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Spongebob Squarepants Fan fiction Article

Spongebob eats Tuna

Fan fiction by koalagirl9 posted over a year ago
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Spongebob:the sky gave us a can that says tuna patrick
Patrick:maybe theres food in it (opens it)
Spongebob:this is good
Patrick:oh yeah
Squidward:what are you to nimcompoops doing
Spongebob:eating tuna
Squidward:do you morons know what that is
Patrick:i thought we were nincompoops
Squidward:either way YOUR EATING OTHER FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick:who cares???Its still good!
So spongebob and patrick got aressted for eating fish for 30 years and when they get out eat the tuna even though it is green,furry,and stinky
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