Static Shock A new Bang Baby.

OmegaFan posted on Aug 20, 2011 at 04:30PM
How would you be if you are a bang baby? Powers, description name, & alternate name(s) if you want.

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over a year ago OmegaFan said…
His name's Alex Vega. His villain name is Quake while his hero name is Titan. He controls the very ground with ease. While he is in his bang baby form, he needs to stay on the ground to breathe, he'll pass out if held off the ground for too long, and will die if held off the ground for a very long time. Despite his size, he is very nimble. He left shortly after the bang baby incident on the ship. Parents died in a plane crash and he barely survived. He comes back to live with his aunt and uncle and joins with Ebon after he realizes he's a bang baby. Muscular and agille, very silent, most sentences he says rarely pass 12 words long. Constantly is forced to return a villain through hypnosis or mind control. Eventually returns to being a hero. Usually wears camo clothing.
over a year ago JTAWSOM said…
Her name is Wilma "Will" Payden. Her alter-ego is Whirlpool, who can pretty much "water-bend" and later learns blood-bending. Her foster-family are the Hawkins so she lives with them.
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