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Opinion by _PRETTYQUEEN1E posted over a year ago
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I have always gathered information inside my head trying to figure out, "what makes parents hurt their children so badly?" Well I know! I finally got the story out! I got the help from the stories that my friend [BLOCKED] always told me about her experience of going home getting hit for no reason!
Growing up, I always have been a messup. I always tried so hard to do my best at what my mom asked but I tried so hard, something went wrong and my mom would get mad at me.
The more you explain, and talk… the more angrier your parent gets.
I would always make mistakes, I get nervous a lot around my mom because shes so pudgy, I just make mistakes. The more I explain, the angrier she is. When I wont shut up- POW! She either smacks me or hits me.
my mom always told me, "tell me whatever is on your mind, even if its mean. You can even say 'mom, your a _______"
And when I do that, she gets mad!
Its the mistakes, the memories, experiance, and every catastrophe that our gaurdians have faced in their young ages. That's what make abuse travel around the world!
Article by mjpeterpan7 posted over a year ago
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On Friday December 16, 2011, Ayla Reynolds, a beautiful blond haired, blued eyed toddler disappeared from her father’s home at 29 Violette Avenue, Waterville, Maine. According to police, Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro, 24, put Ayla to bed Friday night and awoke Saturday to find her missing. Police have said several other adults were in the home, including one non-relative. Ayla was living with her father while the girl’s mother, Trista Reynolds, 23, was in rehab for substance abuse. Trista Reynolds’ family said that the 20-month-old had been taken from their custody by the Department of Health and Human Services and placed with her father. Trista’s other child, a 8-month-old boy, remained in the Reynolds’ family custody. Reynolds said Ayla, who broke her arm at her father’s house two weeks ago, had begun showing mysterious bruising on her leg. However, Waterville police chief Joseph Massey has said the girl broke her arm during an accidental fall.

Monday, police towed two vehicles in front of DiPietro’s house. Massey, would not say why the police seized the vehicles, or what authorities might be looking for in those vehicles. Seized were...
Opinion by mjpeterpan7 posted over a year ago
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Child abuse is physical -- shaking, hitting, beating, burning, or biting a child.
Child abuse is emotional -- constantly blaming or putting down a child; excessive yelling, shaming.
Child abuse is sexual -- incest, any forced sexual activity, exposure to sexual stimulation not appropriate for the child's age.
Child abuse is neglect -- a pattern of failure to provide for the child's physical needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care; a pattern of failure to provide for the child's emotional needs, such as affection, attention, and supervision