(After everybody dried off, they all head to the campfire. Some were sitting, and others were standing. Welch holds up two flags.)

Welch: Well i hope you all dried off.

Meracle: Meows! Not me! I still have water all over me! I hate water!

Welch: ...Now then, i am going to split you guys up in teams. One for the "Till the end of time" characters, and one for "The last hope" characters.

Arumat: Well that's a relief. I'd rather be with people i know instead of a group of amateurs.

Cliff: Hey, you haven't seen my character yet. I'll show you who's an amateur.

Welch: Silence, people! Now then, for those of you who are from Star Ocean till the end of time, namely, Fayt, Sophia, Cliff, Maria, Nel, Roger, Albel, Peppita, Mirage and Adray, you will all be known as...The Toenail Eaters!

Albel: What?!

Peppita: Yuck! I'd rather be preferred as a Rosetti.

Welch: And for those of you on Star Ocean the last hope, namely, Edge, Reimi, Faize, Lymle, Bacchus, Meracle, Sarah, Myuria, Arumat and Crowe, you will all be known as...The Nose Diggers.

Myuria: I cannot believe we have that team name.

Crowe: Well that name suits perfectly for you.

Myuria: Shut it!

Welch: Just remember guys. The last camper remaining here at came wins a million fol. Now then, here are your flags.

(Welch tosses Fayt and Edge a flag. The flag that Fayt is holding is red, and has a toenail as a logo. The flag that Edge is holding is green, and the logo is a nose.)

Welch: Are there any questions?

Mirage: Can us females share a cabin with each other? (Looks at Adray) We have to stay away from somebody we don't want to mention.

Adray: Hey i bathe every day.

Welch: Nonsence. The guys will share one cabin, and the girls will share the other.

Nel: Well good thing i don't have to share a room with Albel.

Welch: And another thing, there is also a confession can, a place where you can say whatever you want in there, and nobody can hear you. Now then, let's go find your cabins.

[Sophia: At first i was a bit angry when i find out i have to stay here for eight weeks. But when i heard i could win up to a million fol, i feel confident.]

[Albel: Those worms better watch out for me. I am going to win this game, and rule the world! Mwahahahaha! ...No, not really. I'm just here to win.]

[Reimi: With me and Edge paired up together, we will be undefeatable...as long as Edge doesn't do anything stupid later in the game.]

[Roger: Uh...hi mom!]

(Several minutes later, they managed to find their cabins. The cabins themselves are rusty, dusty, and looks like it is over three-hundred years old.)

Maria: This is a summer camp? This is more like a nightmare!

Adray: Well at least i can share a cabin with guys.

(After hearing that comment, the guys slid away from Adray.)

Adray: Hey, i'm not gay. I'm just saying i like to share a cabin with guys.

(Everybody paused for a moment)

Adray: (Sigh) What i mean is-

Welch: (On intercom) Ladies and gentlemen, please reprot to the campfire immediately for your first challenge!

Adray: Phew. I am saved by the intercom.

(Another several minutes later, everybody reported to the campfire.)

Welch: So how do you like this camp so far guys?

Faize: It sucks.

Welch: That's great to hear. Ready for your first challenge?

Sarah: Okay, but...what is the first challenge?

(And just to answer Sarah's question, the scene changes to everybody standing on top of a five-thousand foot cliff.)

Cliff: Okay, is this a joke?