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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Toydarians: *Walking towards a runway*

Song: link

Five months after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire needed an ally. One that was strong, and capable of damaging the Rebel Alliance.

Jabba The Hutt assigned the Toydarian Army to aid the Empire, and this is the story of their first battle against the Rebels.

Toydarian Pilot: *Flying a Class-62 fighter*

The Class-62: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Toydarians: *Standing on a runway, watching more Class-62's flying by. Sixty Class-62's are lined up on the other side of the runway*

A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Toydarian Pilot: *Flies between two more Class-62's*

Shado! Shado! Shado!

Starring all of the Toydarians as themselves

Andrea Libman as Jolie Una
Ashleigh Ball as Kellie Datho
Bob Iger as Ido Lizzon
Carlos Steinke as Herman Vender
Elijah Jackson as Baltic Roufeno
Geena Davis as Grimouth Ommer
George Lucas as Emery Seanson
Jabba The Hutt as Himself
Mark Moraghan as Dimo Ommer
Martin Smith as Harmon Fulper
Scott Eastwood as Rollin Orso
Zac Efron as Duya Bridger

Toydarian Pilot: *Landing a Class-62 fighter next to the others*

Based off of the 1970 film, Tora! Tora! Tora!

Toydarians: *Refueling the Class-62*

Much of the fan fiction takes place on a fictional planet called Moana. It is created specifically for this fan fiction.

The song fades away as the Toydarians begin to have a conversation.

Toydarian 85: Watashitachiha, mō itsu no kunren o seikō sa semashita. *We have completed another successful day of training*
Toydarian 64: Mota taisa wa itsu hajimete watashitachi ni jōto shitai nodesu ka? *When does Colonel Mota want to give us our first assignment?*
Toydarian 85: Kare wa iwanakatta. Watashitachiha nintaidzuyoku nakereba naranai. *He did not say. We must be patient*
Toydarian 70: Jabba The Hutt wa nagai jikan, watashitachi o tekisetsuna tāgetto ni shite kureru hazudesu. *It must be taking Jabba The Hutt a long time to find us a suitable target.*
Toydarian 64: Kare ga watashitachi o hyōteki ni shite kureru koto o negatte imasu. Sugu ni. Mō matsu koto wa dekimasen. *I hope he does find us a target. Soon. I cannot wait any longer*

A bell was rung, and all the Toydarians ran into a nearby building.

Colonel Mota: *Staring at everyone* Minasan kon'nichiwa. Watashi wa mada anata no tame ni nani mo motteinai ga, anata no kibō o iji suru. Anata wa sukunakutomo 3-nichi inai ni anata no saisho no jōto o uketorimasu. *Hello everybody. I do not have anything for you yet, but keep your hopes up. You will get your first assignment within at least three days.*
Toydarians: *Bowing to Colonel Mota*

Song: link

Endor, headquarters for the Galactic Empire. The three leaders of the Empire, the Toydarian army, and Velmor have signed a paper stating their alliance. Anyone that attacked these three would be considered an enemy.

Stop the song

Yavin 4, headquarters for the Rebel Alliance. Harmon Fulper, and Dimo Ommer are having a conversation.

Harmon: Some of our men have been picking up hostile actions in Toydaria. Japka has over a hundred fighters stationed at a base where many of them engaged in a battle against a defenseless planet.
Dimo: Which was?
Harmon: Rettna. A couple other planets in the Essaga system suffered damage from Toydaria as well, to gain money, and resources.
Dimo: I had a feeling they'd do something like this. That is why I ordered the 42nd fleet to relocate out of Ryndellia, and set up a new base at Sandy Point, in a planet called Moana.
Harmon: Are you sure moving the 42nd fleet from Ryndellia to Moana is a good idea?
Dimo: Positive. It'll give those flying blue rats a message, and hopefully keep them out of this war.

Colonel Mota was in Japka, where headquarters for the Toydarian army were located. He was speaking Huttese with Toydarian general, Swanni, and Jabba The Hutt.

Colonel Mota: Doe Rebels are nopa happy gee us invading Rettna. Jee-jee need do plan. *The Rebels are not happy with us invading Rettna. We need a plan.*
Jabba The Hutt: Tell him about do spies discoveries.
General Swanni: Myo spies discovered da doe Rebels have moved ships closer tah us. They are closer tah Nal Hutta, Toydaria, um other planets da jee-jee control. They are aiming at us like do lightsaber at do hoopa! If do pilots naga do target, have hoohah bolla tah Moana. *My spies discovered that the Rebels have moved ships closer to us. They are closer to Nal Hutta, Toydaria, and other planets that we control. They are aiming at us like a lightsaber at a throat! If your pilots want a target, have them go to Moana.*

Several Toydarian pilots were practicing with their bombers.

