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Opinion by arrowone posted over a year ago
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1. Kirstin Dunst's screaming becomes wicked annoying
2. The flying effects look like complete and total computer pixilation instead of just when you cross your eyes
3. The storyline actually BEGINS TO SEEM LIKE THE MOST COHERENT OF ALL THE MOVIES PROBABLY EVEN MORE SO THEN ANY OF THE BATMAN AND SUPERMAN MOVIES I SWEAR. You can see where storylines start unlike when we all saw it in May 2007 and were all like ?!?
4. Everything the filmmakers have going for them that they didn't think people noticed from 1 that became popular by 2 such as the music and Ursula...they overloaded with in 3 until nobody wanted to see it ever again.
5. Gwen Stacy's not attractive to me anymore. She was for a long time.
6. As I read more posts on the internet about kirstin dunst, certain cruel adjectives have stuck with me and make seeing her in spiderman 3 VERY difficult
7. It takes god damn 17 minutes before the first fight. Remember when we came back in from our cigarette and just figured we missed one until the New Goblin fight went on for 20 minutes?
Opinion by Bond_Of_Fury posted over a year ago
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I kinda expected this, especially after I finally saw Spider-Man 2. Y’know, how Harry Osborne looked in the mirror, and he saw Norman saying ‘’Avenge me!!’’. I did not expect the New Goblin to be such a disappointment, though. He looks completely different(even less of a goblin than his predecessor, the Green Goblin), his glider even changed… Oh well.

I do like some changes to his gadgets. His glider is faster, he has a nice blade-thingamajig, and he is (apparently) stronger then the Green Goblin. Though he is not as smart. When Harry confronted Peter, he was actually beaten by Peters web. I witnessed a thrilling battle between Peter and Harry in the alley. Next moment(though it was a funny one), Harry flew against a web line, then he just crashed. Another disappointment was the brawl between Black Suited Spider-Man between Harry inside his house. Even if Spider-Man wore the black suit, I did not expect Harry to lose so easily.

On a scale of 1/10 of how much I like the New Goblin in the movie: 5/10. His costume changed to much, and doesn’t look like the Goblin anymore. Though his gadgets have improved for the better, I still like the...
Opinion by misse1000 posted over a year ago
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My friends and I decided to go see a movie. They agreed that they wanted to see the ""Amazing Spider-Man" and invited me along. Even though I probably would have rather seen "Brave", I decided to go, figuring that it was probably a decent movie and that seeing as how I am taking a screenwriting course this year and have never seen a superhero movie, it was probably a good idea.

I was completely blown away. I loved that film and am waiting for it to come out on DVD so I can run out and buy it.

In the meantime, I decided to get "Spider-Man" (2002) with Toby Maguire. I was disappointed. Yes it was a good film, but nothing in comparison with the new one. Let me give my reasons:

I like the way the new Peter Parker Character was written

I like Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker better. He was a smart ass, which draws me to the character just based on personal preference. I mean, how can you get by this:

Spider-Man: You know, if you're going to steel a car, it's better if you don't dress like a car thief