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How would you view the character of Ebon from Static Shock?

From my perspective, Ebon (aka Ivan Evans) sounds like a pretty neat character, as well as very mysterious.

In his introductory episode — “The Breed” from Season 1 — Ebon refers to himself as the “Master of Shadow and Darkness”. In his mind, he has to be the boss — with no exceptions allowed. Firmly believing he has to run things and be in charge, Ebon is not one to be messed with — as the leader of the Meta Breed, he feels he has to be the mastermind and come up with the plans.

One thing Ebon strongly dislikes to is taking orders from others. One example of this is seen in the Season 4 episode She-Back!, where Madelyn Spaulding (who now has powers of flight and telekinesis) attempts to take over leadership of the Meta Breed after she breaks them out of jail. Ebon opposed this, and the two of them fought for control. When She-Bang (whom Madelyn had kidnapped) asked what that was all about, Hotstreak explained, “They both think they’re in charge. This is them being nice to each other”.

Ebon’s goal is to bring down the humans in Dakota (namely, the ones who weren’t affected by the Quantum Vapor (aka Bang Baby gas) that caused the Big Bang at the Dakota docks the night of the gang wars).
How would you view the character of Ebon from Static Shock?
 FanFic_Girl_26 posted over a year ago
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15sturmelle2 said:
Him and his brother were both of my favs as a kid. One of the episodes featuring Rubberband Man I enjoyed was "Where The Rubber Meets The Road", particularly when Static and Rubberband Man discuss the topic of dyslexia. They couldn't of have picked a better way than that to end the episode and they did it in a way that worked.
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posted over a year ago 
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