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Classification: (Meister or Weapon)
Partner: (Type of Weapon)
Soul Resonance: (description and abilities)

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over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
Name: Woody Slicer
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Classification: Weapon
Partner Cynthia
Description: He Has short brown spiky hair, his eye color is green, He Wears Black Sneakers, Green Cargo Pants, a yellow T-shirt with a open Hawaiian Buttoned Shirt over the t-shirt, and has a blue headband with a skull picture on it. His Weapon Form is a faceless 7 foot tall puppet with claws.
Claw Shooter
Soul Possession
Shadow Claw
Face of Darkness
Soul Resonance: He turns into a Gigantic Spider puppet made of steel and covered in spikes.
Spike Missiles
Soul Web
Soul Manifest
History: Born and Raised to be a killer he changed his ways and joined DWMA.
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over a year ago Kanade said…
NAME: Cynthia Ione
GENDER: Female
DESCRIPTION: Has a long black straight hair and a bit curly on its end. Wears marionnete type of clothes and usually eats pocky. She is the silent type of person but once you get to know her, she is actually a good person. She usually hits her partner since her partner is a very noisy type of person.
ABILITIES: Mind reader,doll possession and control
SOUL RESONANCE: She doesn't usually use this but when she has to, Van transforms into a sword. She also uses hidden strings to capture and instantly kill her opponents.
HISTORY: She is the daughter of the founder of the largest and strongest mafia in all of the world. Ever since she was young she was forced to train using a sword and bec.of that the other children got scared of her. Her mother would always give her some dolls as gifts and she would talk to them and treat them as her friends. 2 years later she met Van during a festival and showed her how to have fun. Then she ran away from home and went on a journey with Van.
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
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over a year ago Kanade said…
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over a year ago ManInGreen695 said…
NAME:Dom ShadowGasier 3RD
DESCRIPTION:Short bed rangled hair black and white on the tips.Wears red based robes with white trims,dosn't talk much,seats alone,and She HATES people being rude,only talks to people that are polite and works alone normally.Secretive and if u get in a fight with him be perpared to dodge vines covered in thorns.
WEOPON TRANFORMATION:A dual weild battle axe.
ABILITIES:Can create clones made of plants,can absorb magic,and has an abnormal strenghting when water(sweat,blood,or melting ice).
SOUL RESONANCE:Can adapt to any soul resonance.
HISTORY:Born a kishin due to the fact that his father was a kishin
over the years he has learned how to control his hunger for human souls.When he was 18 he sold him self as a private mersinarie for the DWMA Russian chapter,later he met up with Maka's mother and became temperary partners after she was reasigned to a diffrent chapter he thought of going to the DWMA school,but instead he made a home in Rio Brazil.Saying to himself that after the house is built he would go there.

