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swimchick posted on Mar 27, 2010 at 11:11PM
I'm new to this spot, but I'd love to start a forum for us Stelena shippers. A place where you can generally talk about anything, even if it's not Vampire Diaries related.

Usually in these forums we keep a list of the active members and we keep track of "wins." You get a "win" if you are the first person to comment on a new page. The first page doesn't count.

So introduce yourself if you'd like to be a part of the forum!

★ Emma - swimchick (29)
★ Kaidi - Kaidi (26)
★ Jovana - CrazyFruittt (55)
★ Olesya - OLE (6)
★ Adri - ajhalecullen (34)
★ Tawny - Luv_Rob_4ever (1)
★ Alana - edwardsgirlxx (26)
★ Carrie - LoveLiesAndLust (42)
★ Udu - g3u16 (5)
★ Jenn - Jennx (17)
★ Shandi - Shandiii (8)
★ Nat - natulle (20)
★ Celine - XNaley_JamesX (10)
★ Charlotte - xlovingbunnies (1)
★ Blasilvi - lady-B (1)
★ Darya - Darya96 (11)
★ Beverly - bvale211 (7)
★ Dalma - dalma
★ Elena - stelena_iloveu (1)
★ Leia - HotStunner (6)
★ Alyson - Aly8 (5)
★ Maryam - Maryam1311
★ Fatemeh - tvdlover

Last Win Count: page 317

Carriebear's all over this thing!



I'm new to this spot, but I'd love to start a forum for us Stelena shippers. A place where you can ge
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over a year ago swimchick said…
I'll start!

I'm Emma. I've read the first book of TVD, so I don't know what happens beyond that. But I love the show and I love Stelena, Damon&Bonnie and Matt&Caroline.

I'm also a part of the discussion forums on the Brucas and Puckleberry pages :D
over a year ago Kaidi said…
Great idea, Emma! ;)

I'm Kaidi :)

I've read the first 2 books, but now I also have the 3rd and 4th.
I've watched the show since the very beginning and also in love with the ever since :D

You can also find me on Puckelberry and Jaters forum :)
If you're lucky, then even on Mifits and Supernatural forums ;)
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over a year ago CrazyFruittt said…
Hi,I'm Jovana...=)))))

I read 4 books and now i'm on the fifth one...The show is so awesome and addictive,and I love Stelena so much...I'm so glad somebody started this,I really feel like Stelena fans are not active at all,and that's a shame,cos they are amazing...xD
over a year ago OLE said…
I'm Olesya.
I've read first 5 books, and I'm going to read SS now.
I've started to watch the show because of the books. And now Stelena's my OTP and TVD's my fav tv show :)
I also like Matt/Caroline and Damon/Bonnie :)
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I also like Matt/Caroline and Damon/Bonnie :)
Me too! :D
over a year ago swimchick said…
^I love them as well!
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I know I have already complained about it everywhere, but this is the perfect spot to say everything again.

I was the 3rd top contributor on this spot I think 2 days ago, and now I have suddenly been kicked out. This is not normal! :S
Plus it was supposed to be my next die-hard after 2 spots, but now it's one the bottom of my dedicated list =/
over a year ago swimchick said…
I used to be shown above you on the PR page and I didn't even have a medal there yet, and now it's saying there are two spots ahead of that one for a medal. It's all really strange. I'm thinking maybe they're working out some kinks? Has anyone gotten a new medal since the system changed?
over a year ago Kaidi said…
Actually some people have.
over a year ago swimchick said…
I wasn't sure. I haven't I know that for sure.

So maybe your profile hasn't updated yet to the new system? Changes on FP seem to take forever :(
over a year ago OLE said…
Me too! :D
Actually, I prefer Damon with anyone exсept Elena in tv show (I know, I'm a terrible Donnie fan), but I really like Damon/Bonnie's book's relationship :)

My first thought was that you're not Stelena's fan any more... Sorry :) And I don't know what to think now.
But it's all really strange.
over a year ago Kaidi said…
My first thought was that you're not Stelena's fan any more... Sorry :)
I would never quit Stelena spot :)

Actually, I prefer Damon with anyone exсept Elena in tv show
Haha, again, me too :D
I know that they will get together at some point, and I'm fine with that, but Stelena must be the endgame! ;)
over a year ago swimchick said…
Stelena MUST end up together. Actually I didn't want to read any of the books beyond Awakening and Struggle because I was afraid she wouldn't end up with Stefan. But don't spoil it, because I don't know what happens and I don't want to know!
over a year ago CrazyFruittt said…
I agree with everything you said about Stelena...They are perfect,solemates...I can't understand the whole Delena obsession and I get upset when ppl call Stelena stupid and boring...:S
over a year ago swimchick said…
I mean for me it's really similar to the debate between Jate and Skate. People often say that Skate are sexier and have better chemistry and I agree that they do have something. But for me I just think Jate makes much more sense and is more lovable as a couple. Damon doesn't even LIKE Elena. I do want them to be friends though.
over a year ago Kaidi said…
You guys are reading my mind :D
over a year ago OLE said…
I know that they will get together at some point
Nooooo! I don't want to hear this!

Awakening and Struggle
My two favorite books :)

This's the worst thing that Delena's fans said about Stelena!
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over a year ago swimchick said…
I hope more people join this forum. I think it could be really great. Just no outright bashing of Delena supporters, especially specific ones. We don't want this to turn into a hatefest. There's no need for that ya know?
over a year ago swimchick said…
Love this fanvid!
over a year ago swimchick said…
Anybody there??????????? More people need to join this forum! Where's all the Stelena love???
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I'm here too :D
over a year ago swimchick said…
Haha I'm the queen of multiple FG convos at once. I'm usually on PR and Brucas at the same time!
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I'm usually on PR and Jaters, and now here.
Sometimes I even have a conversation in Twitter at the same time, like I had yesterday xD
over a year ago swimchick said…
This is me:

Glee: 2 games (I'm responsible for) and 3 others that I play in
PR: FGs, FOTW and Multishippers
Brucas: FGs
OTH: Icon contest
Gilmore Girls: Character countdown, icon contest, and 1 other game
Rory and Jess: Icon contest
Stelena: FGs

Lately I've been all over the place. But when Glee comes back I'm putting Dream Cover on hiatus.
over a year ago Kaidi said…
How can you keep up with all this?
You have my respect! ;)