Stephenie Meyer 5th Book?

IHeartEdward123 posted on Jul 19, 2008 at 09:35AM
I know there probably won't be a fifth book, but I think it would be amazing if Stephenie decided to do the fifth book in the perspective of Edward for him to tell us about Bella if she gets changed to become a monster like how she's being with her "eating" habits.

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over a year ago tazzylove54 said…
it would be cool but give her a breake she needs to let go of the charecters eventually
over a year ago House_Of_Night_ said…
she has wrote a book called MIDNIGHT SUN edwards pov, but she hasnt finished it and she doesnt think that she will publish it.
over a year ago Artyom2010 said…
Dear Stephanie Mayer, I hope that you will read my variant of a plot of continuation of the saga:
Jacob should leave with a clan, at this time Edward falls in love with another and, taking away Renesmi, leaves in an unknown direction. When there comes Jacob, he meets the crying Bella and, having asked her, all learns. After long attempts to return Renesmi with Edward, Bell with Jacob understand that they are created for each other. When comes to be reconciled Edward, the Isabella says that hates it and Kallen is going to kill Jacob, but dares to go to Valturi and to tell all it. They against such marriage: the vampire + the werewolf, and they begin hunting for beloved. Here Bella meets strange eight summer boys which, appears, is engaged in alchemy and it has an antipillbox which can make the person of the vampire. When Valturi come to Jacob, Bella, Bell – the person enters. Jacob of it doesn't see, but Valture notice at once it and leave. After Jacob all understands that Bella any more the vampire, and they learn that the Isabella is pregnant from Jack. Between them there is a new feeling – «deep imprint » thanks to which in the first simple person and the werewolf became immortal.