over a year ago jmferlo said…
Name:Rhonda Muave
Partner Age:54
Partner Gender:Male
Partner Classification:Weapon/Reptile
Description:She has long orange hair with black highlights. She has green eyes and pale skin. She has freckles, wears a dress and a headband. Her partner Cartalage is a reptile that has blue skin. He has no hair or eyes. He is a eiserne drossel.
Abilities:Can smash a full grown tree with one slight move of her foot. Is an expert in close combat.
Partner Abilities:Even without eyes, he can see things from up to ten miles away. He is a good weapon with or without a meister.
Soul Resonance:The background turns orange and three gears appear. The gears stop with time itself. They then double speed and strength into the move Heart Stopper.
History:Was born in a bloodshed where she saw her mother and father get brutally murdered by the Star Clan. She then was able to freeze the flow of time and kill most of the clan. She later went to an orphanage where everyone treated her terribly because of her appearance and fears. She lived there until she was 14 when a man in a strange tuxedo came. The boss of the business then offered her for $100. The man replied by slicing the bosses arms off and took Rhonda and raised her.
Partner History:Born as a reptile, Carthalage never got respect. He was always made fun of for being a triple hybrid. He grew slower than the humans though because of his low age-rate. He is supposed to die when he is 70 but he is just glad for meeting a great meister like Rhonda.
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over a year ago jmferlo said…
Rhonda's unworthy soul
Rhonda's unworthy soul
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How you do that over a year ago
over a year ago jmferlo said…
Carthalage's I just saw Blair soul
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Carthalage's I just saw Blair soul
over a year ago Demon_of_Asura said…
Name: Akuma Shiro
Gender: Male
Classification: Weapon
Partner: Asami Tenshi
Description:White hair about shoulder length. White eyes. Where Baggie Blue cargo pants and a white tank top.His Meister Wheres A black hoodie and black cargo pants. Nether one talk to much witch makes the partnership perfect since the never fight.
Abilities:Akuma can transforms into ether a Great sword or a pair of katana's depending on Asami's needs. In Great Sword mode he has the ability to crush anything he comes in contact with and grants Asami greater strength but the weight of the blade hinders her movement. In Katana mode he has the ability to slice threw any material no matter how thick. In this form Asami's speed greatly increases but due to his powers being split into two diffrent blades the power in each blade is half that of the Great Sword.
Soul Resonance: The back ground goes white and all people/objects in the area go black. Akuma's Power goes up by 100x his normal stength and Asami's speed also goes up by 100x. Asami uses Akuma to slice threw her enemies before the effects wear off.
History: Akuma was raised on the steets of the big city. The only person that was there his entire life was his best friend Asami. At the age of 16 the both started to get serous about each other.One night Akuma had saved up enough money to by Asami a gift.It was a gold necklace with an agel pendent on it. As they where walking down the ally a group of thugs hit Akuma in the back and attack Asami.In a rage Akuma turned into two katanas and found himself in Asami's hands.In a flash Asami took down the three thugs that tried to rob them.That is how they two found out they were weapon and meister. Soul resonance came naturally to them and was never difficulty for the to preform. They eventually where recruited to the school by the grim reaper himself.
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over a year ago alpha92 said…
name:sigma omega
classification:daimadoshi/sorcerer (like eibon)
partner:no one

Description white hood... white glitching eyes
black sweatshirt with white circolar decorations
and under the sweatshirt there s'a shirt
colored with different types of grey
and grey gloves
sigma is the never-talking type
the time he speak makes sarcasm (for this reason he s' always hated)
Abilities: differently of his associate eibon
sigma can manipulate time and his weapon are his own right arm
that can trasform into a circolar cronomorph
that can summon a weapon gun,katana,tomahawk,schythe or any
immaginable weapon that he needs for the situation
powers and techniques

Soul resonance:there is his very might
when he does his very soul wavelength he can use the crono-manipulation modality

crono aegis: sigma can summon some shield and force field for
defend himself from proximity attacks

oblivion wires: sigma triggers some sharp wires that can slice
even the steel and charge to the enemies

zantetsuken: sigma uses all of his resonance for stopping time for
2 seconds
and use a tremendous grey laser beam to cut down his enemy
and anything lies in the surroindings

sigma is a no tollerate character
he hates everyone
noah alike that he hates ,his own fault if sigma lost his own brother
and now he scream vengeance for his brother died
He does not trust anyone and no one trusts him
but crona is totally unaware that he/she is manipulated by him
its ambitions and beliefs
he beliefs that Shinigami is the origin of madness
so he wants to destroy the world and do it all over again
not so different from Medusa
He hates asura for his cowardice and selfishness
so want to steal his powers
says that because of such powers does not deserve to end up in the hands of an idiot like him.

he wants the power of the Eibon s'book and the kishin s'power
but he needs to take possession of the BREW
luckily that Crona has killed his own mother
Medusa, because her knew of his conspiracy to power
and tried to keep him away from Crona

he is an enemy of the magician noah
but he is controlling and disrupting the mind of the poor Crona
to send him/her against asura
sigma faces over 3 spartoi s'students that are ox,kilik and maka but he manages to defeat kilik and ox but against maka he is being pushed back because the anti-demon wavelength that cannot allow him to manipulate time but him is particulary weak to the sound because of his fonophobia then soul defeats him with the piano but sigma manages to escape using the teleport telling her that he 's manipulating crona enraging her but now no one where he is but only one thing we know that him is cospire against noah
that s'all
sorry for the bad english because i'm italian

