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*Thinking* Today I'll make a Minecraft video with my friends.....

"Hello this is Stampy, and welcome to a Minecraft lets play video! And another video inside... Stampy's Lovely World...Today we will be joined byyy...L for Lee, Squid, Amy, Longbow, Rosie, Squishy Duck and...Ha ha! My cake that Lee is going to give me for break fast! Now, I would like my break fast when I wake up so let's go over to Lee's painting." *Only can see Lee's nose* "Um...Lee? Where has your body gone? Ha ha! *Lee gets out* Now Lee, I'm having a late break fast and that means I have to have brunch!" *Lee places the Cake* "Ah, that's like it! Nom nom nom nom nom nom...A whole cake in one, wow. That was one of the greatest cakes I've ever had in my life Lee! And that's saying something because I love all types of cakes, even...YUCK! Apple cake." *Thinking* Lee is tidying up his chest from the crumbs and I scavenge to find more. And today as always we will be adding someone in the Love Garden, and today we will be adding Kinzee or you can call her by Amberkinzee, I'm adding her to my Love Garden because of her being so nice to us Cats, Bears, Ducks and...Well, you could say a lot of people, so today is going to be a casual, normal day," I say as I start running to The Dog House. "Now everyone let's go to The Dog House!" I say as I start running. *Arrives at The Dog House* "Well, this is a surprise!" I say sarcastically, "Lee is already ready here, how do you get here so fast, Lee?" Lee shrugs as I look at all the puppies, "Lee, what dog would you like to bring today?" Lee starts petting Flippy while looking at Sherbert while smiling. Everyone else nods their heads as the scatter around all over the place like in the little pool and even Sqaishey is under the little Doggy Tunnel! "Now everyone, including Flippy, let's go to the Funland!" I say as I run. Everyone follows me as I shoot into the Rainbow Tunnel...
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I'm not going to upload every video of this series, I just thought I started posting more than just Minecraft stuff. Here's episode one, If you like it, you can watch the rest of the series at YouTube.
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One day when Tails was flying through an unknown world he came across a figure that was well, a cat! he was boarding a ship (the SS Stampy ride for the first time) and stalked him for quite some time like his stuffed counterpart, Tails Doll. After a Minecraft year (135 Minecraft days) he finally went to meet him. He decided he would introduce himself. While walking in the city, Tails bumped in to him, litterally.

Stampy: Oh, hi! Who are you?

Tails: I'm Miles, but you can call me Tails

Stampy: Okay, wait are you the one who travels with THE Sonic the Hedgehog?

Tails: Yes.

Stampy: *faints then wakes up 3 seconds after* I'm your no. 1 fan!!!

Tails: I know I even have people that tattoo an image of me into their body, but thats downright idolisim

Stampy: I know. Thats bad, really bad. Say are you familiar with this place?

Tails: No.

yeah this is my world and these are my friends: Lee, Amy Lee, Squid and Squashey.

To be continued...
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