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stefan + katherine | romantic poetry

Stefan Salvatore | Seven Nation Army

The full story of Stefan Salvatore | 1x01- 8x16

America's Sweethearts ►| Vampire Diaries Style

Friends | Vampire Diaries Style

Steferine ►| One Last Time

Cavemen ►| The Vampire Diaries Style

The Coven

Stefan Salvatore - Me Too

Stefan + Women | Hands To Myself

Stefan Salvatore | Dsyfunctional

Very Good Girls ►| The Vampire Diaries Style

Steroline | Meteor Shower

Teen Wolf | Vampire Diaries Style

Steroline | Amnesia

Katherine and Stefan | Summertime Sadness

Steferine ►| Fire Breather

Crush ►| The Vampire Diaries Style

Elena + Stefan + Rebekah (Ft. Bamon) ►| What Goes Around

Bonnie + Damon + Stefan + Rebekah ►| Get Wicked

Stefan Salvatore | Remember The Name

The Story Of Stefan And Caroline [1x01 - 8x16]

Damon + Stefan - Please Don't Go (+8x16)

Stefan Salvatore--I was here [+8x16]

Stefan Salvatore ✗ "He brought me back to life."

Stefan Salvatore | [1x01 - 8x16] - Goodbye

● STEROLINE STORY ||„I will love you FOREVER“ {1x01-8x16}

Stefan & Lexi | See you again (8x16)

➢ stefan salvatore tribute - I lived [8x16]

stefan & lexi | howling ghosts, they reappear. {8x16}

▶ Stefan & Damon || Hello, Brother (+8x16)

TVD 8x16 FINAL Stefan sacrificed himself. Stefan says goodbye to Elena. Stefan finds peace with Lexi

Stefan & Caroline | Love in the Dark

Let Her Go - Caroline & Stefan

Stefan & Caroline - Shape Of You

Stefan Salvatore \\ When it's all over ( 7x18)

6x22 I'm On Fire

TVD: Official Fanmade Trailer: Gone

Stefan and Caroline: Yours

► Elena,Damon,Stefan | Не умирай

►Stefan & Elena | Start of Time

Stefan Salvatore | Titanium (5x21) (Stefan Dies)

► Stefan Salvatore | Goodbye World [5x21 Stefan's Death]

►Stefan Salvatore | Don't Let Me Go {5x21}

►Stefan Salvatore || You Talk Dirty To Me◄

Stefan & Caroline; "Don't you dare forget that moment that we had.. [5x17]


Stefan & Caroline // It Was You (TVD)

Stefan/Caroline || Let Me Love You

►Stefan + Caroline | All that we could be

Stefan & Caroline | My best friend

Arms [Steroline]

Steroline - Just a Dream (Major AU)


stefan & caroline; "your eyes look like coming home... [ft 5x04]

Stefan and Caroline 5x04 "You're so much hotter in person." The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline 5x04 "You have me" The Vampire Diaries

TVD Season 4 Ep,19 - Caroline & Stefan Dance "Someday You'll Meet Someone New"

Stefan & Caroline 4x16 "We deserve a little bit of fun"

Stefan + Katherine | [5x08] | The Other Side

Stefan & Katherine || Breathe Again [5x08]

Stefan/Katherine || Young & Beautiful

Stefan and Katherine || let her go

Stefan & Katherine | We Found Love [5x10]

Stefan&Katherine | Thousand years [5x10 spoilers]

►Stefan + Katherine || Say something [5x11]

Stefan + Katherine / Say something , I'm giving up on you

Stefan Tries to Stab Katherine 5x15 on The Vampire Diaries | 3-6-14

Katherine & Stefan Kissing in a Motel 5x14 on The Vampire Diaries | 2-27-14

Stefan & Katherine | "...and I want Stefan Salvatore" {5x14}

Stefan & Katherine l He's my one true love. [+5x13]

Stefan + Katherine ● "He is my one true love." {5x12}

say something | stefan & katherine

Stefan & Katherine || With Love [5x08]

Stefan + Katherine I 5x10 I Don't Deserve you

Katherine & Stefan ◘ I want your bite◘

Dorian Gray & Stefan Salvatore ♣Smooth Criminal♣

stefan/caroline | she didn't deserve that (+5x12)

Stefan Salvatore // The Ripper

stefan salvatore || i'll be there for you [5x10]

►Stefan Salvatore [1-5] | "There's a reason they call him The Ripper"

Stefan Salvatore | Emotions

Stefan Salvatore | Only Human

Stefan Salvatore - Dark Paradise

★ Stefan Salvatore | n i g h t m a r e

► Stefan Salvatore | Hit Without Warning

stefan salvatore | monsters inside my head

Stefan Salvatore - The Shattered One

►Stefan Salvatore| Recovery

Vampire Diaries || Stefan Salvatore || Seven Nation Army

Stefan Salvatore is Our Hero ;) {hero}

elena y stefan

stefan + katherine | dance on our graves [5x10]

stefan salvetore /skyscaper/ 5x06

Stefan & Elena | Don't you remember? {5x04}

stefan&elena | save me

►Stefan + Elena || Clarity

►Stefan + Silas | Last Breath

Stefan Salvatore - Bullet train

Stefan Salvatore - Radioactive