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name:sigma omega <br />
age:??? <br />
gender:androgynus<br />
classification:daimadoshi/sorcerer (li
over a year ago saysayashi said…
name: saybashi chinois
Age: 13
Gender: male
classification: katana/hidden blade tech(if you dont know what a hidden blade is go online)
Partner: Iizuka
Description(septimus): long black hair that goes around eye length, usually wears jeans and a black t-shirt with a large death symbol on it, black eyes, speaks rarely and when he does you better listen, chinese so very stealthy, follows family ninja heritage, insane killer when motivated but very calm minded all the time.
History: Saybashi was raised by his ninja family(awesomeness!) on a rural farm using a sword to cut vegis and was punished if his parents saw him do it(stealth training). watched his parents die to his brothers hands but managed to kill his brother and his weapon. he reached shibusan looking for refuge and became a tech(he always was but didn't know) he then met Iizuka who is both a katana and canturn into 2 hidden blades.
Abilities: shadowmeld-melts into shadow literally becomes a shadow himself.
powerful soul perception
Soul resonance hidden blade- the blades become extremely long in-cased in glowing energy stabbing the enemy or used as extremely powerful swords if stabbed the blades stretch and shorten to stab repeatedly if swung they are equivalent to witch hunter but different shape
Soul resonance katana- creates hundreds of shadow copies and teleports saybashi to right behind his opponent by bending time and increasing his speed 100X over. called shadow strike because it is sudden and undetected.
Extremely popular and is often attempted to be swooned by girls wanting to be his partner(thay dont like Iizuka much)

Hope you like him!
over a year ago riah090 said…
Name: Raven Hanbin

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Partner: Annalisa ( Samurai Sword)
Description: Raven has bright blonde almost white short shaggy / choppy hair that goes to the middle of her neck. She is very pale and that contrasts her brown eyes. Often her bangs are pinned back. She wears a grey sweater with black shorts and red low convereses.

Partner Abilities:
Annalisa can be regular samurai sword or two ninja blades.

Soul Resonance: Annalisa's blade gets reallying long and glows of pure enegry , giving Raven the ability to run at super fast speeds and jump really high.

History: Raven was born in Japan when her mother was visiting a friend. Her father left her mother when he found out she was pregnant. Her mother died while giving birth so she has been raised by her mother's friend. When Raven was 13 she met her weapon Annalisa , and they became bestfreinds. Annalisa's dad hates Annalisa for being a weapon. Although her mother is secretly one. Raven got leaglly adopted by her mother's friend , and her new gaurdian gets married. When Raven's foster mother isnt around her foster dad beats her. One night while Raven is getting beat she runs away. That night Raven meets up with Annalisa. They runaway to Death City hoping to become a meister and weapon team At this time they are both 15. Raven's troubling childhood helps creates a terrible rage that helps Raven in combat.

(I also made this character on a different forum.)
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Name: Toruna&Kouta (twins)


Gender: Boys

Classification: weapons (twin daggers)

Abilities: Toruna represents father sky,he can manipulate anything weather related. Lightning,clouds,wind,etc.
Signature move : Zues's arrow; the user creates a cyclone in front of them that points at them, they then jump causing them to spin rapidly, Toruna then conducts electricity which envelops the wielder, they are then shot out and strike through the opponent as fast as a lightning bolt.

Kouta represents mother nature and can manipulate the earth and plants.
Signature move: Death Garden; the wielder and the opponent are concieled in a dome of thorned vines, then from the ground large venus flytraps burst out and attack the enemy.

Soul Resonance: Gaia no kimagure (whim of gaia)
Appearance: the user now has a tribal mask with fur going down the back. The daggers have now become chakrams (like Axels from kingdom hearts)
Final ability: Natural Disaster; a hurricane picks up around the wielder and enemy that blows fiercely, dangerous plants grow in the center that the wielder rides, the user now can throw the chakrams with them coated with electricity.

History/appearance: The twins were born to the immortal clan, however their father was the only parent from the clan so they are both only half werewolf(they have furry ears forearms and calves plus tails and fangs) They where tribal shirts and tattered shorts, one with red designs the other with brown designs, they have sorta-long spiky hair. Due to their prodigical power the wielder has to have one single goal for their life. Once they achieve that goal their soul will be devoured by the twins, if they stray from the path of obtaining there goal they also have their soul devoured. Both are death scythe level.
over a year ago temari7 said…
Name:Yun Yondiname





Description:She has long straight hair and blue eyes.She wears a black leather coat with hood,a black short shirt and black shorts. she wears high boots(without heels).

Abilities:She can be transformed into an angel with black wings and red eyes when angered or when others hit her at her neck.

Soul Resonance:She turns into a katana with very sharp blade.

