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'Til The End of Time;; [S&B]

Buffy and Spike - Alejandro

Drumming Song | Spike + [B]uffy

Spike & Buffy || My Love

Spike's (vampire) in love with Buffy... (a girl)

Spike/Buffy [Grenade]

Spuffy - Black Roses Red

What If - Spuffy Bangel

Spuffy - Grand Disaster


Spike/Buffy All About Loving You

Spike/Buffy Heaven

Spike/Buffy Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

Spike: I'm bad


This Is How I Show My Love | S & B

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Goodbye To You

B & S ; Close To You

Tainted Love - Buffy/Spike

BUFFY & SPIKE-Boom Boom Boom Boom!!!.

Spike & Buffy - Poison & Wine

"... Then I set fire to our bed" [S/B]

I would wait a lifetime for you [S/B]

Buffy & Spike - One Hot Pleasure

|it's just you and me trying to find the light||buffy♥spike|

Spike & Buffy || Colorblind [FOR AFTERTHEBATTLE]


Spike&Buffy/ Angel&Cordelia | Shatteredღ

ღSpike&Buffy/Angel&Cordelia | Angel's on the Moonღ

Spike&Buffy~Close Your Eyes♡

ღSpike&Buffy/Angel&Cordelia | Beaty of the Darkღ

♡In My Veins~Spuffy♡

Spike&Buffy~ Close Your Eyesღ

ღSpike&Buffy- Skinny Loveღ

Hardest of Hearts | Delena + Spuffy [1160+ Subs]

Spike and Buffy _ (Not Alone)

Spike and Buffy Never had a dream come true

Spike and Buffy _ The Reason

The Ugly Truth Trailer (Spuffy Style)

Behind the scenes of Dead Things

I Still Choose You

Buffy And Spike // Someone like you

[B]uffy + [S]pike | ... one touch will be the end of me ;

...but it's real || S&B [B.t.V.s]

Spike/Buffy ; Kiss Me [Btvs]

Spuffy - Obviously

Spike & Buffy: Eyes On Fire (Remix)

Spike/Buffy - If It Makes You Less Sad

Spike & Buffy - Crashed [REMAKE]

Spike and Buffy//You're The One//

Spike and Buffy _ (Keep Holding On)

S&B - Far Away (au)

Buffy & Spike - Out of This World

Buffy & Spike - Judas

Spike and Buffy~Belongs to You

Lead Me To The Truth

B/S - Calls Me Home

I wanted to give you... what you deserve.

Futuristic Lover - Buffy & Spike

Futuristic Lovers - Spike and Buffy



Spike and Buffy ~ Your Love Is My Drug

Set the Fire to the Third Bar (Buffy & Spike)

So Far Away (Buffy & Spike)

Spuffyness - Only Exception

[R]unning Up That Hill: [S]puffy

Spuffy; I'd Come for You

Spuffy; Hot

Spike & Buffy || I'll Be There For You ♥

{What If}- [S]pike & [B]uffy

Spike/Buffy - "You're not friends. You'll never be friends."

The Dread -Buffy♥Spike-

Buffy/Spike & Cordelia/Angel - Drops of Jupiter

buffy & spike • you desired my attention but denied my affections

BTVS || What Do You Want From Me?

B&S - Everything comes into focus (Happy birthday, Cris!)

Delena/Spuffy - Hate and love

Spike & Buffy - ✘ Dirty Dancer ✘

Buffy and Spike-Crash

Buffy & Spike. The Lightning Strike

Spike and Buffy - Please Remember

Spike and Buffy Collide

||Buffy&Spike||Damon&Elena|| ... I won't stop at nothing* [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARADISEDANIFM1]

Until The Day I Die (Buffy & Spike)

Everything You Want [Spike&Buffy]

Buffy & Spike - On the Floor

Spike/Buffy What the Hell



BVTS - Hotter than Hell - Buffy/Spike

Everything Changes || [B]uffy & [S]pike

Spike & Buffy - Clocks

Spike and Buffy - Country Song - Seether (1080pHD)

Spike & Buffy - Break the Ice

Spike&Buffy + Phoebe&Cole || Broken Strings || Happy Birthday, Mina!

"Love like that doesn't last ..."

Spike and Buffy "Apologize"

Buffy e Spike..♥♥

Spike & Buffy - Crawl