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The fans pick: Scene before Spock and Kirk are about to be beamed onto the Romulan warship.
The fans pick: 5 - I love them. They are my fav ST couple ♥♥♥
The fans pick: Yes! love them
The fans pick: Yes. Absolutely
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ITurnAndBurned said …
Just fyi, if you see something weird and suspect in the polls' picks, LOL, it's because a petty, immature, pathetic spock/uhura hater with too much time in their hands decided to skew the results by voting for the 'hate them' options over and over.
I can't understand how someone can be so crazy to create that many accounts (it's math, buddy. I'm impressed by your dedication) just to spread hate on a fictional couple in a fanpage about them that isn't even that active. Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
[I suspect it's that one user who is trolling in the comments of some posts and who made those exact same picks too around the same time the others were made. Are you the same who was trolling over S/U's livejournal too? The style surely is similar LOL What can I say? everyone has their weird hobbies, yours apparently is hating a fictional pair and their fans. Good luck] over a year ago
evermindforever said …
omg, Star Trek IDW #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heart eyes) Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
same! at first I was bummed a bit by issue one but issue fourth made me get the point ;) over a year ago
evermindforever said …
I read Star Trek Ongoign #22 and... wtf???? hahahahah What was that??? I don't have words, what's going on on those comics? Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
apparently vulcans can become zombies that walk in a volcano in the naked state lol over a year ago
evermindforever commented…
I know! lol It's so weird I don't know what to think hahahaha At least it was a surprising ending I guess :p over a year ago