The Doctor made a comment to Janeway in the penultimate episode "Renaissance Man" that he had made a list of her ethically questionable decisions during their time in the Delta Quadrant. I thought it might be fun to compile one myself.

01. Stranded Voyager in the Delta Quadrant when there were other, more logical options available.

02. Opted to not inform the inhabitants of a planet their experiment with poliac energy would desolate their world.

03. Released two organ stealing Vidiians after they took Neelix’s lungs without any punishment, thereby allowing them to continue harvesting the organs of innocent people.

04. Willing to leave the missing Harry behind after only a short time searching for him.

05. Refusd to negotiate under the table for technology that could get the ship home within a matter of days.

06. Threatened to imprison a telepathic alien in the brig for the duration of the journey home for using his powers on her in direct contradiction of her rationale for not doing the same to Vidiians who stole Neelix’s lungs.

07. Refused to negotiate with the Kazon over their desire for technology under the rationale it would violate the Prime Directive. However, the Kazon are warp capable, therefore the prime directive did not apply. Her refusal lead to the deaths of several crewmembers over a duration of months.

08. Destroyed Voyager, with all hands aboard sans Harry and Naomi, in order to kill 300 Vidiians who have invaded the ship.

09. Performed an unethical medical procedure to separate Tuvok and Neelix into individuals after an accident merged them. The Doctor had refused to perform the procedure because it would result in the death of Tuvix.

10. Trespassed into Swarm space after warnings to stay away because she “doesn’t like bullies.” Voyager subsequently attacked.

11. Traveled back to 1996 to murder technology mogul Henry Starling in order to change the future.

12. Allowed Doctor to keep his 29th century mobile emitter even though utilizing technology from the future violated the Temporal Prime directive.

13. Aided a planet-wide revolution against a warlord when he takes over Kes’ mind.

14. Allowed vorik to fight an opponent for the right to rape Torres in order to satisfy his pon farr urges.

15. Allied with the Borg to defeat Species 8472. The Botg went on to assimilate millions of lives with their resources no longer devoted to fighting a war Voyager had no vested interest in.

16. Removed Seven’s Borg implants against her will, thereby keeping her from returning to the Borg Collective like she requested.

17. Ordered her crew to abandon ship, likely ending all hope of returning home. Killed Annerax in order to stop his manipulation of time.

18 Used Hirogen communications array without determining if it was private property open to use. Made an enemy of the Hirogen in the process..

19. Gave holodeck technology to the Hirogen after refusing to do the same for the Kazon. The result was mass murder when they could not control the holodeck creations.

20. Allowed Voyager to become so duesperately low on deuterium, they crew was almost stranded adrift in space without power. Dueterium is said to be so plentiful, it is the equivalent of running out of gas on a car trip on a well traveled highway with plwnty of filling stations. Pure negligence on her part.

21. Ignored culpability in the assimilation of millions of Arturis’ people due to involvement in Borg-Species 8472 war. Subsequent actions led to Arturis’ assimilation by the Borg, as well.

22. Destroyed a Malon frieghter for polluting an area of space on the word of an alien trespasser she just met, killing all hands aboard.

23. Shot Seven when she was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

24. Forced Torres to undergo a medical procedure against her will.

25. Erased the Doctor’s memory against his will after a triage decision allowed a crewmember to die.

26. Opted to undertake a dangerous mission to steal technology from a Borg Sphere. Did not rescue Seven’s father when the opportunity was presented.

27. Refused to allow Harry to engage in a romance with a beautiful alien though she has\d engaged in dalliances herself on on several occasions.

28. The Demon clss version of Janeway, essentially her, refuses to find a safe haven, insisting instead on continuing towards earth. The entire crew died in the effort.

29. Allowed the Think Tank to be attacked and presumably destroyed by aliens with whom she had temporarily allied solely because they had knowingly mislead her.

30. Was declared to have made three serious violations of the Temporal Prime Directive. Took no responsibility for any of them.

31. Tortured Equinox crewmember for information while risking entire crew on a self-righteous, arguably hypocritical obsessed quest to capture Capt. Ransom.

32. Revived the nearly extinct Vaadwar only to allow them all to be killed for good in order to make an escape from a hostile enemy.

33. Used a holodeck creation for sex. Altered his “pleasure parameters” for maximum effect.

34. Planned to use a virus to kill a group of Borg children in order to rescue hostages.

35. Shot a young crewmember infected with an alien parasite.

36. Killed Kes.

37. Destroyed the safe haven for Borg called Unimatriz Zero after being requested to help save it. Civil war broke out among the Borg because of her actions. This is the second civil war, the other being the Q’s, for which janeway’s actions were the catalyst.

38. Perpetuated a Klingon myth in order to get a group of them to settle on a planet forever.

39. While trapped in the void, shared technology with others after waivering back and forth in the past over whether to do so.

40. Went along with a scheme that might have condemned Q Jr. to spend all eternity as an amoeba

41. Traveled back in time to give technology to herself in order to steal more technology from the borg, thereby altering the time line for personal gain.