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Spock & Uhura Wall

evermindforever said …
I read Star Trek Ongoign #22 and... wtf???? hahahahah What was that??? I don't have words, what's going on on those comics? Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
apparently vulcans can become zombies that walk in a volcano in the naked state lol over a year ago
evermindforever commented…
I know! lol It's so weird I don't know what to think hahahaha At least it was a surprising ending I guess :p over a year ago
Celcel_ said …
so I don't know if anyone asked this before but I really need to know.
What did spock meant by: it's to avoid favoritism[...] when he spoke with uhura?
is it like a gesture? to Show that he liked her or why did he said that? Not a native speaker so...
hope anyone knows an answer to that :) Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
because they have a romantic relationship he didn't want people to think that he favored her/placed her on the best ship only because she was his girlfriend. But Uhura makes him understand that he overcompensated because she deserved getting aboard the enteprise for her own merits over a year ago
Celcel_ commented…
okay, I thought that too. Thank you! :) over a year ago
evermindforever said …
I'm taking a break from Star Trek until June (when the movie comes out in my Country)

I hope everyone keeps the spot active :) Posted over a year ago