The Bomber: link

Major Malawa: *Watching the pilots drop dummy bombs on a target in the water*
Colonel Towana: Mota taisa no pairottodesu ka? *Are those Colonel Mota's pilots?*
Major Malawa: Hai. Karera wa kako 15-funkan renshū shite kimashita. *Yes. They've been practicing for the last fifteen minutes.*
Colonel Towana: Watashi ni messēji o okutte kudasai. Anata no bakugeki no renshū ni sugureta shigoto. *Send him a message for me. Excellent work on your bombing practice.*
Major Malawa: *Runs off to send the message*

While this was going on, another Toydarian arrived in a brand new ship.

The Class-68: link

Toydarian Pilot 95: Sore wa watashi ga soreda to omou hitodesu ka? *Is that who I think it is?*
Toydarian Pilot 42: Desu! Sore wa gondadesu! *It is! It's Gonda!*

Gonda is the best Toydarian pilot in the galaxy. With his skills, and friendly personality, every other pilot is good friends with Gonda.

Gonda: *Climbs out of his Class-68*
Toydarians: *Running to see Gonda*
Gonda: Kon'nichiwa watashi no yūjin! *Hello my friends!*
Toydarian Pilot 33: Kore wa atarashī kurasu 68 sentōkidesu ka? *Is this the new Class-68 fighter?*
Gonda: Sōdesu. Karera wa, kore ga Republic toraianfu ya inperiaru Tie faitā yori mo karyoku to nenryō kōritsu ga takai to itte imasu. *It is. They say that this has more firepower, and fuel efficiency than the Republic Triumph, and Imperial Tie Fighter.*
Toydarian Pilot 95: Doko de sore o kikimashita ka? *Where did you hear that?*
Gonda: Suwan'ni shōgun. Watashi wa ryōhō tomo korusanto de no sentō de mita koto ga aru node, watashi wa kare ga shinjitsu o katatte iru koto o negatte imasu. *General Swanni. I have seen both in combat in Coruscant, so I am hoping that he is telling the truth.*
Toydarians: *Laughing*
Gonda: Mota taisa o mitsukete nomimashou. *Let's find Colonel Mota, and have a drink.*

And with that, the Toydarians walked into their headquarters to find Colonel Mota, and have some fun.

Sandy Point, Moana.

Rebel 28: *Docking his boat at a harbor*
Rebel General: *Standing on another boat with a hundred other Rebels. He checks his watch* Raise flag.
Rebel 13: *Raising the Rebel flag*
Rebel General: Now.

A band was playing this song: link

Rebels: *Passing the band on another boat*

Up in the sky, two Rebels were surveying their new base in a recon ship.

Duya: *Flying the recon ship* This is it. Our new home.
Rollin: We should have stayed in Rydellia where we belong. I made a mistake in pointing that out to General Ommer.
Duya: *Looks down and sees a line of X-Wings parked next to each other*

Back on the ground, another General was making observations.

Ido: *Walks into a tower with two soldiers* Good morning gentlemen, what have we here?
Tower Operator: A line of X-Wings ready to take flight in case any intruders arrive.
Ido: But they're too close to each other. If one of those ships blow up, it'll cause a chain reaction. Make a note on that private.
Soldier 3: *Writing down Ido's statements*
Tower Operator: But General Lizzon-
Ido: Now look! I don't know where you got your orders from with placing those ships out there like that, but you got a new order from me, to undo that mess. Get to it.

Later, Duya and Rollin were testing other pilots. They were firing dummy torpedoes at a target in the water. Most of them missed.

Rollin: That's the 25th pilot we tested, and we still didn't get anywhere near the target.
Duya: Here comes the next pilot.
Rollin: *Watching the pilot drop a dummy torpedo on the bulls-eye* That's more like it. Who was that?
Duya: Kellie Datho. Here comes another female, Jolie Una.

She too got a bulls-eye.

Rollin: Those ladies set a fine example on how to shoot your target.
Duya: *Watching another pilot fire a dummy torpedo, missing tragically*
Rollin: And who was that?
Duya: Philla Weston.
Rollin: Tell her she couldn't hit the side of a building if she was standing five inches away.

The Toydarians were discussing their plan to attack Sandy Point.

