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foofoobunny1 said …
I had 6 of the SW movies until today!! Got The Force Awakens cause I didn't get to see that!! Posted 28 days ago
ForePrimeSEO said …
Next SW going to be sick. Posted 29 days ago
foofoobunny1 commented…
No it ain't 28 days ago
Persephone713 said …
To add to what I already said and what billions of people around the world think...if Rey is not Luke's___--then episode 7 will basically make no sense. I KNOW there are still some skeptics, but even an inside discussion between Larry K and JJ- " Trust the audience to figure out on their own who her ( Rey's) parents will Mark and Daisy said we will know by the end of 7 without it being said out loud. Who her mother is and how she got to Jakku is the real mystery. #reyskywalker Posted 1 month ago