Star Wars If you could pick a Jedi/Sith to be from the Star Wars Saga, who would it be?

stramming posted on Jul 26, 2009 at 02:20AM
Here's how to explain:


Here's mine:

Who: Yarael Poof
Why: He is great with jedi mind
tricks, and is great with lightsaber combat.

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over a year ago Amberla said…
Padme Amidala
Because she is so beautiful and good-hearted to people plus she's a queen which is cool!!!
over a year ago GalindaGirl said…
Cool forum!
Who: Siri Tache'
Where the person's from: Secrets of the Jedi
Why: One, she's allot like me. Two, she's gotta pink lightsaber, and three, she's Obi-Wan girlfriend!
I might change this later. ;)
over a year ago HyperKnight9X said…
Who: Anakin Skywalker
Why: We are a like somewhat in personality, especially when we let our emotions get the best of us. Aside from that, he was the chosen one and he got to marry and impregnate Padme Amidala!
over a year ago MariaSofie said…
Who: Aayla Secura
Why: Becouse she is sexy. But the main reason is because she has unbelivable battleing skills, and she has two lightsabers. That gotta count for something, uh?
over a year ago LovingLucy said…
Who: Darth Maul
Why: He is incredibly strong and even killed Qui'Gon. He also has an awesome light saber. Takes a lot of power to wield that.
over a year ago darthjeff81 said…
Luke Skywalker, older when he quits being a whiney little girl. Why? he is the son of Anakin Skywalker and inherited the legacy of the Chosen One. He is the Grand Master of the Jedi and super powerful. Plus, he got married to Mara Jade...
over a year ago xgilme said…
Who: Yoda
Why: Because he is Grand Master and very wise. Plus he teaches Luke Skywalker
over a year ago CrystalthekidRS said…
Who: Ahsoka Tano
Why: She is fucking awesome! She also is sexy.