Out of al the Spider-Man movie villains, this is probably my favourite. Especially in costume design he has improved terrifically. The thing I love most about this villain are the tentacles, they seem so much more dangerous now, even though they’ve always been.

His personality also changed a bit, for the better. He went from a crazy, highly intelligent professor into an brilliant, loving person(on the inside) obsessed with his work, and his wife, Rosie. He just got that crazy because of he him thinking Spider-Man was responsible for Rosie’s death. In truth, it was Otto himself because of a mistake in his wicked experiment to manipulate a sun. When he turns into a bad guy, that’s where he gets awesome. He’s nearly invincible with his four dangerous tentacles having their own will and protecting Otto. In the comics, Otto still has full control over his tentacles. In the movie, his tentacles almost have full control over Otto. I like the movie plot better, as it makes for an awesome final.

On a scale of 1/10 of how I liked Doc Oc in the movie: 9/10. His tentacles have improved greatly and are apparently much stronger as in the comics, he is played by a good actor(Alfred Molina), the movie told good about his background.