Colonel Mota: Kore wa hōgaina kotodesu! Watashitachi no shimyurēshon wa, watashitachi ga moana no wakusei o kōgeki suru no ni 6-ri no kyaria ga hitsuyōdearu koto o shimeshite imasu. Takai meirei wa watashitachi ni 3ttsu shika mota senaideshou! *This is outrageous! Our simulation shows that we need six carriers to attack the planet of Moana. The high command will only let us have three!*
Major Malawa: Watashitachi ga kōgeki-ryoku o 3-seki no kūbo ni seigen surunaraba, watashitachiha sentō ni okuru no ni jūbun'na-kan o motte inaideshou. *If we limit our attack force to three carriers, we will not have enough ships to send into battle.*
Colonel Towana: Watashitachiha muttsu no kyaria o motte iru hazudesu! *We must have six carriers!*
Toydarian Captain: *Standing up* Wareware no guntai no ta no ōku wa, kūchū kara no kōgeki ni fune o tsukau yori mo, hohei to chijō butai o wakusei ni shin'nyū sa seru koto ga yori jūyōdearu to shinjite imasu. Watashi wa sorera no Toydarians no hitoridesu. *Many others in our army believe that it is more important to send infantry, and ground units to invade a planet, instead of using ships to attack from the air. I am one of those Toydarians.*
Major Malawa: Bakajanaino?! Watashitachiha kono tatakai ni katsu hitsuyō ga arimasu! *Are you stupid?! We need to win this battle!*
Colonel Mota: Jigoku o damare! Watashi wa kono mondai o kaiketsu suru tame ni Japka ni ikimasu. Watashi wa dai butai ni takusan no tomodachi ga imasu. Karera wa watashi ga iwanakereba naranai koto ni mimiwokatamukerudeshou. *Shut the hell up! I will go to Japka to solve this issue. I have many friends in the high command. They will listen to what I have to say.*

After the meeting, he climbed into a Class-68 with Gonda, and he flew to Japka with the Colonel.

Back on Moana, the Rebels were having a situation of their own.

Rebel Captain: *In a speeder, stops near an ATC with a radar station on a trailer*
Rebel Soldier: *Watching the Captain step out of his speeder* Ah, Captain. Good to see you. This new radar is going to be set up so we can spot any intruders. The radar should do the job.
Rebel Captain: Well what's it doing sitting here?
Rebel Soldier: We were just about to get it up that mountain there. That would be the ideal point to make it work effectively, but we have a small problem.
Rebel Captain: A problem?
Rebel Soldier: We can't get permission to go up there.
Rebel Captain: Permission? From who?
Rebel Soldier: The M.W.R. Moana's Wildlife Reservation.
Rebel Captain: Goddammit. Let's look somewhere else.

Rollin was in his office when a Lieutenant walked in.

Rollin: What is it?
Lieutenant: It's a message from Yavin 4. Leia Organa wants us to send more ships out to the west to take on the Empire.
Rollin: Goddammit. Doesn't she know what kind of enemy we're dealing with here? If I send anymore of my ships away from this planet, we'll be completely defenseless.
Lieutenant: Sorry sir. Orders from the Princess *Leaves the message on the table, and walks away*
Rollin: *Staring at the message* Goddammit.

General Lizzon was inspecting other sections of Sandy Point when another General walked into the control tower.

General: Where did all the X-Wings go?
Tower Operator: General Lizzon's orders. His main concern is sabotage.
General: Unacceptable. Get those X-Wings back out there now. We need those pilots to get up in the sky as quickly as possible if an enemy does attack. Also if Lizzon's really worried about sabotage, he would leave those X-Wings the way they are, so that the guards can watch them all without having to turn their heads. Now, as I said earlier, get those X-Wings back out there.

An alarm was activated as the X-Wings were placed back on the side of the runway: link

General Lizzon: *Watching the X-Wings being moved* What the hell are you doing?!
Rebel: Sorry sir, General Corrin's orders.
General Lizzon: *Sees the General* You! *Walking towards him* Your incompetence is going to cost us well over a hundred X-Wings, if not all of them!
General: The pilots must get to their ships if we are attacked.
General Lizzon: If we are attacked, they'll have nothing to fly! A one eyed gungan could easily take out all of those X-Wings with only one thermal detonator!
General: We are going to keep those X-Wings there, and you cannot stop me.

But Lizzon got help from Rollin, and Duya.

Lizzon: These are the best pilots?
Rollin: These two are so good, that they can easily take out a dozen ships with only a pistol.
Lizzon: Bring them in.
Duya: *Opens the door* Ladies?
Kellie: *Walks into the room with Jolie* Yes General?
Lizzon: Please, sit down.
Kellie: *Sits down with Jolie*
Lizzon: You two will be transferred to Twilight Ridge. Remain there until further notice.
Jolie: Yes sir.
Kellie: Is that all?
Lizzon: Yes. Thank you ladies.
Kellie: You're welcome. *Leaves with Jolie*
Duya: *Closes the door*
Lizzon: Twilight Ridge is one of many subsidiary fields. We'll at least be able to spread out some X-Wings, and keep them out of harm.
Kellie: *Walking with Jolie*
Jolie: What do you think we're being transferred for?
Kellie: Gambling with the other pilots?
Jolie: Nah. I think it's for stealing the General's bread.
Kellie: Or maybe it's because we had a threesome with his nephew.
Jolie: *Blushing*

Back to the radar tower, the Captain found a more suitable place for it, with two men to operate it.

