10.) You can see a screencap and instantly name the episode it's from.

9.) When watching a new episode you can tell which characters are voiced by Matt and which are voiced by Trey.

8.) you understand every word Kenny says.

7.) You own the movie on more then one format

6.) You talk like Terrance and Phillip whenever you see a Canadian.

7.) you know Ike's birth name

6.) You know what "Time Warped" is.

5.) You have a youtube account filled with South Park videos, your user icon is your fan made character and you are currantly a character in a fan made South Park spin-off.

4.) You were so exited when you heard Sharon call Craigs mom Mrs. Tucker. (Craig finally got a last name!)

3.) You know the names of the backround characters better then Matt and Trey do.

2.) You've memorized every song off the movie and also Wendy's Fingerbang Audition song and Cartmans Minoraty song, among others.

1.) You really thought someone was going to get raped when you saw the preveiw clip from "the China Probrem"