Spike meeting James Marsters

SunnydaleGirl posted on Nov 15, 2007 at 01:46PM
Im meeting James Marsters on Sunday!!!!! he is coming to a convention in a town near were i live im so excited the tickets came at the weekend! Its going to be such a good day im so nervouse i have butterlfy in my somach just thinking about it i booked tickets to have a picture took with him by a professional james is going to be standing right next to me *dreamy sigh*



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over a year ago em_em said…
OMGosh you are very lucky and i am very jealous. sure you will have a lot of fun. and remember to put the picture up on the spot when you get it :)
over a year ago SunnydaleGirl said…
Thanks very much:) i do feel very lucky hehe and i will put the picture up :D
over a year ago ArabellaElfie said…
I went on to your profile and took a look at the pic and let me just squeel! Looks so very very good, also, I love your scarf.
over a year ago Doctor_Who said…
-is INCREDIBLY jealous-
tell him about this site! MAKE HIM JOIN HIS OWN SPOT SO WE CAN TALK TO HIM~!!! XD