Out of the house,you`ll be waiting for a new day it also failed yesterday to bid farewell.Blue sky and fluffy clouds gathered to ride aboard on this journey.You would like to see the free wind slow down,you are looking at a walk and his heart aching

The wind carries the scent of colourful season,always honest to step on the feet it can.You look at the sky with glittering feeling.Why be happy about them at dusk and sunrise.

Look mean-spirited kind words and this gap.i realized that the lid to spill on the left cheek and pinch.Back to the battle of words are you said red-stained face to hide.

Floating in the clouds are wrapped in warm sunshine.A lot of people I`m surrounded by forward eyes to fight against bigotry and spiteful the conversation even heats my back chest.The wind blows from the sun was hidden by clouds.I light the trail and even your profile.Forever seek to check the high growth like walking out into the blue sky...