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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 days ago
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Song: link

Captain Smith: Gentlemen, as of this moment, all Imperials have been pushed away from Coruscant. We've done it. This planet is now ours!
Pilots: *Cheering*
Mary: *Walks over to Smith, and hugs him* I want you to have this. *Holding a box for the Captain* You're being promoted.
Captain Smith: *Opens the box, and sees his Major badge* Thank you.
Mary: Don't thank me, thank the General, but I would like to take you out to dinner. *Kisses Smith*

The song fades away as the other pilots cheer. Meanwhile on Chevrelium, things were not so pleasant.

General Kar: You have betrayed me for the last time! All of you!!
Stormtroopers: *Escorting General Kar into a Landing Craft*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Standing next to several Tie Pilots as they watch the General's shuttle leave*
Alaine: Without General Kar, what are we to do?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 10 days ago
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General Capta: Kenobi, you're free to return to Tatooine. Those Imperials won't be giving us anymore trouble.
Mary: They will, but we can handle it from here.
Obi-Wan: Good. Although I'm leaving, the force will be with you. Always.*Walks away*

Ten Star Destroyers were approaching the planet. They were joined by fifteen Victory 2-Class Frigates.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: Okay everyone, for General Kar! He's back on Chevrelium with Alaine, and the Colonel. Don't disappoint them.
Imperial Trooper: Launching all fighters! Press the attack!

Tie Fighters were joined by Bombers, Reapers, Strikers and Landing craft as they soared towards their main objective.

Mary: Multiple enemy ships are on their way!
General Capta: Captain, get out there and take down the enemy!
Captain Smith: Okay everyone, let's go!

The hundreds of Republic Fighters ran over to their ships.

Enpa: Let's hope those new bombers we named after that Jedi come in handy. We never got a chance to test them.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 17 days ago
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Song: link

Five Tie Fighters were flying towards Coruscant.

Tie Pilot 94: General, we're approaching our target. Beginning reconnaissance.

What they didn't realize was that three Triumph's were closing in on them.

Simon: *Flying with Tom, and Captain Smith*
Captain Smith: There they are.
Tom: Good plan Simon.
Simon: Now we take them down before they can report anything to their comrades.

One of the pilots of those Tie Fighters however, was Max.

Max: We've picked up some bogies. Dispose of them.
Tie Pilots: *Turning around*
Tom: *Shooting a Tie Fighter*
Captain Smith: *Shoots down another Tie Fighter*
Max: Try and shake those three, then shoot them!

There were a few asteroids the Imperials used to hide from the three pilots.

Simon: To the asteroids. *Turns left with Tom, and Captain Smith*
Fan fiction by lovingflame posted 18 days ago
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Scout ship Valor: on the outskirts of the Republic's boundaries. Routine patrol. Commander Ahsoka Tano.
Ahsoka saw again his face in the darkened saloon. Determined, self-righteous and positively pissing her off. She had left the order, there was no going back. Not for her. Then the scene changed to one more recent. Rex and her sitting in their spot having their usual, after another dragging campaign. He'd leaned over his empty mug, staring into it as if by will he could refill it again. Eyebrows furrowing he'd frowned. " I hear there's a sweet post on Alderon." She'd rolled her eyes and folded her arms. " Let's not do this, again. You know that post is for a Jedi. A master. I'll never be one." He'd sat back with a frown. " You're meant for more then just being a grunt like the rest of us. You deserve more after all you've gone through." Ahsoka hadn't been able to argue with his statement, then she'd smiled. Two could play that game. " Fine. I'll go to Master Yoda today, within the hour. If you take me to your room, right now." He instead of taking the bait, laughing or agreeing said flatly." No. I don't deflower children or cowards." She'd risen to the insult. "Whose the...
Fan fiction by lovingflame posted 19 days ago
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With that comment Oron advanced on the mayor's daughter. Tyran pulled the trigger putting the bullet firmly into the knave's shoulder joint."You would do well to remember in whose house you are in. Rose please get this boy a napkin, his blood is getting on the good rug. On his way out of course and the gifts, will be sent back." Oron's face that had been beet red moments before went pale white. Tyran sighed. "Come boy no one is that stupid. When a woman says something like that you know its over." Rose took the opportunity to dig the cloth napkin deep into Oron's wound. Receiving a satisfactory pained grunt, then she helped him out of the dinning hall. "I bid you good day and long life." Tyran said quietly as the door closed behind them. Glancing towards the girl, he found himself again ensnared in the pair of velvety brown eyes. Cara blushed deeply before the little she'd been able to choke down landed on the mayor's good rug. Rheya immediately rushed to her aid. Myia quickly brought a chair while the other server's swiftly cleaned up the mess. Cara was horrified and tried to stand but Rheya put a strong hand on the woman's shoulder. Cara resisted shaking her head. "You don't...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 25 days ago
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Song: link

