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makintosh posted on Jun 10, 2010 at 10:14AM
Hi Kraucik83,Squibblings,truespock,lilyZ and all DS9 fans!

I think it would be nice if we share our passion for DS9. How? Opening an episode discussion.

Every week we could watch an episode (you can suggest it, of course!) and then talk about it!

Well, what do you think?

Third Discussion - 'The House of Quark' - episode 3x03

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over a year ago makintosh said…
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Hi everyone! I couldn't find any 'Far Beyond the Stars' episode videos so I've decided to change the episode...
This week we are gonna discuss one of my favourite episode focused on Quark 'The House of Quark'. Hope you like it :)

You can watch the episode here

Episode Summary: A drunken Klingon tries to kill Quark in a dispute over his bar bill, and winds up falling on his own knife by accident. When a stream of Klingons arrive on the station, Quark releases he has gotten himself into a dangerous situation which takes him to the Klingon homeworld.
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Hi everyone! I couldn't find any <i>'Far Beyond the Stars'</i> episode videos so I've decided to chan
over a year ago Squibblings said…
I think this story is unique. The A plot didn't have one human talking in it. It was a Ferengi and Klingon culture submersion and the interaction was good.

But was kills me is the councle. If they can figure out legal loop holes and cover finiancal tracks so well, why don't they get a 3rd party in there to confirm Quarks data instead of throwing accusations at each other and challenging each other to combat?

I guess because the A plot was so foriegn, the B plot had to be almost exclusivly human. It was alright. But I prefer the A plot.
over a year ago pizzapi said…
I uploaded Far Beyond the Stars here so that we could do that episode next week or sometime :)

House of Quark
Haha, I love this episode. Grilka is awesome. I love the looks Bashir and Odo make when Quark first recounts his story to the crowds. XD

and there are some totally awesome Quark quotes in this episode, like:

"I am Quark, son of Keldar, and I have come to answer the challenge of D'Ghor, son of... whatever."
I uploaded <b>Far Beyond the Stars</b> here <a href="/site/go?url=">
over a year ago pizzapi said…
Quark: Now I know we're doomed.
Rom: Why, brother?
Quark: Rule of Acquisition 286: When Morn leaves, it's all over.
Rom: There is no such rule!
Quark: There should be.
Quark: Now I know we're doomed.<br />
Rom: Why, brother?<br />
Quark: Rule of Acquisition 286: When M
over a year ago laurelgirl120 said…
I love the way Gowron's eyes sort of glaze over when Quark goes into detail about the financial fraud that ruined Grilka's family. Sorry all you CPA's out there :)

Also loved the chemistry between Quark and Grilka. The UST fairly snapped off the screen. And even more so when the UST was finally resolved in "Looking for Par'Mach in all the Wrong Places."
over a year ago pizzapi said…
"I love the way Gowron's eyes sort of glaze over when Quark goes into detail about the financial fraud that ruined Grilka's family."
haha i love that too ! i love how Quark had apparently handed out PADDs to all the Klingons, and they did not look to be very at home looking through financial documents, lol ! and man, Gowron is great in this episode :D

i also love how when Quark enters the court he does his little Ferengi bow, with wrists together, and it just looks hilarious in that Klingon setting XD
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over a year ago Kraucik83 said…
I'm not a big Klingon fan myself... but I really love this episode!!! ...maybe because of the fact that Klingons were put here in a lighter tone with comedy. The fact alone that the episode is presented through the eyes of one of my favourites - Quark - makes it worth watching!
As some others here I'm a big fan of the chemistry between Grilka & Quark... I mean come on guys... a Ferengi & a Klingon being a couple... just hilarious!
over a year ago makintosh said…
Next discussion this way