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Young Anakin in his Podracer
Sith Darth Vader Cosplay
Leia and Han
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Stormtrooper Cosplay
Boba Fett Cosplay
Darth Talon Cosplay
Princess Leia
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The fans pick: I luv them all! <3
I luv them all! <3
#3 - Revenge of the Sith
The fans pick: Force Ghosts (Ep. VI)
Force Ghosts (Ep. VI)
Tatooine Sunset (Ep. III)
The fans pick: Anakin Skywalker & Padmee Amidala
Anakin Skywalker & Padmee Amidala
Han Solo & Princess Leia
The fans pick: The Battle of Endor (Episode VI)
The Battle of Endor (Episode VI)
The Battle of Coruscant (Episode III)
The fans pick: Yes!
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Star Wars Wall

Persephone713 said …
I am worried that the Solo twins or at least Jaina Solo will not appear and that there will be a bunch of random names thrown at us and we are expected to follow. JJ Abrams better NOT do that. Star Wars is about continuation, doesnt matter how long it has been. I am so scared we are going to have a bunch of random people we have never heard of Plus the main three having and adventure and that sounds like no fun. It would be fun if there were some relationships. Posted 1 month ago
RaveCDS said …
I've just learned the best news in days!! And I assume you have heard of it too. My favourite character possibly to return in the upcoming 8th movie! I'm sure no one else is happy to see the Supreme villain back, but oh well, I just had to express my joy somewhere... Posted 1 month ago
Persephone713 said …
According to some troll who hates the Prequels, Original Trilogy people are smarter than people who love/like the Prequel Trilogy- in other words if you like the prequel trilogy you are a moron this person said. I like all six movies, and felt offended- why why why do people still feel its cool to bash the prequels?? GOD they should grow up. Posted 3 months ago
AlphaMoviestar commented…
i agree with you!!! if Attack of the Clones is one of my top favorites it must be just a little tiny bit good. DON'T YA THINK? fucking haters 3 months ago
AlphaMoviestar commented…
nd i also truly love every movie for Star Wars 3 months ago
RaveCDS commented…
Well, no offense back on them, but sounds like a moron's judgment... Just ignore them. I mean, okay, I can see why the prequel trilogy is not perfect. Still, Return of the Jedi was not either, in my opinion (well, except maybe the Emperor... XD) With that said, still no hate and I too like the six of them in their own way. However, my favourite is Revenge of the Sith ;) 3 months ago