General Capta: Thanks to General Kenobi, the saboteurs have been defeated, without laying a single finger on any of our fighters.
Obi-Wan: They were using some of their own pilots as Saboteurs, which could give us an advantage in our next battle.
General Capta: If they are short on pilots, they could have fewer frigates, or even better, no fighter escorts.
Obi-Wan: Ken Nixon, you will lead the defense squadron into orbit to take on the Imperials. We have more soldiers waiting down here with me in case they do break through. However, I don't think they'll stand a chance against you and your mates.
Ken: Thank you sir.

Meanwhile, on Endor.

Colonel Rosemeyer: The General, and myself regret to inform you that our sabotage plan has failed. We have been able to get some more pilots, and more frigates, but we do not have any Tie Fighters, or Bombers to provide you with an escort.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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General Kar held a meeting. Over 50 pilots attended the meeting.

General Kar: Here is the new plan to take over Coruscant. We will have three frigates enter the planet in an area where they won't be spotted. Fifteen pilots will parachute out of the frigates, and walk to the enemy air base. You will sabotage their ships, kill some of their pilots, then steal some of their ships to get back. That way, they won't be prepared for the next wave of frigates that come in.
Pilots: Yes sir. *Walking away to the frigates*
Alaine: *Walks into the room*
General Kar: Any word on Max?
Alaine: He's heading back from Velmor. He's not pleased though. His two week leave was just cancelled.
General Kar: We'll give him a four week leave after we take Coruscant.

The three Victory 2-Class Frigates were making their way to Coruscant, but to a different section, so as not to be spotted.

Death Trooper: We're entering the planet atmosphere.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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On Coruscant, Justin was with several of the pilots from Mygeeto.

Justin: The Rebellion has sent us another batch of Triumph's. We'll be going on patrol in them, watching for any Imperials.
Mygeeto Pilot 53: To jest dobre.
Mygeeto Pilot 75: Będziemy walczyć z Imperium.
Mygeeto Pilot 42: Sorry. Our basic is not good.
Justin: It's alright. Simply follow my lead, and we'll be okay.

Inside a bunker, Obi-Wan walked over to General Capta.

Obi-Wan: Do you have anything for me? I feel like I'm just taking up space, not doing anything.
General Capta: For now, I just need you to help teach some of the foreigners basic. Plus, if the Imperials do get some men on this planet, your lightsaber, and the ways of the force will come in handy.
Enpa: *Talking on a radio* 10-4, you are clear to proceed.
General Capta: *Walks over to Enpa* What happened?
Enpa: I gave Justin, and his squadron the go ahead to start their patrol.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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Enpa took General Capta outside. There standing in front of the General was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan: I came here aboard one of the Imperial frigates that attacked this planet. I'm willing to help in any way I can.
General Capta: Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Enpa: The old son of a bitch is still alive.
Obi-Wan: I have something important in Tatooine however, so I do hope this won't take too long.
General Capta: You stay here as long as you want.

Song: link

All of a sudden, dozens of ships were seen heading towards the planet. A few of them were Mon Calamari star cruisers.

Captain Smith: *Looking at the ships*
Justin: The Rebellion is here.
Ken: Along with a few others.

General Capta and other Republic soldiers went to get a closer look.

Sten: *Walks out of a Mon Calamari star cruiser with other Rebel pilots*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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Obi-Wan: *Kneeling as he waits in the storage area of a Victory 2 Class Frigate*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Coruscant is not far away. Slow down.
Boy 56: *Watching three Frigates come towards the planet with two Star Destroyers*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Send the Tie Bombers.

Dozens of Tie Bombers flew out of the Star Destroyers, to assist the Frigates with attacking Coruscant.

