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KatieK102 posted on Dec 22, 2016 at 01:09AM
This is just something I use when writing Fanfictions, and I've found it to be equally as helpful/fun when RPing. Before everyone took a break a lot of us really had fun filling it out, so I'm bringing it back!

Sheet (just copy and paste) -

- Name:

- Family (if any):

- Backstory (if any):

- Illness (if any):

- Mate/Love interest (if any):

- Closest to:

- Ambitions:

- Biggest fear:

- Fetal flaw:

- Quirks:

- What inspired his/her name:

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be:

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between:

- What would be his/her theme song?

- A quote/lyric that describes them:

- Other:

*Also, I am aware that this typically belongs in the 'answers' category, but I posted it here so that whenever we create new character, we are not limited to only one post. Have fun!
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