Chapter 1

"Move over!" Milkkit squeaked. Creamkit was laying on top of me and I felt squished. "Move over Creamkit!" I sqeaked even louder. "You are squishing me!"
Creamkit grumbled something under her breath and moved over. Milkkit scrambled up and out of her nest . She suddenly smelled a crisp clean smell and wondered what it was. Milkkit started to totter towards the door. Suddenly she felt a claw clamp her tail.
"And just where do you think you are going?" It was her mother, Jadeshadow.
"Outside, I smell something."
"No, you aren't going outside. You haven't even opened your eyes yet. And besides, your brother isn't even awake yet." Milkkit struggled to open her eyes, but they were sealed shut.
Grrrrr, she thought. I guess I'll go back to sleep.


Milkkit opened and stretched her jaws open wide. And, suddenly, to her surprise, she opened her eyes She felt cold. Milkkit looked around and realized that the nursery was empty. And it was big too!
She jumped around the nursery feeling overwhelmed with pride. She had, finally, opened her eyes!
"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather hear beneath the highrock for a Clan meeting!" Milkkit heard a new voice from outside the nursery, and wondered whose it was. She started towards the door for a second time. But wait, Jadeshadow said not to go out. But the nursery was empty, so that meant that Creamkit was out there, so why couldn't she be too!
For the first time in her life she squeezed out of the nursery. The sunlight hit her eyes almost immediately as she padded out into the clearing. She gazed around. There was white stuff covering the ground. The clearing was big, and so many cats! To her left there was a big pile of boulders with a little gap at the bottom. Milkkit saw a beautiful cat squeeze out of the rocks and pad up next to a cat. Milkkit saw a cat on a rock where the cats were gathered. The cat that the beautiful cat had sat next to, had a kit next to her,and then she realized it was her mother!
She raced out to her.
"I knew you would come out eventually Milkkit. You're smart enough to know that, and look, you've opened your eyes!" Milkkit sat and snuggled next to Jadefeather, watching and waiting for the cat on the rock to speak.