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    I took a screenshot of this picture, cleaned it up and here it is. Sorry. I am a bit anal about the stuff I render so it does have a watermark-like thing on it. (Source: Vicieron)

    Keyword: spyro, purple, game, renders, skylanders, fail, dragon

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posted over a year ago.
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glelsey said:
Nice. I've only just really noticed that he has opposable thumbs! I wonder if that means he's going to be able to pick things up in the game?
posted over a year ago.
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Vicieron said:
No. Spyro still has three digits. I would go to say that would break all kinds of canon but since we have what is called the "the Legend of Spyro" series.......I guess you really cant worry about what is truely canon anymore.....
posted over a year ago.
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