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i hate you×i love you. kirk&spock

You love him, don't you? kirk & spock

All I Want [Kirk/Spock]

Bleeding Love [Kirk/Spock]

This Kiss [Kirk/Spock]

kirk + spock | meteor shower

Kirk/Spock || Love me like you do ||

Star Trek Into Darkness // Slash Moments

[NuTrek/TOS] Kirk/Spock // Running Up That Hill

kirk/spock - say something!

Spock/Kirk :: I M P O S S I B L E

Closer [Kirk/Spock]

Kirk & Spock ~ Start Again ~ AOS/TOS

Ships In The Night

[Kirk&Spock]² • Because you are my friend.

Star Trek || A Thousand Years - [Kirk/Spock]

spock and kirk || strangeness and charm

Star Trek - Moments in love [Kirk/Spock] Slash

when i was younger | kirk + spock

Kirk/Spock - Soldier

Cosmic Love [Kirk/Spock] TOS-Reboot

"We'll be okay, I'm not going away" // Kirk x Spock

Star Trek - Kirk/Spock - The Scientist

Spock/Kirk - Headlock

Kirk & Spock | Give Me Love

black light [ kirk / spock] spoilers for star trek into darkness

"Let Me Help" - Kirk/Spock

Kirk/Spock - Heavyweight

Spock/Kirk - Believe

You're My Echo ~ Kirk/Spock

Spock/Kirk: Do you understand why I went back for you?

Kirk/Spock Movie Trailer - ''t'hy'la''

Kirk/Spock - Us Against The World

Kirk/Spock *Soulmate* (Into Darkness)

Echo - Kirk & Spock

Kirk + Spock | i'm scared, spock

An alternate 'Amok Time' Trailer [Kirk/Spock]

Cosmic Love (Kirk/Spock)

[Star Trek] Kirk/Spock - his love will conquer all

Kirk/Spock: A Love Story

El Tango De Spock (Kirk/Spock)

Here We Go Again (TOS, Kirk/Spock)

[Star Trek] Mirror Kirk/Spock // Parachute

Kirk/Spock - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Kirk Wants Babies ;) (Preview)

► Kirk xx Spock ◄ FINISHED SlashProject ► Government Hooker ◄

Kirk/Spock - My lover's gone

Slowly Kills Me - [Kirk/Spock]

K/S (TOS!Spock/nu!Kirk) - You'll Pull Through

SpockツKirk♂Boy Like You

Hot Mess [Spock/Girl Kirk] {Request}

Kirk / Spok - 1,2,3,4

Brokeback Trek

Gimme A Sign [[Kirk/Spock]]

Walk Away

Spock, That Was Pretty Obvious... -Star Trek Slash Humor-

Spock Can Be Catty.. -Star Trek Slash Humor-

Please captain, not in front of the Klingons...

Star Trek TOS - every time Spock called Kirk "Jim"

Star Trek 2009 Kirk/Spock * Because of You*

Star Trek 2009 *Tearin Up My Heart* Kirk/Spock

Star Trek * Because You Live * Kirk/Spock

I Kissed A Boy


Beautiful disaster

Be My Vulcan Lover -- No-Win Scenario

I Think I'm In Love *Kirk/Spock* 2009


The Ship's Closet (Radio Edition) - Episode 7 - Part 2

The Ship's Closet (Radio Edition) - Episode 7 - Part 1



The Best Kirk/Spock Moments Collection (1/8)

Kirk/Spock & Jack/Ianto


The End

Leave You On The Pavement (Kirk/Spock)

I Will Find You

Distant Destiny

Guiding Light

How to Save a Life


Never Meant To Be So Cold

Touch Me

Imagine Me Without You

Could It Be

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hope it gives you hell, Spock

A Kirk/Spock tribute

Christmas Medley

Tell Me Something Good

Toy Soilder

How's It Gonna Be

I Want it That Way

I've Had the Time of My Life


Quiet Little Voices



Every whisper you speak sends a shiver through me