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darthzeus posted on Aug 12, 2012 at 07:42PM
be sure to join
rules: no bad words be nice have fun

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over a year ago darthzeus said…
big smile
make character and play along
electrical siegius
abillitieis anthing you can think ofand more
used top be jedi then sith then jedi then sith then jedi
all weapons
creator of universe and star wars universe alongside boba fett master of jedi emperror of jedi
homewold : blackhole
Species all shapeshifter
over a year ago darthzeus said…
i stand around lookind and waiting for someone else
over a year ago darthzeus said…
come on
over a year ago darthzeus said…
really guys
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over a year ago alexjere said…
what do we have to put as infomation
over a year ago xboxrocksx45 said…
(i guess he did it)

lightsaber: blue lightsaber
Force status:Very strong in the force and doesn't even know it or care
Story:Masiki was always a poor youngling but his step-parents had hope for him and the jedi council knew he was force sensitive and took him on as an apprentice for master kavarr he heard that his eal parents were jedi knights and died fighting for the republic against the sith and always loved
each other and when they found out his mother had a baby that she tried to hide she was exiled and so was his father and they gave that baby to poor people on telos he then became a jedi padawan many years later.

over a year ago xboxrocksx45 said…
(ok lets start how about on iridonia and we all meet somehow trying to do different jobs that collide with the republics fate im trying to meet and train with jedi masters anyway)

Masiki:-enters a meditation room with master kavarr-
unknown jedi:You are late youngling
Masiki: forgive me master vrook -bows-
Master Vrook:are you ready for your trainin-
Masiki:excuse me master vrook i feal an echo inside of me like the galaxy has just- -falls to the ground- AHHH
Master Vrook: he can feal life throught the force....hmmm somethings wrong the rebuplic is in danger!
Master Kavarr:Dont worry i can awaken him... we are in a force bond... -stays silent for a moment- ..:Awaken.:.....
mMasiki: -wakes up- master i-
Master Kavarr:we have to go...NOW

Masiki:yes master Kavarr -leaves with both jedi masters-

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over a year ago MonarchofSerbia said…
name: Joek Vas-Shriik
age: 23 (still semi padawan)
side: cant decide
lightsaber: mother loving purple yall!!!
force status: very sensitive both sides think he may be the true chosen one since anakin has turned to teh dark side
homeworld: drifter was orphaned as child tries to avoid jedi and sith alike
story: Joek was raised in an orphanage after being saved by th clone troopers during the battle of geonosis. He was found in one of the remote villages and is the only human there, strange...
orphanage coumselers complain how he yells and talks about visions from the past, and he would at random times lift one of the orphanage workers off the ground seemingly subconciously. ran away at 14 after being chased bu dark star the sith apprentice to vader after he was ordered to kill joek. Joek escapes onto a transport ship containing jedi younglings. after landing of naboo to refuel he escapes yet agin after trying to be persuaded to join them. he was confused AND VERY SENSITIVE TO THE FORCE which caused him to be aggressive and confused most times. he lived in the jungle taming his abilities, survivng by killing small game with his incredible force power. at 18 fights off stormtroopers when they tried to capture him since the sith lord knew of his power wanted to turn him to the darkside. escapes yet again into a bustling sky port where ships reguarly come and go. fast for ward to age 21 when he escapes all his life from sith and jedi alike. Joek is currently remebering most of his childhood on geonosis and is planning to return there with a stolen lightsaber from a black jedi(hint, hint). if he is the chosen one as jedi and sith believe no one knows... will make updates would love to join thx
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over a year ago bh56 said…
this a comment please make more star wars-ly no offence just not like anything like that would acually happen sorry PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENCE CREATOR just TO much happens to the same person REALLY SORRY BYE
Wolfpaw6 commented…
WHAAAAAAAAATTTT???? over a year ago