chapter 1 ~

i thought that my life was normal easy clear stable but life is change a lot .... when you got that change the fear control s every cell of your body the fear of the future you would never give the thought of it will be better a change for good i think !.....~
my mother and i never did agree On one thing in all my life she always think that i am the liability promising future since the day i came to this life i stop her planes for the future . we fight a lot i start to think to leave home live alone some were she was the second wife of chief swan but she got divorced after she got some money when her father dead she love big city life
i live in hell every day she tell me that i was the worst thing she got ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god help " casy " my mother sally called " yes mom " i said i run to the setting room " what is it mom " i said " i ve been thinking i will get marry " she said " again " i wandered my mom " castiala behave i am your mother "she snap at me i don't want an other man in my life to act like " a father " damn " i don't think it gona be good idea " i said angry " i don;t think this is any of your business " she said wave her hand " mom " i said she stop me with her both hands " i got an idea if you don't want this you can go stay with your father charlie " she said my mouth full open i look at her like she was crazy " but what would he say "i said smiling i got this escape away form this hell i don't care new town new friends new life " he was already want you he talk to me more than once i think tell you first " mom said " yes " i said laugh " hell ya " i said laugh again i call my dad for the first time in my life tell him that i am come to live with him he was happy me too i got a fahter asister too that was great forks is small town all green beach oh god thank god beach when my flight land down i find the chief car dad & bella my sister waiting for me " hey casy how are you " dad said he hugs me for a minute " hey dad " i said " hey i am bella " bella said " i know hey " i said i hug her too . when we get home i notice that i am a liability again there is no room for me i like to sleep on the couch i put my stuff on the couch " no way you can't sleep here " dad said in so lovely tune " no realy i got no problem its ok dad " i said smiling " what ever make you happy " dad said finaly someone understand someone give me my freadom to do what ever make me happy i kiss his cheek " thanks dad " i said bella don't look like me in her house something in her face make me worry i wakeup first one in the house i was so exaited so happy i make the breakfast for all of us " good morning dad " i said " hey what all that " he said " good morning baby " dad said
we eat the break fast together in silance " see you girls I got to go "dad said we both set in silance for like 3 minutes " so how we will go to school "i ask her
" my bf edward will drive us to school " she said " don't tell dad ok " she add i shook my head i lock my lips she smile when the silver volvo get to the door " edward this is casy my young sister " bella said
casy this is edward my bf "

she add i sheck his hands it was so cold " nice to meet you " i said " nice to meet you too " edward said in really smooth voice the school day was boring i got no friends i follow bella where ever she gose
i think she did
n't like that so i set in the car till she came dreaming about the beach she promise me we will take awalk on the beach the cullens are so cool but i am don't think the like me anyway
, when the school day end edward take us to the beach i can smell the salt from here " thank you " i said but he was so mad he didn't answer me he just drive away i looked at bella " is he mad at me " i ask " no he is mad at me cos i am here to see jacob " she said
" so isn't jacobk is your friend " i ask " yes but he kind of had acrash on me or something " she said i just shut up & enjoy the see the sand everything i take all day on the beach bella told me about the edwrad & jacob they are not like each other
i just listen no coment when we get home dad was here but he wasn't alone a big dark man on awheel chair " hey girls did you have fun " dad said i nodded " yes " bella said " hey bily " she said " hey bella how are you " he said back " casy bily black is my best friend " dad said " nice to meet you " i said sheek his hands
" nice to see you too " he said he realy look freandly " i was on the beach where is jacob bily " bella ask " he really wan to see you too but he is alittel bust rightnow " bily said bella nodded after dinner dad talk to bella about jacob alot , so now what bella got admires might be i fell sleep so fast
in the moring i had to stay with bella friend the cullens they are all beautiful like models " casy ' "edward said " yes " i answer " did you have fun on the beach yesterday " he ask it feel like he fors himself to talk to me " yes i did i am going to day too " i said " have fun then " he said " thankx " i said
bella take mush time to say goodbye to edward i can't blame her he is so beautiful . lapush was the perfict plce for me sand beach green every where
i can spend all the day here bella watch me lost in the see " this is " i said " beautiful " she said she chukels someone came out of the woods very big boy tall his skin was amazing rust he wave to bella " hey bella " he call her " jake " she said when he got closer i can see his muscles now & he got beautifl hazel eyes
jacob gives bella a bear hud " jacke this is casy my sis " bella said " casy this is jacob black " she said " hey " i said i reash my hand to shek his when jacob look ate me he was still smiling he have breath taking smile " he,,,,,,,,,, " he said & broke he look t me with crazy eyes like he have ever seen agirl befor he was the blind man who see the sun for the first time
he didn't speak iwas still extend my hand few sec pass bella look at jacob black " jacob " she said he look t here then he shak my hand finaly " i am jacob " he said "i know nice to meet you ? i said then he broke again star at my eyes bella pulled himtoward the forst " you enjoy the view " she tell em while she walk away " i know you love the see very mu " she was gonne
i just did ewaht she said i enjoy my fave view
jacob black book two
bella take me so far away in the forst " why bella what is it " i said " are you crazy " bella said " what was that jacob " she snape
'" i think .. ithink i am imprint on casy " i said i still think about here beautiful spanish eyes hey smile & her smell like the most deliouse tging on earth
" jack " bella screamed " what " i said " she don't know about you about all this you can't just tell her " she said i looke at her like an iduts " she is like a smal baby get everything for the first time
you think she can take something like this now " she said " pls jake let me tell her first step py step
she said calm now " bella " i said " she is not ready pls kacob " sje inseast
" what " i snap " you can't ask me to stay away bella you can;t ask me that " i said still angry
" just give two day if i didnt' you can do what ever you want ok " she said i nodded " ok " i said

