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Review by NeonGlo posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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I'll start out with the no-spoilers part of this, since most people won't see Star Trek (XI) for another week or so.

This may be the most controversial of any Star Trek movie or show ever. Fans and critics have been discussing the leaked plot points for many weeks. But I can use this quote, since it's been on the trailers for quite a while now; "I like this ship! It's exciting!"

I doubt anyone will disagree with Montgomery Scott on this. It's a thrilling ride. At one point I became aware that my eyes were having a hard time focusing on all the activity on the screen. It felt like Rapid Eye Movement (as when you're dreaming). In fact there was a little too much of the frenetic activity. I wish this trend to hyperactivity on movie screens were done with; it's cheap and annoying.

But it isn't all action, thank goodness. I saw the movie with fellow Star Trek fans, and we all were delighted to see the many familiar catch phrases and character quirks we know and love. The faces have changed, but the game remains the same. Thank goodness!