Captain: Now you two are to operate this thing everyday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Herman: Yes sir.
Baltic: If we find something, what do we do?
Captain: Report it to headquarters dammit.
Herman: How sir? We haven't got a telephone.
Captain: *Climbs into his Metra* There's a fuel station about a mile down the road. They must have a phone. *Drives away*
Herman: Yes sir.
Baltic: Let's make sure everything works. *Turns on the radar, and looks at the screen* Good, it's working.

Gonda and Colonel Mota returned to their main Headquarters from Japka. Everyone was waiting to hear the results.

Gonda: *Lands a Class-68 on the runway, and gets out with Colonel Mota*
Toydarian Pilot 92: Ē to, karera wa nan to iimashita ka? *Well, what did they say?*
Colonel Mota: Sandipointo e no kōgeki ni wa 6-ri no kūbo ga imasu. *We have six carriers for our assault on Sandy Point.*
Toydarians: *Cheering*
Colonel Mota: Watashi wa anata no shimei ni tsuite anata to issho ni ikimasu. Asunoasa saisho ni shuppatsu shimasu! *I will be going with you on your mission. We leave first thing tomorrow morning!*
Toydarians: *Cheering*

Song (Start at 6:24): link

Colonel Mota and 522 other Toydarians were on their way to Moana on the six carriers, delivering the Bombers, Class-68, and Class-62 fighters to their first battle against the Rebels.

Colonel Mota: *Watching the Toydarians happily perform exercises, and training protocols*
Toydarians: *Laughing as they stretch their wings, arms, and legs*
Toydarian Captain: Ima dewa hanran-gun ga shoyū suru senkan no ōku wa wakusei ni chinande meimei sa rete imasu. Watashi wa anata ni kādo no shiruetto o miserudeshou, soshite watashi wa anata ga sore ga doredearu ka o suisoku shite hoshīdesu. *Now many of the battleships owned by the Rebels are named after planets. I will show you a silhouette on a card, and I want you to guess which one it is.*
Toydarian Pilots: *Knodding*
Toydarian Captain: *Showing the first card*
Toydarian Pilots: Spirana!!
Toydarian Captain: *Showing the next card*
Toydarian Pilots: Kalinda!!
Toydarian Captain: *Showing the next card*
Toydarian Pilot 53: D'Qar!!
Toydarian Captain: Sore wa anata ga yaban'na watashitachi no hitoridesu! *That's one of ours you bastard!*
Toydarian Pilot 53: *Laughing with the other pilots*
Toydarian Pilot 44: Taisa ni sanka shite kudasai! *Come join us Colonel!*
Colonel Mota: Ima wa yamero. Genji ni au hitsuyō ga arimasu. *Not now. I need to see Genji.*
Toydarian Pilots: *Concerned*

Stop the song. Genji is usually sick, but very intelligent. Colonel Mota wanted his help with a few details for the battle.

Genji: *Sitting behind a desk, sweating as he covers himself in a red blanket. He slowly eats a bowl of soup*
Colonel Mota: *Walks into the room* Anata wa shibaraku genji o motte imasu ka? *Have you got a moment Genji?*
Genji: Hai. Na ndeshou? *Yes. What do you want?*
Colonel Mota: Wareware wa Mon Calamaris no basho o mitsukenakereba naranai. Hanran-gun wa sorera o motsu koto o yurusa rete wa narimasen. *We must find the location of the Mon Calamaris. The Rebels must not be allowed to have them.*
Genji: Watashi wa hisshi ni sorera o mitsukeyou to shite kimashita, shikashi sorera no konseki wa mada arimasen. *I have been frantically trying to find them, but there has been no trace of them yet.*
Colonel Mota: Mi tsudzukeru. Mitsuketara denwa shite kudasai. *Keep looking. Call me when you find them.*

Back on Yavin 4, it was night time. Dimo met up with his wife, Grimouth.

Dimo: *Gets into Grimouth's land speeder*
Grimouth: *Driving* So where are we heading?
Dimo: We have to talk to Princess Leia.

Back at base.

Harmon: *Nervously rocking back, and forth in a chair*
Rebel Captain: *Walks into the room* Mr. Fulper, are you okay?
Harmon: We just detected six Toydarian carriers leaving Toydaria. Dimo's trying to get authorization from Leia to attack them.

Leia was at a party club, but when Dimo walked out of the club, he seemed disappointed.

Grimouth: Where to now?
Dimo: Back to the office. I need to make a phone call.
Grimouth: *Turns around*

Meanwhile on Moana, the Rebels were having a party of their own. Jolie, and Kellie were there, but they had something else on their mind.

