greybat posted on Jan 08, 2010 at 11:11PM
todays technology can do this book justice as a movie. Am i the only one who thinks this.

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over a year ago masenkaaa said…
y´re not only who thinks this, i agree with­/la­ugh­.jp­g
over a year ago greybat said…
thanks masenkaaa, keep the faith, spread the word , and Stephen if you ever get round to reading this come on man,Nike.
over a year ago coronagirl032 said…
I would love to see the Talisman as a movie!
over a year ago Mrs_Bungle said…
Considering the balls up that's been made of most of his books, I'd rather they left it alone.
over a year ago sambam76 said…
big smile
True. Its all about the books. Keep it real!

Is everyone excited about 'The Wind through the keyhole' coming out? I can't wait!

Have you seen what the UK publishng company have made? Its a Facebook App that lets you upload a pic of yourself to go on the cover!­s?s­k=a­pp_­209­395­642­487­165

I just did it! Awesome!
7 months ago Dark-Blood said…
book was good the movie was pretty good to I liked it