. He now is being trained how to control his weapon powers since he barely knows how to control his "special" Ability to change weapon forms on will.He is still quite competitive and keeps fighting people (mostly Black Star cuz of his stupidity)Which almost always makes him end up through a wall or two.
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over a year ago DJAce said…
Got bored so im gonna make another one if its not a problem.
Here I go!

Name : Akahana Usazaki(I got it from my cousin she bugged me until I said I would put this name)
Gender: Female
Age : 15
Day of Birth :October 31
Zodiac: Scorpio

Ethnic group:none
Blood type :AB
Height :5"2

Hobby: Picking roses,bothering Black Star and hitting Raiden(Above one from DJAce)

Hometown:Death City
Pet :None

Personality :Annoying with a hint of stupid except when fighting then she's serious

Family : Black Star is her brother but he tried to get her to be removed from family somehow doing it she was adopted by some witches that thought her some magic and how to change forms from human to animal


Written Appearance:

Hair :Long red hair with white at the end of it

Eyes color:Blue

Weight :105(My cousin weighs more than me XD I put her real weight here)

Health condition: None

Scar / tattoo :A tattoo of a soul that looks like its broken

Style of dress:A Red dress black converse and for battle a red jacket thats always open black tee with a broken heart in the middle and a white skirt ripped jeans under skirt


Personality (details) :Kinda idiotic especially when battling weaker enemies

Likes:Being goofy,Fighting and bothering people

Dislikes :Raiden,Blood and Witches (long story)
Fear of :Being killed witches kishins Asura Ragnarok blackblood

Likes (food) :Pizza sushi and tacos

Dislikes (food) :Vegetables

Memories things:Being attacked by Medusa after being abandoned by her family
Mental condition :Stable more or less

Style of manner:Not really polite or lady-like

Positive traits:Skilled as meister

Negative traits:Isnt good at concentrating

Job / occupation:Meister at DWMA

Favorite music:Piano and acoustic guitar

Talents :Good at playing piano and fighting


Story : She was born in Japan and was left for dead by her family so she decided to take her own path and was raised by some witches who ended betraying her and trying to kill her.She met her partner ,Nicolas the gun, When she was in a fight infront of Death City .She was being mugged and some guy just came and beat the muggers.She then thanked the guy and after introductions they made themselves partners and fought along side eachother.They wish they would have been able to help before they got there but whats done is done so they now study at the DWMA and try to be the best.She has a small crush on Black Star but has never told anyone,Not even her partner.

Sorry it isnt really mine my cousin came and took my computer I just got it back.Anyways I only slightly edited it so it isnt completely me who did this.I hate when my cousin does this.
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over a year ago RedRoseofJapan said…
Name : Rosey Thorns
Gender: Female
Age : 16
Day of Birth :May 1st

Blood type :B
Height :5"4

Hobby: Making origami

Hometown:Death City (Actually I live inside DWMA like Crona)

Personality :Quiet yet never cares if I gets bad grades or anything but I do care if I lose fights

Family :Giriko is my father although im pissed agt him that idiot killed mom and I never actually met her.


Written Appearance:

Hair :Like Maka's but Red

Eyes color:Blue

Weight :98

Health condition: Does hating my dad with all my heart count?

Scar / tattoo :A giant scar from a cut on my right arm and a tattoo of a soul on my left hand

Style of dress:Black dress with a black jacket with red skulls,ripped jeans,all star converse with a skull on each ,Spiked gloves and a bow on my left ponytail.


Personality (details) :I LOVE fighting and I am real quiet most of the time but when I talk I cant around Soul since I have a crush on him and its hard to talk around him or me.
Likes:Soul,souls,Maka's team members,Kishins,Golem making,Picking roses and Killing arachnaphobians (Or whatever they are called)

Dislikes :My dad Giriko,Aracne,Witches,Kishins(I have mixed feelings about them) and Black blood
Fear of :Telling Soul how I feel about him

Likes (food) :Pizza sushi and salmon

Dislikes (food) :Vegetables and tomatoes

Memories things: Meeting Soul and having my heart skip a beat
Mental condition :Stable

Style of manner:Half time Tomboyish other half ladylike

Positive traits:Good fighter and at cutting

Negative traits:Slightly lazy

Job / occupation:Weapon at DWMA

Favorite music:Creepy music

Talents :Im great at playing piano and drums

Story : After disobeying my father who hates me I went to Shen until Black*Idiot and Tsubaki killed her brother so now I live at DWMA Dungeons as I call it but really its not that bad.I met Soul and Maka when they came to greet me.I fell in love with Soul.I didnt mention that one of the people I dated before was a kishin.I dumped him after he tried to force me to become a kishin.I once did get to kiss Soul on Christmas we stepped under mistletoe.Well nowaday I go visit Maka and Soul (Oh and Blair forgot about the slut)to go see them and read stuff with Maka.I still wish my mom wouldnt have gotten killed by Giriko.I hate Arachnapobia those idiots owe me my mom.I will kill them.
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over a year ago kydd_keenan said…
Name :Keenan evans
Gender: male
Ras:black(light skinned really)
Age : 15
Day of Birth :10-11-1997
Zodiac: libra

Ethnic group: American
Blood type :a
Height :5"8

Hobby: sleeping,eating souls,sleeping,fighting

Birthplace:hidden leaf village
Hometown:death city
Pet :

Personality :cool,caring,friendly,cocky

Family : his parents died protecting him from a kishin that attacked them at night


Written Appearance:

Hair :black Mohawk

Eyes color:brown(when angered turns yellow)

Weight :125

Health condition: struggles with controlling insanity

Scar / tattoo :tattoo of his mom and dads name

Style of dress:black tanktop,khakies,brown hightops,death city SnapBack.



Likes:Liz Thompson,eating souls with soul Evans,training with black*.

Dislikes :spiders
Fear of :losing controll of his sanity

Likes (food) :ramen,deviled eggs,pizza

Dislikes (food) :crabs,shrimp,ragnarok...a little,witches,free

Memories things: (being injected with black blood,)
Mental condition :stable(only unstable if friends are injured)

Style of manner:mixture between black* and soul.

Positive traits:willing to die for friends if needed

Negative traits:easily angred

Job / occupation:part weapon-part meister

Favorite music:rap

Talents : able to transform to any Weapon for meister(e.g:black* chain scythe,maka scythe, kid demon pistol) can copy wavelength attack(on certain battles will team up with black* for double big wave attack.)

It all started when my parents died i decided to move to death city to
Learn more about my abilities when medusa offered to "help me" she
Injected me with black blood.ive learned how to controll it now thanks
To soul and maka they are the one who brought me here to the dwa
I have some pretty good friends like maka,soul (long lost family member)
Black*,tsubaki,Liz(my gf :) ) patti(partner in crime),and Kidd.

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