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The fans pick: 8- She's his anchor
The fans pick: don't like them.
The fans pick: long.
The fans pick: Everything leads there!
The fans pick: 2x12
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pamela72398 said …
Am I the only one who thinks that they might pair Lydia with Parrish or start something there because of Lydia helping him find out what he is? Posted over a year ago
Livana_Faolan commented…
Ugh. I hope they won't go that route. For one thing, Stiles is the only person I can see Lydia with. Also, we're talking about a deputy in his 20's dating a high school student. That's just wrong! over a year ago
willturner20 said …
guys vote for stydia! you can vote more than once link Posted over a year ago
BrightSparkle said …
I will honestly only watch season 4 for stiles & lydia now, i am still so devastated about losing allison :(
These two really are my main reason for watching now. Posted over a year ago