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The fans pick: sour the hedgehog (request by @Emo-Bunny)
The fans pick: sour~kiss me ass!
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sour the hedgehog Wall

Bases said …
I dont understand you!!!!!! You recolor Amy into some whore named Sour, You use bases and dont give credit half the time, you CHEAT by refreshing the page a ton of times because your artwork looks like shit to make it look like people are interested in your art when they AREN'T, You make FAKE accounts to get many fans and medals when, ACTUALLY, you're just a faggot with horrible artwork, and you are just fucking annoying and think you are cool when, really, people dont give a damn about you!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Bases commented…
shadowluvgirl commented…
plz dont,My friends make the pics over a year ago
Evolia-Wulf commented…
"You guys- get off your periods and stop 'yelling' in caps. You're just pissing people off or making them laugh at you." over a year ago
Kaiishedgehog said …
OMG! sour the hedgehog I new girl in town? xD I'm sorry I like making jokes and stuff,this cute hedgehog.

I join this club then "Lune the hedgehog" because he art is cute and @LuneHedgie's art are from bases and she don'y even give people criedt that made the bases I'm sorry @LuneHedgie I not joining ur club(s) and @ShadowLuvGirl good job giving a medal in this club I hope you get the die-hard medal!KaiisHedgehog Posted over a year ago
Kaiishedgehog commented…
if this is comment on,I really DON'T CARE! thank you!KaiisHedgehog over a year ago
shadowluvgirl commented…
thx u nd thx 4 talking about Lune the hedgehog and @Lunehedgie :) and I hope I get the die-hard 2 :D over a year ago
Purtiyhedgie commented…
LOL XD over a year ago
MaxRedhedgehog said …
sour the hedgehog~ xD I love the icon (Emo-bunny is great artist) Posted over a year ago
shadowluvgirl commented…
XD over a year ago
Emo-Bunny commented…
aww, why thank you. (: over a year ago
Purtiyhedgie commented…
@Emo-Bunny U ROCK! over a year ago