Because "passionate" is their middle name!
Because their connection is undeniable
Because he can see into her soul
Because they both keep Journals
Because she opened up to him.
Because he'll fight to the death for her
Because they belong together
Because he is in love with her.
Because he wants to devote his life and existence to her
Because they have this odd connection she doesn't understand
Because he wants to take care of her
Because you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone
Because he'll do anything to protect her
Because they are the perfect pair
Because when i'm in your arms, its the place i call home
Hold me, comfort me. You make me whole whole again
Because they are a work in progress... they'll figure it out
Killer Connection: Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have an instant attraction
Because he has waited an eternity for her.
Because this is the beginning of their story.
Because they are falling in love before their very eyes.
Because True Love Stories never have endings.
Because their destiny lies within each other's souls.
Because this is the start of a grand love affair which will never end.
because their chemistry on screen is HOT as hell!
because it's hard to deny their hot on screen chemistry
because every little SE tidbit makes our hearts beat faster
because their Love is as big as Texas
Because you mean more to me than anyone I've ever loved at all.
Because Elena has finally found the passion she never had with Matt
Their reunion is the most anticipated thing since their breakup
Because we can watch that promo over and over again
They are in love and the time is right to show each other how they feel.
Because she'll never let him leave her. Ever.
Because "I love you Stefan"
Because there is nobody better for them but each other.
Heat - Fire - Sex = Stefan&Elena
Because she would travel the world to find him
Because in the end, none of it matters as long as they're together
Because he wants to start a new life with Elena
Because every time I try to tell her how I feel it comes out I love you
Because you're the angel who believes in me like nobody else
When everything is made is to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
Because she is the light to his darkness
They fill up every empty spot in each other, every hole, every space. They complete each other.
Because everyone knew they were meant for each other.
Because he would have followed her into death, to be where she was.
Wherever you will go, i will always follow.
Because "This was where she belonged, and she had found it at last. With Stefan, she was home."
He wanted to join his life with hers
Stefan's love bathed her, shone through her, lighting every dark place in her soul like the sun
Nothing else existed but Stefan, and the feel of his arms around her, and the fire of his lips on hers.
Because whatever happens, they'll be together.
Because every LJ Smith series ends in a happy ending.
Because "I've already found what I want," she said brutally. "And who I want to be with forever."
Because "She was going to marry Stefan, or no one. And Stefan was going to marry no one but her…"
They were connected, a part of each other. Their hearts beat to the same rhythm.
Because he proposed to her and she accepted.
Because "As long as you love me, I'll never change my mind." - Elena
Because "He's Stefan and he's all I care about. And I happen to be engaged to him."
There was nowhere else she wanted to be except with him.
Because "If he died, she would die, too. And if she had to die, she wanted it to be with him."
Because he would have followed her into the afterlife to be with her.
Because "Stefan and Elena were already a sort of legend in the town, like Romeo and Juliet" - Bonnie
Because she ripped through his defences, exposing his very soul
Because he wanted her to know him for what he was.
Because "Her love had healed him. And that was when he knew they could never be apart."
"There won't ever be anyone else, will there?" Bonnie said. "No. Not for me." says Stefan
Stefan needed Elena; he couldn't be whole without her.
Nothing mattered except that she was here, that they were here together.
Because "The beautiful dead Elena. Come to join her, Stefan? You two were just meant to be together." - klaus
Because all they had ever wanted was to be together
Because "She was his alone, and they belonged just like this"
Because "Do you see how many times you can make me say please?"
She doesn't care whether she is human or a Vampire, just as long as she is with him
Because "Elena belongs to Stefan" - Matt.
Because " The first word I learned when I came back from the afterlife was Stefan. "
Because as the show goes on Stefan and Elena love will only grow.
Because love triangle or not; their hearts will always belong to each other.
Because she let him leave once and she couldn't allow it again.
Because he needed to know her cause of Katherine but fell in love with Elena for her.
Because where she belongs is with Stefan - always!
Because they can't be separated for a long time!
Because when they broke up, they still saw each other everyday.