History:Her family was killed by Medusa when Yun was 3 years old.Medusa took Yun to try over her various experiments.After 3 years at age 7 Yun knowing the truth about her family but she didn't know the killer decided to run away from Medusa.She knew where her parents lived and decided to stay there.Medusa did not want to look for her as she thinks that all her experiments were made ​​over her were failed.Yun lived a normal life until one day(when Yun was 14) spirit was sent by Lord Death to suggest her to join the DWMA.After a week she decided to join the DWMA.
Name:Yun Yondiname<br />
<br />
Age:14<br />
<br />
Gender:female<br />
<br />
over a year ago sasuke106 said…

Name: kenji hikure




Partner : none

Description: long pink hair with pink eyes he look like a girl byt he is a boy he wear a t-shirt like a dress with black coat with red hood

Abilities:he become a devil with red blood wings and black eyes and him hair become white and him clothes dessappears and become like a stars

Soul Resonance: he become everithink he want cause he is in the mega level

History: when he is born he never see him parents cause they die from darknees and lord dead come to him house and take him and care him like him child and now kenji has a face father the lord deadand a face brother death the kid byt in 7 years old kenji he find him real parents they are dead when he was born and lord dead is him face father and he go to join lady medusa he meet crona and he love crona byt then he go away from lady medusa when he hear lady medusa and dearknees kill him parents and they go again to the dwma to kill all the ppl he go to join dwma and there he see again crona and he start to live there and he was have a mystirious chacra and he start to know it when he become 11 and he know the mystirious chacra who he has is the killersoul and with this chacra he kill darknees with the help fro maka and death the kid and when he become 12 he start a new life in dwma byt the history continuen with new new when he hear crona she want to kill lord dead ........... <the story continieun >

<br />
Name:  kenji hikure
<br />

<br />

<br />
<br />

<br />

<br />
<br />
over a year ago Tsunami12 said…
Name:Tsunami Kanti




Discrpion:Dark red hair ,black highlights,White eyes,always wears a chocker necklace,always wears a heart locket,wears a midnight blue tank- top,black jacket,short shorts that are white,black furry boots.

Abilities:can do much more then Ashura can or a witch.trasnforms ito any blade posible,her animal power as a witch are snakes and foxes.Has many tricks that she dosent show to the academy.very good munipulating people.

Soul Resonance: there is not a single level that can describe wat could happen if she fell into EVIL hands.

History:When she was born she was born it was HALLOWEEN and when people found thet out people start calling her an evil "creature" and shawning her.Even her parents and became filled with madness and soon lost control and killed her parents and anyone close to her but one...One got to her and convinced to go to the DWMA and Tsunami gave death the human souls insted of eating them.She soon learned how to keep her madness in her locked heart.She convinced herself no one wouil love her and she would never have to open heart to the thought of LOVE.Then she met Soul "eater" Evans.She loves Soul.Soul may not know it but she would give her life up for him and the rest of her friens at the DWMA.Her friend Tsubaki was in trouble and Black Star was out cold and she fought and soon Tsubaki learned that Tsunamis blood was white.The Tsunamis madness friend came out some how.This isn't ordinary madness like Stiens this madness is another half of her.The madness has a name.shes called Massinda.Everyone heard wat happened and then Medusa heard it.Medusa started targeting her and begone testing her in any evil way as possible.Putting her through pain and agony.Seeing how much she could take........ Tomarrow theres more to telll...HE HE HE SoulEater ROCKS!!!!!
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over a year ago MecaDeath said…
Name: Steve White
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Classification: Meister
Partners: Sina, Yutaka (katanas, daggers, and grate swords. Many forms of all)
Description: Medium long brown hair, eye color is gray , 6’2, wears dark red cargo pants with a belt that says “ BW & SW” (parents initials), a black tee that has hatred and love spelled in Gaelic letters, has frame less glasses, and a half a heart necklace (little sister has other half).
Abilities: Can sense souls better then Maka, body can sprout blades, can use some magic
Soul Resonance:
Sina: dagger: phoenix strike, katana: angel killer, demonic blade: god slayer, blade of destruction: apocalypse strike.
Yutaka: dagger: flaming talon, katana: demon slayer, angelic blade: devil killer, blade of retribution: saving grace.
Katana> grate sword: lord slayer
Holy blades> blade of the world: death’s will
Blade of …> blade of the universe: super nova strike.