Kellie: *Sits down to Herman's left, with Jolie on his right* Herman, you look very handsome today.
Herman: Thank you, I'm just having a few drinks while I wait for Baltic.
Jolie: We have something important for you two.
Kellie: Go to the radar station from 4 to 7.
Herman: 4 AM to 7 AM?
Jolie: Yes.
Kellie: This is very important.
Herman: You really think someone's going to attack us?
Kellie & Jolie: *Nodding*
Herman: Okay. I'll tell Baltic. *Leaves the bar*
Baltic: *Arrives What's up Herman?
Herman: Come on Baltic, we have something to take care of.

Dimo was looking at a calendar in his office when Harmon returned.

Harmon: Did they do it?
Dimo: Yes. Now let's hope that Leia is right, and that this is a routine flight. She won't let us attack them. *Looks at tomorrow's date of 10/7/0BBY*

Song: link
You are not allowed to read the rest of this article until the song is over.
You are not allowed to read the rest of this article until the song is over.

The Toydarians were reaching their target in Moana. Gonda, and all of the pilots were ready.

Carrier Pilot: Moana wa watashitachi no me no mae ni imasu. Ririku no junbi o shi nasai! *Moana is in our sights. Get ready for takeoff!*
Colonel Mota: Anata ga sandi Point o kōgeki shite iru ma, watashitachiha Mon Calamari Star Cruisers o mitsukeyou to shimasu. Sore made wa, kakunōko to kuruma o subete hakai shite kudasai. *While you attack Sandy Point, we will try to locate the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers. Until then, destroy all their hangars, and vehicles.*
Pilots: Hai!
Colonel Mota: *Saluting the pilots* Ganbarou. *Good luck.*
Gonda: *Starts his Class-68, and takes off from the carrier, into outer space*

Gonda was just one of 522 Toydarian pilots taking part in this attack. 200 of them were using Class-68's. Another 200 were using Bombers, and the rest of the pilots were using the Class-62's.

When the Toydarians entered Moana, the sun was starting to rise. The sky was orange, and some clouds were pink.

Toydarian Pilot 42: Sore wa kirei ni miemasu. *That looks beautiful.*
Gonda: Japka o omoidasa semasu. *Reminds me of Japka.*

An ETA-2 Actis was flying alongside a mountain. It was modified to carry two pilots. Two humans were in the cockpit, a student, and his instructor. The instructor was pleased in her student so far.

Instructor: Pretty nasty wind today, but you have to learn how to fly in all kinds of weather.
Student: *Nods*
Instructor: It's your turn now.
Student: Thank you.
Instructor: Keep it steady.
Student: Yes ma'am.
Toydarians: *Flying towards the flight instructor*
Instructor: You're doing great. *Looks at the big fleet of Class-68's coming towards them* Hang on, I'm taking over! *Dives towards the ground, and watches the Toydarians head away from her*

Rebel ships were on a regular patrol, making sure that Sandy Point, as well as the rest of Moana was safe. A submarine was underwater, following one of the Rebel battleships.

Toydarian 42: Hahahaha. Kono sensuikande wa, dare mo watashitachi ni kidzukanaideshou. *With this submarine, no one will notice us.*
Toydarian 85: Wareware wa subete no hangyaku-tei o hakai suru. *We'll destroy all of the Rebel boats.*

What they didn't realize was that part of their submarine was sticking out of the water. They were quickly spotted.

Rebel 57: What's that over there?
Rebel 29: *Looking at a raft with a white flag* That's for target practice.
Rebel 57: Look in front of the raft.
Rebel 29: *Sees an antenna* That's a submarine. Alert all units. Maintain sonar contact, and sink the intruder.
Gunners: *Preparing cannons*
Rebel 29: Prepare to drop charges!
Rebel 41: Charge 1, ready! *Drops charge*

An explosion occurred.

Rebel 41: Charge 2, ready! *Drops charge*

A second explosion occurred, and oil was seen coming up to the surface.

Rebel 41: Bingo! Enemy submarine is down.

Inside the Rebel base, a Captain received word about the submarine.

Rebel 22: Captain Seanson. *Gives the Captain a letter*
Emery: *Reading the message* Thank you. *Calls General Lizzon*
Ido: *Answers his phone* Who is this?
Emery: Captain Seanson from headquarters. I just got word that the Rebels sunk an enemy submarine.
Ido: How many more of these false sightings are you going to report to me Captain?
Emery: This isn't false sir. This is the real thing. The Toydarians are trying to attack us.
Ido: They don't have enough soldiers or supplies to attack this base.
Emery: With all due respect, we should contact Yavin, and get backup!
Ido: Confirmation Seanson, I want confirmation. *Hangs up*

The Toydarians were getting closer to Sandy Point in their fighters.

