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Fan fiction by angleshadow posted over a year ago
fan of it?
The gears of the clock towers clicking woke me up as I stared at the grey, lifeless sky of the apocalypse. Only thing I could see through my one working doll eye was a few mutaded crows with their sharp talons and gear like wings. My leg needed oiling again so I walked to the mirror and saw my porcelain doll face, my short blue collared dress, and my artificial metal limbs. My hideous face showed no bounds. It was a long time since I died. My master put my heart in this prison of steam and iron. I. definetly enjoyed slitting his throat with my one knife arm. Oh the so many people whom I stole their robotic parts. But its not about the parts.

I just want someone to play with forever.
And ever
And ever
And ever.......

Will you play with me?
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McCat98 said:
Woah o:
You've some serious skills in writing.
Yet to answer your question~ I'd be happy to play with you for eternity :]
posted over a year ago.