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New Kickstarter Lightsaber project, sci-fi to science fact
Han Solo scene
Luke and Vader
Star Wars VII New Logo?
Darth Vader
Star Wars It's What The Cool Kids Are Watching
Darth Vader - New Years
I got droids in my home!
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Boba Fett
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Young Adult Anakin
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Commander Cody
Clone Trooper ( Episode 3 )
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GabsSaw said …
The force is strong in this one. Posted 14 days ago
GabsSaw commented…
i posted this for the laughs 14 days ago
big smile
Persephone713 said …
" Han ma boogie, why ya crispa Greedo" Han: " Cause Jabba, I had bad nightmare that you chained my Girlfriend, love of my life and Future wife & MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN UP! like a pet Wookie wearing practically nothing - Not that I mind- Point with that outfit is, it should be worn in a bedroom behind locked doors in front of me. So you 800 pound sack of Bantha fodder that's PART! of why I { crispa Greedo}- oh, and he threatened another important girl in my life. THE FALCON~ So go to hell Jabba!" Posted 1 month ago
Persephone713 commented…
I had fun, and imagined Han altering and yelling at Jabba a different reply from the sail barge right before Jabba died. So Enjoy. 1 month ago
Persephone713 said …
Okay, being a Disney fan and Star Wars fan I would like to clarify the truth about something. THIS IS NOT MY OPINION. Princess Leia is NOW a " Disney Princess/Heroine". There are many unofficial Disney Princesses- the only official Disney Princesses are the ones that are animated. Giselle from Enchanted is a Disney Princess- Dejah Thoris from JC of Mars is a Disney Princess, Tamina from Prince of Persia is a Disney Princess. Luke and Han are official Heroes. Vader is an official dad and Villain. Posted 2 months ago