Baltic: *Looking at the radar* How much time do we have left?
Herman: Just two more minutes.
Baltic: I don't know why you listened to those pilots. Nothing's happening. *Looks at the radar, and sees lots of dots* Hey, I'm picking up something! Call Headquarters!
Herman: On it! *Grabs the phone, and starts calling headquarters*
Rebel Soldier 64: *Hears the phone, and answers it* Headquarters.. You picked up some ships entering the planet's atmosphere, huh?. Yeah? Well don't worry about it. *Hangs up* Must've picked up that formation of U-Wings coming back from Sullust.

Twenty five U-Wings were returning from attacking the Empire.

U-Wing Pilot: *Entering Moana with the rest of the U-Wings* We're finally back home fellas.
U-Wing Pilot 53: Thank goodness.
Toydarian Pilot 71: *Flying with the Toydarians* Sandipointo ga miete imasu. *Sandy Point is in sight.*
Gonda: Ī yo, tsūshin jigyō-sha ni Huttese kōdo o watashi nasai, Shado! Shado! Shado! *Good, give the carriers the Huttese code. Fast! Fast! Fast!*
Toydarian Carrier Pilot: Kōdo o uketorimashita! *We have received the code!*
Colonel Mota: Pairotto wa zen'in kōgeki o uke yasui. Shado, shado, shado! *All pilots are clear to attack. Fast, fast, fast!*
Rebel 28: *Docking his boat at a harbor*
Rebel General: *Standing on another boat with a hundred other Rebels. He checks his watch* Raise flag.
Rebel 13: *Raising the Rebel flag*
Rebel General: Now.

A band was playing this song: link

Rebels: *Passing the band on another boat*
Toydarians: *Flying towards the band*
Band: *Looking at the Class-68's, Class-62's, and bombers*
Rebel General: *Watching a Class-62 fly past at a low altitude* Get that guy's number, and report him for a safety violation!
Toydarian Pilot 98: *Drops a bomb, and destroys a building*
Band: *Looking at the Toydarian Pilots shooting Rebels, and civilians*

Play the song at speed 2.0. The band is playing the song faster so that they can finish it sooner.

Toydarian Pilot: *Shoots three of the band members*
Rebel Gunner: *Gets on a machine gun, and starts shooting at the Toydarians* Hey, stop jerking off with those instruments, and help us kill these bastards!
Rebel General: *Watches the band finish their song, and ducks as a bomb lands near their boat in the water*
Rebels: *Running off of a boat as it gets hit by a bomb*
Rebel 85: Grab your weapons! Hurry!!
Rebels: *Grabbing A280's, and start shooting at the Toydarians*

Most of the shots missed, but the ones that did hit the Toydarians did little damage.

Rebel 79: Where are the rockets?!!?
Rebel 59: They're too far away! *Gets shot*

At Headquarters, a line of Rebels were getting breakfast in the cafeteria.

Rebel 95: *Runs into the cafeteria* Hey guys, Sandy Point's being attacked!
Rebels: Sandy Point's being attacked?! *Running out of the cafeteria*
Rebel 63: *Firing a machine gun* Get the Toydarians!
Toydarian 41: *Shoots dozens of Rebels on the boats*
Toydarian Pilot 39: *Flying a bomber towards a boat* Bakudanwotōkasuru junbi o shite imasu. *Preparing to drop the bomb.*
Rebels: *Shooting at the bomber*
Toydarian Pilot 39: *Drops the bomb*

The boat was split in half because of the explosion caused by the bomb.

Rebels: JUMP!! *Jumping into the water*
Rebel 19: *Firing at the Toydarians with an A300* I hit the cockpit! It's going down!
Toydarian Pilot 59: *Holding his wounds as he crashes into a boat*

Soon, the Toydarians reached one of the hangars, and started destroying the X-Wings lined up by the runway. As predicted, one exploding X-Wing caused a chain reaction, making more explode.

General Lizzon: *Walks into Captain Seanson's office*
Emery: *Points out the window* You want your confirmation General?! TAKE A LOOK!! There's your confirmation!
Rollin: *In another room with Duya, watching the invasion* I warned Leia about this, but she wouldn't listen.
Duya: *Sees a laser from a Toydarian ship go through a window. It misses him as it hits the wall*
Rollin: *Looking at Duya* You okay?
Duya: *Slowly looks back at the hole from the laser* Maybe I'd feel better if it did hit me.

The U-Wings were approaching a runway, but the Toydarians were attacking it.

