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buffy season 3 episode 8 lovers walk

angel season 1 episode 3 in to the dark

Best Spike Moments

spike and niki's first fight

spike true badass attitude

Champion Song


spike - season 6 promo for buffy

the Spike/Xander kiss

James and Tony interview

Randy Giles (Buffy)

spike, the outsider in season 4

Best Spike Moment Ever

Best Spike Moments 2

Buffy , Angel And Spike Over You

Buffy/Spike "Why Do We Always Hurt the Ones We Love"

Ghost of the Robot

Kick the Spike

Spike *Dangerous Tonight*

Spike - Don't Trust Me

Spike impersonates Edward Cullen

Spike~You spin me around

Buffy & Spike - Love Game

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Spike's Head Tilts

Buffy/Spike - "All About Us"

Buffy/Spike - Need You Now

Fun Spike Facts

James Marsters - On Kissing his costars

Randy Giles

Spike - Rest in Peace

Spike - This is Why I'm HOT

Spike Beautiful Baby

Spike BTVS Trivia

Spike Is Mack The Knife

Spike&Buffy -She's like the wind

Spike's Angel Impression

Spike's Love

spike, the ultimate vampire

Spike...or whatever you call him

Spike: I Make Good Girls Go Bad

Still Breathing - BtVs/Ats Spike

Top 5 Best Spike Moments

Please Mr. Marsters (We All WANT Spike)

"You Raise Me Up" A Story Of Spike's Redemption

Buffy & Spike -"Because You Love Me"

Buffy/Spike - My Vampire Heart

Buffy/Spike: Shake It


Hanging by a Moment (Spike/Buffy)

He Is the Bomb Tick Tick - Spike

I didn't write a song about Angel

James Marsters sings Rest in Peace @ 14 Below

Let Me Rest in Peace

Rest In Peace - Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Real Musical Video]


Spike - Alone I break

Spike is the Man Who Can't Be Moved

Spike Mambo

Spike Quotes

Spike taunting angel

Spike the Sexy Vampire

Spike [Tribute]

Spike || For your entertainment [ vidlet ] (BTVS)

Spike-Let Me Rest In Peace

Spike-Stupid Hair Moment

Spike/Buffy "Five Words or Less"

"Radar" Spike

Buffy & Spike - In My Head

Buffy and Spike - Stripped

Buffy and Spike-Here Without You

Buffy's Addiction to Spike

Buffy, Angel, Spike -Everytime We Touch

Captain John meets Spike

Choose a Side

Crossover BTVS/TVD - Damon and Spike

DRUSILLA & SPIKE - lovers forever

Funny Spike and Angel moments

It's My Life

James Marsters - Spike - Behind blue eyes

Let Me Rest In Peace - Spike

Real Vampires Don't Sparkle

Respectable [Spike, BTVS]


Spike (William the Bloody) in Angel

Spike - I'm your man

Spike - Loser

Spike get sexy

Spike Imitating Angel S1E3

spike lets it rock

Spike ll Stand Alone

Spike The Sexy Vampire (Re-Edited)

Spike ~ Isn't that neat

Spike's Bites [James Marsters interview]

Spike- Let me rest in peace


Spike/Dru -- Numb (Finished version)

The Best of Spike || [B]tVS

The Bloody || Bitch I'm The Bomb Like Tick Tick

The First kiss and the first time (Spuffy)

william the bloody ; safety dance