castiala book 1
the sunset on lapush is diffrent i love it few mins then bella came out the wood i open my arms woder what is going on " don't care about jacob he is a crack up lets ok its geting dark " she said i follo her i want to stay more i want to ask her but she is not gonna do either so i get in the car with no ward
jacobb black book 2

i saw bella take her away from me till they both dissaper i felt cold fro the first time on mylife halow & stupid to agree to that stupid idea that bella came with but maybe she is right
i get to the house then i thought it would be better to go in round or two around charlies hous just in case
may be i could see her once again
when i get to the house i try to sneak peak in to see her once " hey brother your shift " paul said " now ok i will be in sec " i run as fast as i could . push my anger to the ground
chapter 5 castiala book 5
my night was not comfortable i couldn't sleep well the idea of bella layng to me & hid things & secrite it make s me annoying iwant to know what is it i hate it
i writ ia note for my dad" i will go to the beach i wount be long casy "
i look at the sun rise from the sea

" why so seriuos " i husky voice said behind me it scared me to death i jumed i was sure i was alone " oh " " i am sorry i didn't mean to scare you sorry " jacob black said " your face was so angry it make me cerious " he said smailing his smile take my breath away forget what he was asking
i shook my head to answer " i was thinking about bella " i saID well he know her well maybe he help me to know waht is happening maybe i can help her
he smile waidly know showing his teeth its feel like the sun break out of the clouds jacob freindly smile make him so easy to talk to
" what about bella " he ask then he start to walk he want me to walk with him a walk on th a beach with the most beautiful guy i have ever seen in my life i loat in his face i know he was waiting for my answer but it didn't look s bother him he was looking at me like someone who witness on amirecal i just said what ever on my mind about bella what ever keep me sleepless last night " casy " he said my name with lovely voice " yes " i said.. he pause then he talk adeep breath " look the world not as simple as you think it is ok maybe its better to keep this things to make it better some how " jacob said what are you talking about i said " there is stuff in this world you never know it was there there is old stories & legends " he said part of me know that he was kidding me the other part his face was so serious " what legend " i said breathless " stories about vampires blood suker like the cullens " he said " what are you ... bella ' i said
" don't worry bella know that " he said it sounded like he hat tha"dont' worry they don't kill human " he said i can't understand what he was saying " there is others like werewloves like me & my pack " he said i coulden't breatht he looks worried i don't know what my face looked like " are you ok " jacob ask me hold my shoulders his hands was so hot like he just get it out of fire " god casy you are freazing " he said " pls don;t be afraid there is more that what matter now pls i will never hurt you ok " he said " the wolves got something like the love of the first sight its not bad thing its very good its more than love its imprinting " he contnue " what " i said with very week voice