Boy 28: *Walks towards the other boy with two other children*
Boy 56: Tie Fighters!
Boy 28: Rubbish, those aren't fighters. They're Tie Bombers.
Boy 56: They are Tie Fighters, look! *Pointing at the Tie Bombers*
Tie Pilot 19: Fire a homing missile at those kids.
Tie Pilot 53: Right away. *Fires a homing missile*
Boy 56: The missile is heading for us! *Gets down with the other children, avoiding the missile*
Tie Pilot 53: *Hits a building with his missile*
People: *Watching the Imperials come towards them*
Woman 63: Run away!!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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On Tatooine, several Victory 2-Class Frigates landed by Mos Eisley.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Walks out of a frigate with six Death Troopers*

Song: link

Cantina Band: *Playing music*
People: *Dancing*
Other People: *Drinking*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Pulls out an SE14-C, and fires once at the ceiling*

Everyone stopped what they were doing, except for the band.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Shoots one of the band members*
Band Members: *Stop playing their music*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: We are in need of pilots. Who would like to volunteer?
Cantina Owner: We are not intimidated by you Imperial scum!
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Nods* Very well. *Walks away* Do as you wish.
Death Troopers: *Pointing their blasters at everyone, and shoots them*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Walks back to the frigate, and activates a hologram*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Song: link

A group of Republic pilots were together in a bar at Coruscant. Word soon got around about the Empire's intentions to attack.

Ken: And of course we'll have full support of the Rebel Alliance.
Justin: Well at least someone's trying to help us.
Ken: Naboo, and Mygeeto will help us too. They won't join in on the fighting, but they're sending pilots to volunteer.
Captain Smith: *Walks into the bar* Right you two, General Capta wants us at the airfield on the double. Let's go.

The two pilots followed the captain out of the bar. Once they arrived at the airbase, they saw a few Z-95's, along with a new fighter.

Picture of the new fighter: link

Justin: That's not an X-Wing, is it?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Song (Start at 1:17): link

Endor, the main headquarters for The Empire.

Imperial Officers: *Walking side by side*
Officer 2: Is this pilot as good as they say he is?
Officer 86: The best. He could shoot down an entire squadron of fighters in his sleep. Let's hope he is assigned to us, and the Republic will quickly be wiped out.
Officer 2: Then Coruscant will be ours.
Max: *Sitting on a bench*
Officer 2: Lieutenant Ruger, Lord Vader will see you now. Follow us.
Max: *Following the two Imperial Officers*

The song fades away as we are now in Etti IV. At a big house.

Maid: *Looks at Max as he walks in* My dear Max.
Max: *Walks over to the maid, and kisses her hand*
Maid: How nice to see you again.
Max: I came straight from Endor an hour ago.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Naboo, one year before the events of A New Hope.

In one section of the planet, it was littered with destroyed vehicles, ranging from tanks, speeder bikes, and even a few AT-ST's. Not far away, was a damaged Tie Fighter, next to an old Arc-170. The radio was still on in the 170.

Announcer: This is the Coruscant Broadcasting Service. Here is the news. In an isolated part of the planet, a group of Generals said, with Naboo falling into the hands of the Imperials, The Battle of Coruscant, is about to begin.

Song: link

The Battle Of Coruscant

Imperial Pilot: *Flying a landing craft into the planet of Chevrelium*

Starring everyone in alphabetical order

Ben Affleck as Simon Ulson
Cruella as Enpa Noore
Daniel Radcliffe as Ken Nixon
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Song (Start at 0:17): link

Colonel Turner: Here he is. At the Schloss Adler. The Castle of Eagles. Believe me, it's well named, because only an eagle can get to it. Our job is to get inside there, and get him out as soon as possible.
Colonel Kramer: Major Debeldun, in charge of shipping in weapons.
Republic Soldier: Green light go!
Men: *Jump out of the Landing Craft*
Colonel Kramer: Colonel Weissner, head of security.
Republic Soldiers: *Using parachutes after jumping out of the landing craft*
Colonel Kramer: Major Von Hapen, in charge of storm troopers.
Republic Soldiers: *Landing in the snow*

Stop the song

Major Smith: *Inside the castle, wearing an Imperial Officer's uniform* Allow me to introduce myself. *Walking towards General Rosemeyer* Major Johann Schmidt, enlisted into the Imperials from the Outer Rim.
Review by DR76 posted 3 months ago
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When I had first learned of Disney and Lucasfilm's plans to create a series of stand-alone films within the STAR WARS franchise, I felt a little taken aback. I had felt certain that the new owners of the franchise would stick to a series of films that served as one chapter in a long story. But following the release of "STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS" and my slight disappointment over it, I was willing to accept anything new.

"ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY" was announced as the first of a series of those stand-alone film. However, I found this ironic, considering that the plot for "ROGUE ONE" more or less served as a prequel to the first film in the franchise, 1977's "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE". The 2016 film's plot centered around the Rebel Alliance's discovery of the first Death Star and their efforts to steal the very plans that served as a plot incentive for "A NEW HOPE". Upon contemplating the movie's plot, it occurred to me that Disney/Lucasfilm could have re-titled the movie, "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - ROGUE ONE" and change the title for all of the...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Logan dragged the safe into the house, and walked towards a door.

Logan: *Knocks on the door*
Meghan: Just a second.
Logan: This can't wait.
Meghan: Yes it can.
Logan: No it can't! *Hits the door with the safe, and knocks it down. He sees Meghan laying in a bathtub with warm water, and plenty of bubbles*
Meghan: *Looks at Logan* The least you can do is take off your glasses.
Logan: *Puts the safe on the ground, and gets into the bathtub*
Meghan: *Hugs Logan as she pulls him towards her*

Song (Start at 3:31): link

Water splashed out of the tub, landing on the floor as Meghan moaned in pleasure.

Next day, Logan was riding his speeder bike back to his ship. He stopped behind the ship, and turned around to look behind him.

Meghan: *Riding her own speeder bike, and is wearing a red and black dress* An orange lightsaber, new clothes, and a speeder bike. What will you buy me next?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Jeremy, and Alain were in the main building with Serran Konhella, and Cignal Kine. All four of them heard five knocks on the front door.

Serran: I'll get it. *Opens the door, and sees Logan pointing his pistol at Meghan's head* May I help you?
Logan: *Speaking in an Irish accent* You want this girl, don't you?
Serran: Yes. Come in, please.
Logan: *Pushes Meghan into the building*
Serran: Cignal, we have a bounty hunter with an enemy from the Geonosian army.
Cignal: *Looks at Logan, and Meghan* Ah, nice. Come sit down you two.
Logan: *Sits down at the table with Meghan*
Meghan: You bastards won't get away with this. The Geonosians, and it's army will defeat you all.
Jeremy: *Looking at Meghan*
Alain: *Looking at Logan*
Logan: That's enough out of you.
Alain: You are a bounty hunter?
Logan: Yes.
Alain: Where are you from?
Logan: Coruscant. Right in the middle of it's south pole.
Jeremy: That would explain your accent.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 4 months ago
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A lady by the name of Ess R' Tee was with other women. They were in a house when they heard a knock on the door.

Ess R' Tee: I'll get it. *Goes to the door, and opens it. He sees Meghan with Logan, Major Delgado, and his army* This is a nice surprise. Everyone, come in.
Meghan: *Walks in with his friends*
Ess R' Tee: *Hugs Meghan, putting her hands on Meghan's butt*
Logan: *Looks at Ess R' Tee grabbing Meghan's butt, and takes a step back*
Meghan: *Takes off her nun outfit*
Major Delgado: What kind of nun are you?
Meghan: Oh I'm not a nun. In fact I live here. This is a whore house.
Logan: *Angry, he pushes Meghan away from the others* Day, and night? Night, and day?! You made a sucker out of me?!
Meghan: I'm sorry. You left me no choice.
Logan: What do you mean I left you no choice?
Meghan: When you first met me after killing those bandits, you said you'd leave me behind if I wasn't a nun.
Logan: Son of a bitch.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 4 months ago
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When nightfall arrived at the cave, several Geonosians returned with a bag full of credits.

Major Delgado: *Looking at the credits* This isn't enough.
Logan: What are you talking about?
Major Delgado: We need 15,000 more credits! We have 45,000, but we need 60,000.
Logan: Did you sell all the things you didn't need?
Major Delgado: Yes.
Logan: What about your men?
Major Delgado: Of course they did.
Logan: How the hell are we going to get the rest of the credits that we need?
Meghan: *Takes off her cross* This is worth 64,000 credits. Take it.
Logan: Are you allowed to do that?
Meghan: I want to. To help you, and your cause.
Major Delgado: Most generous of you sister.

Song: link

Next morning, Logan was riding his speeder bike towards another abandoned castle. Meghan was riding another speeder bike towards him. They stopped next to each other, and both got off.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Logan & Meghan were riding the speeder bike up a hill, passing a rock. Suddenly, a net popped up, stopping the two.

