Ok so this is just a little more insight to what their relationship was like before something happened...It's a little hard to explain right now but as chapters go on you'll get it...hopefully. Lol. Enjoy! :)

Lisa’s fragile body was being held close to someone’s chest. She looked up with a smile and saw Hugh smiling back at her. “Always and forever.” They said synchronized.


Lisa shot up and out of her dream to the sound of cars colliding outside. Welcome to L.A. Her head pounded and the tiny bit of sunlight shining through the window was enough for her to want to kill herself. She rubbed her temples and remembered her dream. Rolling her eyes she mentally put that dream in a locked file under the category of ‘Sappy-romantic-never-going-to-happen-again dreams.’

The more she looked around at this foreign room, the more she realized that it wasn’t so foreign. She was in Hugh’s bedroom…in his house…where he lived…but where was Hu-OH GOD! HE’S IN THE BED WITH HER!

Lisa jumped back a little at the sight of Hugh Laurie in the bed next to her. The sight wasn’t something she hasn’t seen before but the fact that it was NOW and after-She stopped her mind from getting sidetracked and tried to focus on the task at hand instead. She convinced herself that it was no big deal and that his house was closer to the bar than hers. She quietly removed herself from the bed and stood up and looked at him. She loved how peaceful he looked in his sleep.

The smile that had crept onto her lips quickly disappeared as Hugh started to wake. She fast-tiptoed towards the bathroom but Hugh had heard her. “Lisa?” He called out sleepily. She berated herself under her breath before turning. “Yeah?” “You’re up.” He said sitting on the side of the bed and rubbing his eyes. She smiled and nodded. “As are you.” He laughed a little and stood. He looked her up and down and felt a shiver run up his spine as this picture was so familiar. Lisa hadn’t even looked at what she was wearing but now knew by the look on Hugh’s face. She closed her eyes tight and felt tears spring to her ducts. Hugh turned away and changed the subject quickly. “Uh if you want to take a shower you know where it is. I’ll just be making some breakfast and yeah.” He said grabbing his clothes and walking towards the exit in which she was standing next to.

He stopped next to her, shoulders almost touching, and turned his head as if going to say something but no words came out and he got lost in her eyes as did she his. He forced himself out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen while she swallowed the huge lump in her throat and proceeded to the bathroom.

While in the shower, a million questions ran through her head but one seemed most prominent: Had they done anything last night? She didn’t think they did and couldn’t see him doing such a thing with her in such a vulnerable state. Her throbbing head stopped her from thinking anymore and she finished her shower up quickly. She got out of the shower and remembered that she didn’t have her clothes and then remembered what clothes she had on before the shower.

They were his. His black Santana shirt and blue boxers.

~FLASHBACK TO 3/12/2010~

Hugh heard a scream from upstairs and knew exactly what it was about and just smirked. A drenched Lisa with a towel wrapped around her, stopped at the top of the stairs. “HUGH!” She yelled angrily. “Yes?” He replied innocently followed by Lisa laughing evilly. “Hugh, Hugh, Hugh.” She was calm and then not so much. “Where. Are. My effing. CLOTHES?!” Hugh couldn’t help but laugh a little, which enraged her. She flew down the stairs after him so he ran into the living room, grabbed her stolen clothes off the couch and headed for the backyard. He danced merrily on the grass as she stayed at the door. “Hugh! I can’t go out there! You have neighbors plus what about the paparazzi!? Just give me the goddamned clothes!” All she was wearing was a towel so she wasn’t going to step a foot outside.

“Ohhh! You want your clothes? Then I guess your sexy little ass is just going to have to come and get them!” He stuck his tongue out like a 5 year old and ran away as she leaped off the porch and after him. He led her right to the pool which was not good.

Hugh precariously tiptoed on the edge of the pool with her clothes hung over the water. When Lisa got close enough, she thought she would be able to grab them. She made her move but instead fell flat onto Hugh and pushed them both into the water.

When Hugh came up he was laughing so hard and then he saw Lisa who was even more drenched and looking really pissed off. So he stopped. That’s when she burst out laughing as well. “You. Are such an ass.” She said swimming over to him. He grabbed her waist and brought her close to his face. “But I‘m a sexy ass.” She grinned and kissed him passionately. That was a definite yes. Hugh broke the kiss when his hands started roaming and he noticed something. “Hun? Where’s your towel?” He asked with a grin on his face. Her eyes got big and she tried to cover herself up while looking for her towel which was floating next to them. They both looked at each other before laughing hysterically. “I really hope the neighbors don’t look at the pool right now. Because on top of Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein being in the pool together, there are a couple of under garments floating around, which would explain why you’re naked.” Lisa quickly grabbed her floating clothes and towel.

Hugh got out and stood by the edge with his hand held out. “C’mon. We gotta make a mad dash for the house.” He said smirking more. “I hope you don’t think I’m going to be running to the house.” She said flinging her clothes on a pool chair from inside the pool. When she turned around she was greeted by Hugh pulling her out and onto land. “Hugh!” She screeched as she hid behind Hugh in an attempt to cover herself. He quickly picked her naked body up and into his arms and ran to the house laughing. She would later on have to wear his blue boxers and black Santana shirt. Hugh said that she looked so goddamned cute with his 3x too big shirt hanging off her shoulder and boxers, especially on the back of his motorcycle. He professed his love for her over and over that day in so many ways. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world.