History: Mother was a witch, father was a weapon. His little sister (Megan) is a weapon (a sword from the distant future with a special type of gun on it.) His mother left the witches to be with his father the witches didn’t like that. When Steve was five years old the witches hired an assassin to kill his mother and father. The assassin succeed in his mission and tried to kill Steve. In his fearful rage Steve’s hands transformed into blades. He stabbed the assassin through the neck, heart and just kept going. He stabbed him a total of one hundred and sixty-one times in fifty-two seconds. Megan came home in shock after she herd. She was at a friend’s house for a sleep over. They spent the next five years living with their grandparents (on the dad’s side). The day after his eleventh birthday he left. He put a note I Megan’s room and it said “I was accepted into the D.W.M.A. So I’m leaving to travel the world before I enter the academy.
Love you big brother: Stephen” He left the other half of the necklace with her that night.
On his trip he met Sina, and Yutaka in Japan fighting over where they should eat. He said “If I treat will you two stop fighting?” They didn’t know him and he didn’t know them but they became as close as close can be. They traveled the world until they were fifteen. At that time they had finally made it to the D.W.M.A. And this is where their story begins.

If you guys want any more info tell me on this page or at this link.
over a year ago Tsunami13 said…
(Tsunami12 (siss) asked me to finish hers)
Medusa just became so fasinated with Tsunami and her white blood she desided to do some research on her.medusa found out her real name and why she came to the DWMA.She desided some how use Soul against her...Hold up.Lets get back to Medusa finding out her real name.Her real name is Aydan.Also the reason she came to the DWMA is cause other witches found her and sent her to spy on Death.Of coarse Tsunami refused so they worned her that they would kill Soul and the rest of tsunamis friends.So thats when Medusa decideds to use that to her advantage...Back to back story.Before she went to the DWMA she could not bear the fact thet she could kill again so thats why that MASSINDA character is in Tsunami.
over a year ago numnumyellow67 said…
big smile
Name: (real name secret) Four
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Classification: Weapon/Meister
(no I did not copy anyone)
Partner: Nine (don't ask)
Description: Short orange-ish hair, One green eye, one brown eye, Height: 5 ft 3in wears turquoise long sleeve shirt, black tight shorts, and brown boots.
History: go here to see part one of my story. I'm making a fan-fic in the forum.­icl­es/­148­790­...­t-1
over a year ago rockergirl586 said…
Name: Alexis Angel
Age: 13
Gender: female
Classification: mostly weapon, but she is her own mister.
Partner: none
Description: black hair with red high lights, red t-shirt with a black shirt under it, ripped up jeans, black convers, and black angle wings under her shirt...she never allows anyone to see it.
Abilities: she can fly, razer sharp claws that she can slice people open with, she can make people freeze for1 min., also black chains with blades at each end.
Soul Resonance: she looks like a dark angle when fighting...she also is one, but a nice one.
History: when she was 4 she does not know her parents because she is an orphain. When she was 4 she saw she had black angle looking wings. No one wanted to adopte her for some reason. At age 7 Madusa took her and melted metal into her bones to hands. She found out she had claws. Madusa didn't want her anymore so she went back to the orphanage. She was made fun of for 4 years. On day a monster came to the orphainage and killed 200 orphans but her. At age 13 she was at an amusement park at night. She saw the monster again. Everyone was scared of it...but not Alexis. On the ferris wheel her wings got bigger and her claws were metal and came out 2 feet long. She tried and almost killed it, but it throw her on air powered roller coaster tracks. A roller coaster came right at hit her and she almost died. She woke up and was at the academy in the hospital room. She was very confused. Dr. Stine saw her bones healed in 2 days( ten of her bones broke) she became friends with the team( maka, soul, zobokie, even black star, Liz , patty, Crona, and kid of death...every time when fighting and she had her claws and wings sticking out he ALWAYS says..."SYMMETRY"!
But she is happy being an dark angle.
Later she killed the thing that killed everyone at the orphanage.
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over a year ago nightwing844 said…
Name:Deon Hooks
Classification:weapon,a wide sword.
Partner:Dylan Williams
Description:brown hair,black shirt,black jeans,has a scare on his back that glows when angered very much.
Abilities:runs faster than light,attacks with hand without getting hurt,and has un-natural abilities.(like uncutable body)
