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The fans pick: *hugging Spikey Wikey*
* hugging Spikey Wikey*
If I didn't, I would cry
The fans pick: Maybe, did Twilight give him to me?
Maybe, did Twilight give him...
* is speechless and overjoyed*
The fans pick: dragon
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Ariana_Grande27 said …
I wish RARITY LIKE SPIKE Posted 7 months ago
P_Twilight_ commented…
Oh, I'm sure she knows. But I guess she doesn't want to hurt his feelings 3 months ago
big smile
mlpfim1222 said …
GO SPIKE YA GOT YOUR OWN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
-Spitfire- said …
SPIKE?! remember me? You crushed me when you went loko and started stealing things on your birthday! Well, I was in hospital for just under 2 weeks with concussion and the doc said no websites etc while I was I'll coz I'd suffered from minor brain damage and I was too fragile to be tampered with. Well, thanks a lot! I've only just recovered and been allowed out to fly! A Pegasus like me, not being able to fly for ages, is like a bird without wings. It's horrid!! Posted over a year ago
-Spitfire- commented…
I expect an apology. over a year ago
-Spitfire- commented…
Especially coz I'm a Wonderbolt and probably one of the most highly idolised ponies in Equestria. over a year ago
P_Twilight_ commented…
You are sooo full of it. Give it a rest 3 months ago