Rebels: *Shooting at the Toydarians with cannons*
U-Wing Pilot: *Watching the commotion* What a way to fly into a war, no ammo, and no fuel.
U-Wing Pilot 53: We have to land somewhere.
U-Wing Pilot: *Hits a button to lower the landing gear* One of the gear's aren't coming down. Corporal! Can you fix the gear, and make it go down?
Rebel Corporal: I'll try sir.
U-Wing Pilot: Good. *Decreasing altitude*
Rebel Corporal: *Manually tries to lower the gear* It's not working sir!
U-Wing Pilot: Well, here goes nothing. *Lands on the runway. Sparks and smoke appear as the U-Wing slides on the runway until it comes to a complete stop*
U-Wing Pilot 27: *About to land*
Rebel ATC: Pull up Blue-12, you got two Class-68's on your tail!
Toydarians: *Shooting at the U-Wing*
U-Wing Pilot 27: *Pulling up, and goes to the left*

On one of the Toydarian carriers, they were listening to the progress that their pilots were making.

Colonel Mota: Yūshūna sakuhindesu. Wareware wa mada Mon Calamari no mono o mitsukete imasen. Wareware ga suru made, hanran-gun no uchūsen o kōgeki shi tsudzukete kudasai. Wave 2 de okutte kudasai. *Excellent work. We still haven't found the Mon Calamari's. Until we do, continue attacking the Rebel starships. Send in wave 2.*
Toydarians: *Flying Class-68's into Moana's atmosphere*
Civilians: *Running to safety*
Rebel Pilots: *Running towards a line of X-Wings* It's time to give those blue bastards a taste of their own medicine!
Rebel Pilot 30: Let's get started! *Climbs into an X-Wing, and starts to take off*
Toydarians: *Shooting the X-Wing down*

The X-Wing skidded on the runway, making this noise for three seconds, (Start at 0:02): link

Rebel Pilot 24: *Gets into his X-Wing and takes off*
Toydarians: *Shooting down his X-Wing*
Rebel Pilot 24: *Crashes into a fuel tank*
Rebel Pilot 21: *Starts to take off, but gets shot down*

His X-Wing skidded towards another X-Wing. As it was about to crash, it made this noise for three seconds, (Start at 0:02): link

Rebels: *Running away from the explosion*
Rebel Pilot 65: *Watches the X-Wing come towards him. He trips as he runs for his life*
Toydarian Pilot 65: *Shoots down two more X-Wings as they attempt to take off. He then turns right, and shoots an ATC, bringing in reinforcements, making the land speeder explode*

At Twilight Ridge, Jolie, and Kellie drove a red land speeder towards another airbase. Two X-Wings were warmed up, and ready for the female pilots.

Jolie & Kellie: *Step out of their speeder, and run towards their ships*
Toydarians: *Continue to destroy Sandy Point*
Gonda: Mite hangyaku-tei, Adarlon ga arimasu. Minato no iriguchi ni mukatte imasu. *Look. There's the Rebel boat, Adarlon. It's heading for the harbor entrance.*
Toydarian Pilot 57: Sore o shizumereba, sandipointo wa nan-shūkan mo burokku sa remasu. *If we sink it, Sandy Point will be blocked off for weeks.*
Gonda: *Drops a bomb*
Rebel Colonel: *Driving the boat when he feels the ground shake*
Rebel Captain: We've been hit by one of the Toydarians sir. They just dropped a bomb on us.
Rebel Colonel: We can't head for the entrance. We'll block off Sandy Point for all the other boats. We need to head for that bank, and pray that no one on board drowns.

They succeeded, but the fire made some of the ammunition on board explode.

Rebel 82: *Falls into the water from the force of an explosion*
Rebel 53: *His back is on fire. He crawls out of a room, crying while banging his fists on the floor*
Rebel 20: *Using a fire extinguisher to rescue her comrades*
Rebels: *Shooting cannons at the Toydarians*
Toydarian 50: *Drops a bomb, destroying another boat*

Kellie and Jolie were flying their X-Wings towards two dozens of Toydarians. The ships they were about to fight were mostly Class-68, with three Class-62's. They had to maintain radio silence to prevent the Toydarians from spotting them before their attack

Jolie: *Flying next to Kellie, who is to her right*
Kellie: *Looking towards the ground, she sees the twenty four ships at a lower altitude*
Jolie: *Looking at Kellie*
Kellie: *Pointing at the ships*
Jolie: *Nods*
Kellie: *Gives Jolie a thumbs up*

Both females started to descend preparing to attack the invaders.

Toydarian 58: *Looks at the two X-Wings*
Jolie: *Shoots a Class-62*
Toydarian 58: *Jumps out of his ship as it explodes. The explosion kills him*
Toydarian 95: *Turns around, and returns fire*
Kellie: *Shoots the lower part of the Class-68, destroying the weapons, and causing them to explode*

The Class-68's engines were disabled, and the ship starting plummeting towards the ground.

Toydarians: *Turning around to attack the two X-Wings*
Jolie: *Increasing altitude as she heads to the right*
Toydarian 43: *Following Jolie in a Class-68*
Kellie: *Heading towards Jolie, she shoots the Class-68 pursuing her friend*
Jolie: *Shoots a Class-62*
Kellie: *Shooting at a Class-68*
Toydarian 75: *Does a barrel-roll avoiding the shots*

Another Class-68, followed by a Class-62 were firing at Kellie. Only a few shots hit her X-Wing.