Soul Resonance:him and his partner both go insane and attacks rapidly using black blood from Deon.
History:When he was 4,he became an orphan and was shy.he was discovered by Doc. Stine and was experimented on.he left Stine when he was 7 and was up-ducted by Medusa and was given black blood.Becoming insane,he killed 150 humans and ate there souls.
A 3 star miser was sent to stop him and succeeded by luck.after being put into custody,Lord Death decided to enroll him in the
DWMA.He met Dylan after completing his first mission alone.Now
he is a Death Scythe,tracking any keshin air to asura's madness
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over a year ago nightwing844 said…
Name:Dylan Williams
Partner:Deon Hooks
Description:blond hair,white shirt,gray jeans,has a unremoveable dragon tattoo on both of his arms.(they resemble the future kishin)
Abilities:when unconscious,he can summon weapon parts without knowing it.(a last resort move he uses at random times)
Soul Resonance:him and his partner both go insane and attack rapidly using the black blood from Deon
History:When he joined the DWMA, he was rejected by most weapons available.he's had 3 partners that lasted 5 months before leaving. He met Deon at the Academy celebration,when asura was awaken.He's now a top class miser,being trained by professor Stine to improve his soul wavelength and ability.
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over a year ago Boomerxbubbles said…
Name:Carrie Scholvakia
Classification:Weapon-Death scyth
Partner:Ivan brasginsky(from a dirferent anime show)
Description:light brown hair that flops to one side of her head,Cerulian-blue eyes,long beige overcoat,scar aross her chest from her cruel childhood,and has a drinking problem
Abilities:Her black blood is simaler to Crona`s so she can act like the black dragon.She really does not need a mister.
Soul resonence:Her madness spreads to her mister amd they become surrounded by a dark arora.
History:Carrie used to be a normal death/demon weapon until her familiy died.Then Carrie went off to look for the killer.One day when she was looking,she ran into Andorria-a person who gave her that scar- and took her to do experiments on.Carrie fled from Andoreria but Carrie had a peice of a antother demon weapon in her.She later enroled into the DWMA a few years later to find out that she was going to be shipped to Russia for assignment where she meets her mister,Ivan.Carrie brought Ivan back to the DWMA but then the two started to act strange.Dr.Stein has been observing them and then took a blood test.He found out that Carrie and somewhat of Ivan had blackblood.later,Carrie had gotten the madness after dealing with Medusa finding about her black blood.Then she meet a shy boy with pink hair during one of her classes.She kinda fell for Crona....
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over a year ago browie98 said…
NAME: Liesel Krausse
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female
PARTNER: Jude Albarn
DESCRIPTION: human form: black wavy hair with bright violet purple tips, very light green eyes, short about 4'11", small build, according to friends she is "short and stacked", several hidden tattos except 4 one on the back of her wrist and one behind her ear u can see when she has her hair pulled back. weapon form: beautiful battle axe with a small sky blu gem in the middle
ABILITIES: is half meister in a sense(she can sense souls but can't handle another weapon 4 her life :P) can match soul wavelenghts w/practically any1
HISTORY: was born in rural Germany but moved 2 london when she was 5, then grew up in the seedier parts of london since her family was broke. Father died six days b4 birth mother tries 2 kill her on her 6th birthday so she goes 2 an asylum nd custody is handed over 2 her alchoholic uncle hannnibal and grew up with her cousin/"brother" Stu. He owned a bar/"theatre" nd she had 2 work as a waitress while her "bro" was onstage where she wanted 2 b nd he didnt. Spent most of her time in a nearby music shop where she learned how to play every instrument there d met her partner who worked there, moved out when she was 12 and left 2 death city and enrolled in the DWMA
SOUL RESONANCE: complete epicness( i will let u picture this nd make it up urelf)
NAME: Liesel Krausse
<br />
AGE: 15
<br />
GENDER: Female
<br />
<br />
over a year ago mofosixtehfo said…
history/appearance:red,spiky hair, blue eyes, red jacket, jeans.
Was raised on the streets by a mysterious man, who taught him to be a killer who stole from his victims.Met Ishuzuki when he was attacking her father.Changed his ways and went to DWMA.He transforms into a double-bladed spear. Seems untrustworthy, but if you are his friend, he will guard you with his life.
Abilities:screwdriver(he turns to weapon form and causes a twister)
nail in the coffin(drives you into the ground with one blow, then stabs you) Ruthless(unleashes a flurry of slices and stabs)
Soul Resonance: Nightmare:reads opponent's mind, then becomes their greatest fear.The target is scared to death.