Logan: Whoa.
Men: *Climbing down from the rock. They point blasters at Logan & Meghan*
Man 53: Are you with Naboo's army?
Logan: No, I'm here to see Major Delgado.
Man 56: You mean Colonel Delgado!
Logan: I don't care what rank he is, I just want to see him!
Man 56: Get off the bike. Any funny business, and you both die.

Song: link

Man 53: Get off!! Now!
Logan: *Gets off the speeder bike with Meghan*
Man 56: Up the hill. Get moving!
Logan & Meghan: *Walking together up the hill*
Man 53: And put your hands up!
Logan & Meghan: *Putting their hands up*

When they reached the top of the hill, dozens of Geonosians were watching them. The Geonosians were unloading weapons & supplies from boxes, and putting them in speeders, and ships.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Song: link

Logan & Meghan found another way to cross the stream, and arrived in the town of Soudera.

Logan: *Stops in front of a cantina*
Meghan: What are we doing here?
Logan: Meeting my client. *Gets off of the speeder bike* Let's go.
Meghan: *Walks with Logan to the cantina*

Stop the song, and play this one: link

Logan & Meghan were the only humans inside the cantina. Everyone else was a Geonosian.

Logan: *Sits down with Meghan*
Geonosian Waiter: *Walks over to the table*
Logan: Hi. I'd like a bottle of 78 year old champagne imported from Naboo.
Geonosian Waiter: Hm?
Logan: I said I'd like a bottle of 78 year old champagne imported from Naboo.
Geonosian Waiter: Un momento. *Walks away*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Logan woke up, only to find himself sitting next to the speeder bike.

Logan: *Looks at the wood pile he was leaning on* What the?
Meghan: You passed out. I thought I'd take you over to your speeder bike.
Logan: How much time passed since you took out the bullet?
Meghan: An hour.
Logan: An hour?! The convoy probably already passed under the bridge. We need to go now!
Meghan: Are you still feeling drunk?
Logan: Yeah, you need to drive. I'll hold onto you until we reach the bridge.
Meghan: *Starts the speeder bike*
Logan: *Holding onto Meghan*
Meghan: *Moves forward*

They reached the bridge that went over the river to Soudera.

Logan: Oh joy. That's a beautiful bridge. It would be a shame if it fell, and took down a boat. Or two.
Meghan: Should you even handle those explosives while you're intoxicated?
Logan: You're going to. I'll help you out, and then you walk across, and set up the 2nd detpack yourself.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Logan: *Riding his speeder bike up a mountain*
Meghan: *Looking at more mountains to the right*

Song: link

Suddenly, a bullet hit Logan's shoulder.

Logan: Ah! *Falls off the speeder bike*
Meghan: *Gets down next to Logan, then looks up* Sand people.
Logan: What are you talking about?
Meghan: They're not like the sand people in Tatooine.
Logan: Yeah, well I can tell that they don't use sticks, but what else is different about these sand people?
Meghan: Besides using antique blasters, *Holds out her cross* They are superstitious.
Logan: *Holding his KH70 blaster* That's not going to help sister.
Meghan: Put your blaster away brother Logan. I know what I'm doing.
Sand People: *Looking at the cross*
Sand Person 43: *Pointing his gun at Meghan*
Sand Person 56: *Pushes the gun* Let them pass. They do no harm. Pala leekee tarma!!!!!! *Leaves with the other Geonosian sand people*
Fan fiction by lovingflame posted 5 months ago
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Mayor Tyran Amadala looked down the table at his children from over The One Eye Press, a newspaper that reveled in the piratical ways they still kept up to a moderate degree. So far two of the four mayors were still feuding over some small misunderstanding. He sighed, that would have to be delt with before someone went too far. "I see Mayor Treasure's son has emptied out his father's treasure vault." He smirked as his six year old son groaned with a pathetic gaging sound. While his 18 year old daughter stuck out her tongue at him from across the table. A knock at the dinning hall door interrupted the scene.
"Come in Myia." Tyran said slightly bewildered, as none of his staff ever needed to knock."Excuse me sir, but there is a young lady at the door wishing to talk to Lady Rheya privately." Rheya stiffened. "There are no secrets in this house or between any of us. I will not start now." Myia bowed to her and moved to the side, allowing Rose to usher the woman into their presents.