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Hikari x Kei - Passenger Seat

Special A - A Thousand Years

Special A Trailer

Special A AMV

Megumi and Yahiro go out :3

Hikari catches a cold... Insanity ensues

Special A

akira y tadashi ( special a)

Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru Ni Lyrics

アニメTV S・A -スペシャル・エー-特集 福山潤、後藤邑子

Special A AMV

Tik Tok-Ke$ha ღ Special A

Special A amv - Paparazzi

Kei and Hikari - Love Game - Special A

~Special-A Poker Face AMV~

Special A - Just Dance Kei x Hikari

Kei x Hikari - Write you a Song

♥♫ Special A Class SA love (Hikari and Kei ) - Hot N Cold ♥♫

S.A Special A-Funniest Moments (part 2)

S.A Special A-Funniest Moments (part 1)

♪Love Song [Megumi x Yahiro]♪

Yahiro and Megumi (Ordinary Day)

Be Your Girl - Yahiro x Megumi

Megumi x Yahiro "I can't stand it"

YahiroxMegumi - Now and Forever

Yahiro and Megumi - Hate This Part by The Pussycat Dolls

Kei and Ryuu Tribute - Scream by Zac Efron

Kei and Hikari - Pushin' Me Away by Jonas Brothers

Kei and Hikari - Before I Met You by Usher

Special A-I Want to Change The World

Special A Castle in the Sky

Hikari's Heart beats like a drum

Special A - Hikari ♥ Kei

Special A's Kei and Hikari- Million Love

Kei kiss Hikari

Hikari and Kei tribute

Kei & Hikari - Electropop

Special A-Unusual You

Special A-Kill the Lights

Special A-If You Seek Amy

Special A: kei/hikari amv :All American Rejects Dance Inside

Kei x Hikari - A Faded Fairytale

Forever (Special A- Akira/Tadashi and Kei/Hikari)

~Just The Girl~ Tadashi X Akira

~If We Fall In Love~ Special A

Special A Amv- Hikari x Kei

Sorry Buckcherry Special A AMV

Kei x Hikari - Taking Over Me

S.A AMV - Kei x Hikari

Kei ♥ Hikari {Think Twice Before You Touch Kei's Girl} AMV

Hikari Wants Kei Back

Special A//Fall to pieces...

Special A Never Ends

Special a (KeixHikari)- My feelings wont change ♥

Hikari and Kei "Don't want to miss anything"

Kei and Hikari Broken

Kei AMV- Innocent Love (Slight KeiXHikari)

Special A's Hikari & Kei AMV

Get a Clue,Hikari

Love Rivals

Kei Just Keeps Getting His Way

All Hikari Can Do

HikarixKei AMV

Special a- KeixHikari - HikarixKei -Poison ♥

KeiXHikari - Just So You Know

Hikari and Kei -Because You Live-

Hakusenkan Highschool Never Ends

We Rock Special A Amv

Kei x Hikari "The Climb"

Special A (HikarixKei) amv - Tonight

I Got You - Special A amv

SA Special A AMV

How would it be - Special A AMV ((Kei x Hikari))

Kei & Hikari Tribute-Can't Help Falling in Love-

Things Hikari Will Never Say

Hikari x Kei - You Found Me

Hikari does love Kei!!!!(AMV)

Special A Soulmate~Kei X Hikari~Tadashi X Akira~

Special A Tadashi & Akira AMV(Hana Kagari)

Akira and Tadashi - Memory

AkiraxTadashi - Crush

Akira and Tadashi - I'm With You

Hikari x Kei AMV

It's a New Day Hikari

Tangled Up With Hikari

Are You Gonna Be My Girl? - Special A

Hiakari - Unwritten

Hikari ♥ Kei (SA) ~ Crush

Special A - Here (in your arms)

S.A. Hikari & Kei - Beautiful Soul

S.A. Hikari & Kei - This is me (Camp Rock Soundtrack)

Special a - gotta find you

Special A - Give it up

Akira Never Had a Dream Come True

You Raise Me Up [KeixHikari]

Hikari Needs One More Night

Special A - First Date AMV

Special A AMV - A Thousand Miles [Hikari x Kei]

Hikari & Kei Love Story

Special A - Everytime We Touch