Jolie: *Shoots both ships attacking Kellie*
Kellie: *Watching the two Toydarian ships lose altitude, then continues to fire at the Class-68 in front of her*
Jolie: *Watches another Class-68 follow her*
Toydarian 63: *Shooting at Jolie 35 times, but none of his shots hit the X-Wing*
Jolie: *Flies to the left, making a vapor trail with all four of her wings*
Toydarian 63: *Continues to fire at Jolie, repeatedly missing his target*

Back at Sandy Point, the rebels weren't very successful with shooting down the numerous Toydarians invading their base.

Toydarian 92: *Shooting a fuel tank, which destroys a few Y-Wings, and kills several Rebels*
Rebels: *Firing RT-97's, and A280's at the Toydarian ships*
Toydarian 28: *Shoots all of them*
Rebel 99: *Shoots a Toydarian bomber with his A280* Got him!
Toydarian 45: *Watching smoke come from his bomber* Watashi wa shini-sōdesu. Watashi wa shinu mae ni jūyōna mokuhyō o hakai suru koto ni yotte watashi no guntai o sonchō shinakereba narimasen. *I am about to die. I must respect my army by destroying an important target before my death.*
Rebel 13: *Watching the bomber head for a hangar* Hey you guys, scatter!
Toydarian 45: *Crashes into the hangar, causing a big explosion, killing dozens of Rebels*

Yavin 4 was informed about the attack on Sandy Point in Moana.

Dimo: *Walks into Harmon's office* We were attacked.
Harmon: By who?
Dimo: The Toydarians in Sandy Point.
Harmon: Sandy Point? Did they capture it?
Dimo: No. They caused a lot of damage, but they did not capture it from us. Duya, and Rollin are angry at the Princess since they never listened to their advice.

Outside of Moana, Gonda, and the other pilots were returning to the carriers.

Gonda: *Lands his Class-68 in the hangar with the other Toydarians*
Toydarian Mechanic: Nokori no pairotto zen'in ga tōchaku shimashita. *All remaining pilots have arrived.*
Gonda: *Climbs out of his ship* Mota taisa wa dokodesu ka watashitachi ga naze fōrubakku o meiji rareta no ka watashi wa shiranakereba narimasen! *Where is Colonel Mota? I must know why we were ordered to fall back!*
Toydarian Mechanic: *Points to the bridge*
Gonda: *Walks upstairs to Colonel Mota* Taisa!
Colonel Mota: *Turns around to look at Gonda*
Gonda: Naze fōrubakku o meiji rareta nodesu ka? *Why were we ordered to fallback?*
Colonel Mota: Watashitachi wa mohaya odoroki no yōso o motte imasen. Sore ni, watashitachi no omona mokuhyōdearu Mon karamari wa mada mitsukatte imasen. *We no longer have the element of surprise. Plus, our main targets, the Mon Calamari's have still not been located.*
Toydarian 25: Watashitachi wa ōku no songai o motarashimashita. Anata wa ippan ni shōshin suru kamo shiremasen. Anata wa jibun jishin o totemo hokori ni omoubekidesu. *We caused a lot of damage. You may be promoted to general. You should be very proud of yourself.*
Colonel Mota: Watashi wa kono shinryaku ni tsuite mōichido kangae hajimemashita. Hanran-gun wa kazu to tsuyo-sa ni sugurete imasu. Watashitachi ga shita no wa, nemutte iru kyojin o mezame sasete, sore o hidoi ketsui de mitasu koto dakedatta node wanai ka to osorete imasu. *I'm starting to have second thoughts about this invasion. The rebels are superior in numbers, and strength. I fear that all we did was awake a sleeping giant, and fill it with a terrible resolve.* *Walks downstairs, into his quarters*

Song: link

Colonel Mota: *Sits down on his bed*

Watashitachi ga shita no wa nemutte iru Kyojin no mezame dakedatta node wanai ka to osorete imasu.

I fear that all we did was awake a sleeping giant.

Colonel Mota: *Lays down, and takes a nap*

The End


Andrea Libman as Jolie Una
Ashleigh Ball as Kellie Datho
Bob Iger as Ido Lizzon
Carlos Steinke as Herman Vender
Elijah Jackson as Baltic Roufeno
Geena Davis as Grimouth Ommer
George Lucas as Emery Seanson
Jabba The Hutt as Himself
Mark Moraghan as Dimo Ommer
Martin Smith as Harmon Fulper
Scott Eastwood as Rollin Orso
Zac Efron as Duya Bridger

All Toydarians featured in this fan fiction portray themselves.

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production from April 18, 2019
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