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big smile
wanderingchild7 said …
Have seen it for the second time this Saturday and it's still as amazing as I remembered!! :D XD Posted over a year ago
ImAnEasel said …
FN2187... How do I STILL remember that? xD I think it's right... Posted over a year ago
Copcrime12 said …
This was my favorite star wars movie. My favorite part was when Hon Solo died and Chewy got so mad he shot Ben. Posted over a year ago
IndieGerman commented…
Ya. over a year ago
Persephone713 commented…
My fav part was the basically IN OUR FACE but not said part- That Rey is Luke's Daughter. They must think us fools. HA! We are star wars fans- we cant be fooled. Everyone knew Adam Driver would be Han and Leia's Son. and That Han would die, this is no different. Bunch of Trolls those directors. over a year ago