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Spartacus || How'm I supposed to die.

This is extremely well edited.

Spartacus || I used to rule the world

I miss this show

Spartacus Fan Made Tribute - Seven Devils Are Around You

Fan Made video of my favourite show SPARTACUS !

Spartacus: Hall of Fame

Spartacus, Varro, Crixus, etc fight for glory in the arena.

Spartacus & Ilithyia 'This love that I've found, I detest' [VVC]

The hate between Spartacus & Ilithyia and their common fate.

Ilithyia Tribute ~Frenemies~

The relationship between Ilithyia & Lucrezia.


The best villain ever...

''Closer'' ♥ [Spartacus & Ilithyia]

The dark attraction between Ilithyia & Spartacus and their common fate...

Spartacus, the man ♣Believe me♣

Spartacus seen as the warrior, the friend, the lover, the enemie...

Laeta○Spartacus○Ilithyia[Livin´on a prayer]

Spartacus and his brutal chemistry with all the health noble roman women, as the evil Ilithyia, and the good Laeta, two women full of strenght and with a passionate senses..